September 30, 2005

vagina bonding session

happy berdday, bernard loke peng quen!!!

hehehe. only a few of us mamakers and iskii met up with berd who is flying off to penang later today. berd, although you've been mia-ing to szenchen, jakarta and soon to bangkok and bangla, we still think of you a lot. we miss your irritatingness, your opera face, your money, your pev4842, your dangerous driving skills (which arent skills at all that almost got me killed a few times), your penguin moves and whatever that's negative about you. haha. see, we're so sincere, okay. dont you just love us? i'll buy you a slice of cake when i meet you again. yesterday was a bit rushing so takde cake.

quote of the day:
berd was asking max what took her so long when she was in the washroom
max: eh, i need to wipe my cibai all. i dont need to report to you that it's the time of the month, okay?!
becks: eh? urs came? MEEEEE TOOOO!!!!!
max: okay, set! lets make our vagina do some bonding.
becks: wtf?! O.o


max: you know, my housemates and i, we talk to our petpets (pussy)
becks: HUH?! LIKE HOW?
max: for example la, we dont want our periods to come yet. so we'll pat it and say, "petpet, dont let the period come yet, okay?"
becky,iskii,iso&berd: WTF!!!!!!

there you go. lawak moments of maxine anne jean sibert. see, max, im giving so much limelight to you. doncha just love me? ;D

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September 27, 2005

ouch, my head hurts!

ive been terribly anti-social lately. dont mind me, peeps. havent really been layaning anyone so it's cool. my dog's a diff case, of course. heh. another five more weeks to go till the semester ends. this week, i should be free for meetups, shopping sessions, makan sessions, movies and what nots so if ive been declining all your offers to lepak with you guys for the past few weeks, call me up? anyway, bumped my head real hard on this stupid big-ass miniature plane in coll. damn luct decided to "decorate" the place with dumbass stuffs just because the deputy prime minister, najib's coming over. urh, yea, i bumped it while texting a certain someone. i guess im a klutz, but only if it concerns you? ;) im surrounded by bitchy people lately. believe it or not, 98% of them are males. i wonder why. tsk. enjoy the piccies. wasnt really in the mood to snap pix for the past couple of weeks. dont mind me. my head really hurts now so tata.

p/s: luck has been by myside quite a lot lately. thanks, guardian angels.

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September 22, 2005

dennis's butt crack

*sighs* kena accident lagi. super buta case. a van from behind couldnt stop in time when the cars infront of me stopped to make a right turning and hit the car behind me. the car behind me was then pushed to my car and i was pushed forward too but thank god i didnt hit anything. two accidents in exactly 8 months. ;(

i really should jaga my mouth next time. whenever i speak, think, dream of something, it happens. this sucks. i was just telling iskii yesterday about my past accidents and see what happened this morning? yesterday, just as i told iskii about the dent on my cam, i dropped it. niama. *zips lip* no mood to post pix la but if you must see some, go to gonna go to the police station later. dennis's ass gotta be fixed again. i spent a fortune the last time okay. although it's just a tiny "butt crack" this time, but i dun like seeing him dented. *pats dennis* oh well, sleep first. ta!

p/s: mamak gangers, please run for your lives. we're wanted! got it from terry's site.

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September 20, 2005

the moral of the story is...

Once upon a time, in a far far away neighbourhood with limited residents, lived two single dads with a daughter each. The first dad, Leonardo DiCappucino, raises his daughter, Mary DiCappucino, with a lot of strict rules to follow. He is constantly scolding and nagging his daughter but whenever the daughter’s in trouble, he is always giving her constructive solutions to solve it and they usually work. Mary knows that despite her dad’s vehemently aggressive behaviours, he cares for her and do not want her to be in any kind of trouble. Unfortunately, Mary one day decided she had enough of her father’s strict rulings, and became rebellious. A case after another, Leonardo couldn’t take it and have decided to disown his daughter and so, Leonardo now lives alone in his home.

Next to the DiCappucinos, lived the Lattes. Mocha Latte is, to his daughter, Hersheys Latte, the most loving dad a girl like her could ever get. Mocha showers his daughter with a lot of attention and is always there for her whenever she needs him. Hersheys feels extremely comfortable telling almost everything to her dad. Just as she thought she was the luckiest girl in the world, one fine day, the dad just left without a note. Feeling cheated, confused, upset and abandoned, she vowed never to acknowledge her dad, ever again. Feeling sored still, she ran to the DiCappucinos’ home and confide in Leonardo. Leonardo took great care of her. Although with much stricter rules and the constant naggings, Hersheys got used to it and was glad that Leonardo was willing to care for her.

