May 25, 2008

june all-in-one party!

good things are meant to share, therefore, i'm presenting you...


yes, i'm organizing an event, with a great team of people, for fighter's club members from all over the world. so far, there will be people from canada, uk, dubai, china, singapore, and many more to come. yes, i know i am damn semangat. even though i'm not a fighter in fighter's club, or at least, i choose not to be, i've made incredible friendships with all sorts of people, from all around the globe. and i think it's better than #mIRC!

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us (me, koay ling, ian, raymond & yeeng) @ republic, sunway pyramid. i'm waiting for the better photos from koay ling & ian since my phone died before i could take much. the crowd was really pathetic for a saturday but it's not too bad a place, i'd say.

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boat house & strawberry fields (which i've been to thrice each in just a week!). awesome food turns me on, baybeh!

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and that's chilli pan mee from super kitchen, kl & kota damansara. the noodles do taste different thought, despite them both coming from the same franchise. i love chili pan mee. rawks my undies, i tell you!

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me, serving my duty as a buddhist last week during wesak day.

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me, camwhoring. & i dragged everyone else too.

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us, as a group (minus a couple others).

i'm actually feeling quite nervous (albeit excited) because this is one heck of an event, not to be missed. we're expecting about 80-100 people but so far, the response is way better than that! if you wanna come, but not in fighter's club, by all means, just come. RSVP with me first though because there will be a guest list. it has been a while since i last held an event, so, you know, i have butterflies in my tummies and what nots. wish me luck!

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May 19, 2008

the aftermath of my short lived 'fame'.

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as written on nst: These are the folks making beautiful pictures: (from left) Ooi, William Chien (art director at McCann), Siew, Mak (peering at computer), Wong (seated, wearing glasses) and Low.

and so i've gotten all sorts of feedback from the people who have seen the article. some said i looked very 'posey', some said i looked like i was the 'boss' of the shoot, or that i was 'pensive', or i looked like i was 'thinking about the nam heong chicken rice i bought for lunch'. someone actually went, "EH, you knew the cameraman was there. comb la your hair a bit. like baru habis sex like that la your hair". like, so, vast & different right all the opinions. i swear, that shot's a candid. a very unflattering one indeed, but the damage has been done. yes, there was a very grumpy cameraman there, but he wasn't pointing his camera at me also when i saw him. he was just moving around aimlessly. anyway. i'm just glad that not many had noticed the article. if it was a nicer photo, then maybe, i'll do a huge promo for that.

nevertheless, it has helped people, especially my parents, understand the job that i do. why i need to wake up at 3am and come back from work after midnight. explains why i need to ransack the whole of bread story every week for dozens of pastries and that their staff recognises me whenever i walked in. or why i know most of the talents and celebrities around. i'm happy the article spoke a lot more of my company than it did about owen yap. which was actually a pity, because the main idea behind the story was to tell what's in a day's life of a model/celeb. and owen became the 'by the way' story. or at least, it looked like it was. i'll buy you lunch for that, owen! HAHA. shipal! that's the only korean word i learnt from him. LOL!

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a few of us from the mamak gang, with the latest addition (ahem, someone's *ahem* *cough* new boyfriend, shannon shane) at pelita, bangsar. someone said it's only right if mamak gang meets up in a mamak. and i can't help it but find the three people staring at us in the picture annoying. wtf are you looking at?!

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random western food from last week.

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another shoot with a celebrity at isky's house. they wanted raju's & sri paandi's banana leaf rice but since we were way behind schedule, i brought them to the shoot. man, i'm god, indeed!

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*nyums* bak kut teh, my fav!

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my 2nd fav jap restaurant, umaiya @ uptown. this place belongs to someone i know personally and since the food's not too bad, you guys should check it out. it's beside izzi.