One bright summer’s morning, Lucie DeCaffeine, a single mother from town, moved in to the Leonardo’s next door with her daughter, Pancakes DeCaffeine, who is of the same age as Hersheys. Hersheys thought Pancakes looked familiar and then realize they were childhood buddies, back when she was still living in town. Hersheys and Pancakes started hanging out daily and became very close friends. They tell everything to each other and Hersheys really really likes and trusts Pancakes.

A couple of months after the DeCaffeine have moved in, Hersheys realize that Pancakes was acting weird. She was constantly distancing herself from Hersheys and Hersheys was upset about it. When confronted, Pancakes just kept saying nothing was wrong and so they continued playing and running around the parks together, sharing everything with each other. At least, for Hersheys, that was how things were.

One fine day, Hersheys began to realize that Pancakes have been talking a lot to Leonardo. Hersheys felt weird and a little insecure but she knows Leonardo was never her dad and besides, Pancakes has not had a dad for quite a while so she was being supportive about it. Day after day, Hersheys swallowed the bitterness of seeing Pancakes being so close to Leonardo and began to distant herself from both, Leonardo and Pancakes. Pancakes, who obviously knew what was wrong, then confronted Hersheys on what was her problem. Hersheys told her everything and told her she does not need Leonardo anymore and wishes the both of them good luck. Hersheys then concentrated on her studies and lived on her own, dadless for the second time but still became good friends with Pancakes.

As Hersheys was already coping up with all the ‘misfortunes’, one day right after she got home from class, she sees her dad sitting at the dining hall. The dad apologises for leaving without a note and told his reasons why and she accepted it because she knew and still believes that, “Everything happens for a reason”. Although the reasons were still vague and she had wished to know more, she chose to let the future unfold the rest and they’ve not spoken about it anymore. Ever since her dad’s return, she was still confused and feeling insecure, wondering if the dad would just take off once again. But as she began spending more time with her dad, she realizes how much she had missed him despite all her denials. She began to develop stronger feelings for her dad and now, just hoping that he’ll never leave her again.

As for Leonardo, Hersheys had indirectly told him how she feels about everything. Whether he accepts it or not, she was never to know. She cares a lot for both Leonardo and Pancakes and hopes that they’ll still be like a family someday, despite all the ugly incidents. Hersheys know that someday, the future will unfold the story and make more sense and wishes that, it’ll have… a happy ending.

every story has got its' morals behind it. so, what's the moral of this story?.

p/s: dont mind all the grammatical errors. i was stoning while typing this out.

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September 17, 2005

a pointless entry

(/edited) @ 5:02am, sept 18.
OMFG. as im typing this, someone's banging on a neighbour's door but i cant seem to see who it is. about 30 mins ago, just moments before i reached home, this chick was screaming, "TOLONG! TOLONG!". i wanted to go out to check but it so happened that today my floor's emergency lights and staircase lights are not working. when i was walking to my unit earlier, i felt creepy. what more, my parents had to TRIPLE lock my main door and i was standing in the dark, struggling to open my damn locks. even better, someone tried to break in to my home not too long ago. and about a couple of weeks ago, someone spoilt my main grill's lock. like wtf man. they have been targetting my house damn often rite? there's nothing here except loads of junks & rubbish la. chun chicks also elek so wtf rite. what more, i come back like a minimum of 4am-ish most of the time. so it is freaky!

anyway, back to what's going on now (actually, the noises and bangings and screamings have stopped but that's cos i ran out of my shower after the third time and woke my parents up and make them call the security guards). okay, so yea, moments after i reached home, i heard this chick crying out for help. then not too long later, someone was shaking her grill violently (weird thing was, i was shaking mine super violently too like 15 mins before that cos my grill's screwed and it needs a lot of shaking to get it opened) while she screamed, "NO!!! GO AWAY!! GO AWAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!"". i sat behind my main door listening to the screamings and all while trying so hard to shut my dog up. after that, pure silence. i thought the drama was over so i went to get myself showered but before i could wash my hair, i heard heavy thuds. flashes of yujyuj telling me about this someone who fell from a condo just right in front of his very own eyes started coming through my mind. and so i continued listening. okay, at least i know for sure it wasnt someone who fell from my condo. someone was actually pounding the neighbour's door with something very heavy. i quickly dashed out of my bathroom, dripping wet, woke my mom up and yea, the next thing we know, security guards were rushing to my floor but by then, everything has ended. damn scary man. so many dramas here in just less than 2-3 months (the lrt incident was scary too, seeing so many policemen, fire trucks and ambulances all at once). i think i should really not go out late anymore, esp when i have to drive cos my parking's at the opposite block and well, ive got a lot of stories about the carpark and all. not telling now cos everything's just super creepy now. i hope my neighbour's okay though i dunno who are they as they live at the other end of my floor. *sighs* too many warning signs, i should really take some precautions. OHHH FUCCCKKKK!!! I HEAR MORE THUDSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"According to certain Scientists, whenever a woman has sex, her body produces a chemical which causes her to emotionally attach. This chemical may also account for the series of terrifying questions that involuntarily pop into our minds after just one casual trist. Questions like: Does he like me? Will he call again? And a classic, where is this all going? When it comes to men, even when we try to keep it light, how do we wind up in the dark?"

- Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City, ep 6x14: The Ick Factor

tsk tsk. i wish i could elaborate more but i guess i wont. some things are just not meant to be told. besides, you dont know whom can you trust and whom CANT you trust anymore these days. in life, people come and go. it's just sad how some just wanna speed things up and leave you as soon as possible. maybe, the problem is with me but out of 20, 19 thinks the other party's at fault. btw, my cam dropped for the first time yesterday when max was passing it to me. it now has slight dents. ouch. hope it's nothing serious.

that aside, more happy happy fun fun stuffs to tell. after NOT SLEEPING since early wednesday morning (okay, so i had an hour's nap a day, big deal), i had six hours of sleep just now. not a good sleep though. woke up feeling shitty and my whole body was aching. my assignments are giving me the toughest time of my life. anyway, i "celebrated" the end of my assignment crisis for the week at my second home. orgasmically good, as always. sinful, yes, but its one of the things in the world that makes me happy apart from watching the fireworks show (with someone cuddling me from behind on my balcony), riding weirdass crazy roller coasters and erm, being in an affectionate relationship (i didnt wanna say in love because i am yet to find out what love is, you see).

after hours of gorging, i met up with iskii and yujyuj for more makan sessions. i couldnt eat anymore, of course. i didnt even finish my lamb shoulders at chilis. we moved from a&w to nasi kandar penang man. SINCE la right, iskii loves asking me to try out the ais kosong in various mamaks and then compare them to ajimals' (as im always raving about how good the ais kosong from ajimal is), i ordered it. i didnt like it. tastes so tap water-ish. blehs.

damn pointless entry. but that's only because i cant say the things i wanna say. anyways, i had fun yc-ing with iskii and yujyuj although the three of us havent been sleeping much for the past few days. i was erm, stoning big time alrite. and sandy, yujyuj says you owe us all mamaks since you ffk-ed. i think yujyuj and sandy has got some scandal going on man. they were both praising each other to me. "sandy was so cute la on the phone". hours later, as i spoke to sandy, "yujin was kinda cute man just now". tsk tsk tsk. might be out partying big time at one of the clubs. lets hope im going to be having some serious fun, aye? ta!

p/s: HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY WERNCHINGpfschimui!!!

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September 14, 2005

something spooky

hur. i just recalled something scary when max was hanging out around my place and i had to bring stoney for a walk. max volunteered to accompany me since my siblings were too lazy. so we smuggled stoney into my car and max sure had a tough time hiding stoney under her feet. reached the place where i usually bring stoney to do his business. you see, this place, isnt really clean. i mean, damnit, usually when people ask me where do i live and i reply, "vista komanwel", they'll gasp and have their jaws hit the ground before saying, "is... isnt... isnnt... isnt... that place... haunted?". *rolls eyes* i get that all the time. peeps, name me a place THAT does not have spirits roaming around la? sheesh. i believe we're all surrounded by spirits, but some people are just more sensitive towards such stuffs and some places just give you more obvious vibes.

anyway, after busy running around and walking on two feet, stoney suddenly glared at this eery looking bush. this eery looking bush is where my bro and his friends, me, and a couple others feel and see "things". the one i saw was just this shadow of a man moving from a tree to another. it was freaky but i guess im pretty cool as long as it does not harm or disturb me. my bro was a bit less fortunate. he FELT people tapping on his shoulder when there was nobody there as his friends were all in front of him (silly him for bringing the dog out for a walk at 2am-ish!). he then went home and went to bed, only to find he couldnt sleep well because there was "something" that just kept jentiking (i dunno what's the english word for this. erm, let's just say it's playing) his ears. my bro, his friends, my cousin, and ian has seen the similar shadows as to the one ive seen and ive heard a lot of rumours from strangers about this place too. for me, it's common to spot such stuffs anywhere so what's the big deal? as long as they dont harm you, it's okay. and yes, theoadorable, i believe in spirits. anyway, ive had even scarier experiences but let's just save that for another entry. ive even encountered "helpful" ones so it's all good.