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since i don't have proper photos of me in my new hairstyle, i thought i'd take a few. LOL!


you know, my friends are weird. or they speak weird. like for instance:

dan: eh, so is he chinese or 000000?
me: what's 000000?! O___o
dan: 000000 la!
me: yea la. what's 000000? orh is it? (orh is black in hokkien)
dan: ya. black.
me: why the hell is 000000 black?!
dan: you know, the color code? #FFFFFF and #000000?
me: *faints* you're damn freaking racist leh.


colleague: eh, why do you smell of your car?
me: huh?
colleague: you smell just like your car.
me: what's that suppose to mean? is that bad?
colleague: no la. you smell new. like your new car.
me: *faints* wtf!

okay, it may not be as funny as it was during the conversation, but it sure as hell is memorable. i smell like my new car and using html color codes to describe people's race? that's evil. LOL. i'm off for more of fighter's club. if you're on facebook, remember to add that application. i've got to known hundreds of amazing people, built amazing friendships and have an amazing family thanks to it. what the hell are you waiting for?!

p/s: never EVER live in a hotel built right next to a mall cause i just ended up with almost RM100 worth of instant noodles (yes, we're stocking up for war ) and a few hundred poorer thanks to my impulsive shopping habit. i suck!

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May 15, 2008

my '15 mins of fame'.

LOL! yes, i was informed that i will be out in NST today. i rushed to buy the papers this morning and saw the article. i can't help but scowl and hide my face beneath it. that's the most disgusting photo i've ever seen of me! i quickly texted francis, the journalist, (he's got a blog but i'm not linking it, LOL!) and complained about the photo of me. YES, the article wasn't about me, but i wanted to at least look good in what jumie calls as, 'my 15 mins of fame'. ah, that 'after sex' hairstyle, i'm glad it's gone. LOL!

that aside, i met with a quarter of the mamak gang at bangsar last night. and had some of the weirdest conversations. it was great. i miss you guys. i'll continue more when i can cos i'm rushing for a wardrobe fitting & briefing later in the day. UPDATE LATER!!!

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May 11, 2008

over analyzing does hurt.

it has been another eventful week, meeting & working with some of the greatest people. it is also a week that left me with a concoction of mixed feelings. a week that gets me thinking. and analyzing things, like how i usually do. i never knew knowing too much at times can hurt people. and over analyzing scares people away. it could be a talent, or a curse, to know things or understand things easier and faster than some people. i wouldn't know, and i won't be the judge of me.

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i got a haircut by joey, as a favor. i felt bad but i'll repay him someday for his good deed. it looks better if you see me in person, and i seriously think i need to get a new color. this blonde is so not working for me. but i've definitely achieved my dream of living the life as an ah lian. LOL. yup, definitely ah lianated. and oh, don't you think owen yap looks good even though he's in his mid-30s?

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fugly photos of look out point. yeaps, i was there again late yesterday night for dinner. i'm so done with chinkychongs and all these wannabes kids. the next time i'm there, regardless of what people have to say, i'll dine at bread & olives.

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excellent dinner, however, it left me with bad food poisoning which i had to endure during the whole 16 hours shoot the next day.

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food i had with people i've met this week. i'm sure you already know what to expect whenever i'm posting photos. either of food, or me. what's new, rite? LOL

and before i end this entry, a very happy mother's day to all lovely moms out there. a toast to you all & a brand new hectic week. *SIGHS*

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May 01, 2008

happy labour's day!

happy labour's day people. i'm wishing you, straight from my desktop in office. the irony, of having to work on labour's day. but i'm not complaining because it is for my own good & the shoot's. i will be shooting a series of celebrities for an upcoming campaign and i'm (s)excited! wish me luck, people. you'll be hearing a lot lesser from me. until then, take care & adios.

(/edited() @ 12:16am. 03.05.08
two lives lost recently, and five gained. my gerbil gave birth to five more pups somewhat twelve hours ago. i'm glad. i'm happy. maybe it's father gerbil & brother gerbil reincarnated!

anyway, i'd like to share a few shots before i hit the sack. i've been sleeping for only six hours in the past 72 hours. baaaahs.

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if you don't know who he is, kindly knock your head on the wall and make sure it bleeds. that's h-a-n-s i-s-a-a-c! go google & do your homework.

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my baby gerbils.

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and yes, i realised i've been a little vainer lately. snapping tens of self-portraits while driving is not something i'd like you to try. LOL!

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i've been boycotting tgif for such a long period of time, until, last thursday. we went in and the food completely removed my need to boycott the place ever again. however, i'd like to stress on how horrible the service is. it is already hard to catch a waiter who pretends to not see you, and it is EVEN HARDER to get what you really want. you have to repeat yourself a few times to a few waiters and then, nothing happens. i'm contemplating on writing an official complain because i feel this is completely unacceptable.

anyways, i'm way too sleepy to tpye ayntihng porpreyl at teh mommetn. goodngiht!

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