anyways, went mamak hopping earlier. the way terry taught me DOES not exist. thank god i sorta know the roads around kl and got our asses back to the route we used on sunday to get to desa petaling's abc food corner. we had to go through the same old eery looking village, go uphill and downhill, do many corners and turnings before reaching that place. they dont have a direct route from bukit jalil to desa petaling, you see. the place is only five mins away but because there's no direct route, it'll take us about 15-20 mins. sheesh. today's service sucked because of this stupid dumbass waiter who kept repeating our orders and still bring the wrong stuffs. it was annoying. we then moved to ajimal after doing a lil tour around sri petaling. ian and ray felt soooo much more at home around ajimal. it's true. we feel so much more comfortable there. home sweet home, baby! altogether, mamaking today was five hours plus long. omfg. so much for having plenty of assignments rite? tch tch tch (iskii taught me this!).

speaking of assignments, it's still upsetting but i think i can pull through. more sleepless nights i guess. oh yea, ian got us wonka chocs. omfg. *yumS* and yummy marshmallow choc teacakes. those are must haves! not forgetting nougats from uk too. thanks ian. *muacks* it's so nice to have you back. we truly miss your 10 days of absence. im super sleepy but because ive decided to have some 'fun' mamaking just now, i'll have to pay for it, which means, no sleep. *sighs* i just hope i dont drop dead in college later. i need a holiday badly. by a CLEAN beach, preferably. i wanna go to pulau rawa so badly. ive been eyeing on that island for a year plus now. nobody to accompany me. max will be going to phuket twice before the year end. madness, that's where she spend her time everytime she has hols. i so wanna go. this is WHEN a bf comes in handy. *pouts* i heard ronnietheperempuan's going there next month too. mamakers ought to have a holiday in one of these islands but planning with them, especially in such a big group, is a pain in the arse, no offence. time to get back to my assignments. peeps, MAXINE DO NOT POST BORING ENTRIES. state that again and i'll personally bitchslap you!

quote of the day's by max.
max: eh no la!! im a virgin! i'm still a V down there, genting, blablabla...
*smacks forehead* damn funny wei, cos after that when we got home, we changed our nicks and started this whole "im a V down there" campaign. i bet making t-shirts with that slogan would sell! \m/

and oh, happy 10th anniversay, ms. period. okay, that's so not for you to know but max made me post this entry because of it so i guess i gotta mention it, aye? and happy birthday khang tze. also, sorry to those who felt they were gonna die sitting my car. my sincere apologies though i still would like to say, I KNEW WHAT I WAS DOING. thank you. amen.

p/s: i want NEED a cd/mp3 player badly for my car. know where can i get a good bargain for it? on a tight budget though.

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September 11, 2005

The Art of Crap-ology

I'm sort of in a pissy mood right now, so don't mind me. I DID mention that the entry was gonna be boring and that it had no purpose, but hey, as far as I'm concerned, it's a BLOG, its where I rant/bitch/write whatever that I wanna say(which is not often,i know), so if it's boring, DON'T READ LAH! Maybe I should give you my username and password and you could blog for me? sheeeeeeeeeesh. *tulan tulan tulan*

bahs.tired. Just came back from a mamak session at this place called ABC Corner in Desa Petaling. picked Iso & Ray up and then drove to Becky's place and she drove us to the mamak and met up with the rest of the MGs. We sort of had to take a roadtrip/slight detour to actually find the place; we actually went through kampungs and small lil unknown roads and all and finally, we reached the place! The food is excellent so I guess that's the new hangout place for MGs.

Pics will be uploaded soon. Here are a few snippets(which was rather hilarious at that present moment) :

*We were LOST!*
Becky: Ohhhhh.. I know, i know.. We're near Terence's house.
Maxine: Are you sure?
Becky: Yes yes, don't worry.
*turns into a dead end road*
Becky: Ok shit, start to worry now!!

Becky:Where to go??
Ray:Follow the car.
Becky: Okaayyy,then?
Ray:Ikut saja lah.
Becky: Ok, now what?
Maxine:Eh after we will end up at someone's house lah wei.
Iso : HA HA HA!

Oh and btw, I, Maxine Anne Sibert, officially salute Becky and her AWESOME driving skills. I tell you! I was holding on to her car handle for dear life, I bet you if I were to hold any longer, her handle would have dropped off! Even Raymond & Iso were shit scared of her corner-ing and etc. I think if we sat longer, one of us would have definitely pee-ed in our pants. hehe. Gosh, and I get kutuk bout my driving skills. Trust me, Becky's beat ANY one of us in the MGs! =D

::habis edited::

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, hie! okay, that was lame. keke. I had no idea how to start the entry(as always) and therefore, Becky suggested I start it as how she usually does, so there! Well, the title says it all. I have no freaking idea what to blog, but as usual, as my duty as guestblogger *coughs*, I DO have to update once in awhile so yeah lah, have to layan her a bit and blog.

*sitting down thinking what to say*

*still thinking....*'s been pretty hectic lately. assignments, classes, assignments, extra classes, midterms, assignments.. neverending! Thank god midterms are over but I have 2 major assignments to pass up in the next 2 weeks and also 2 presentations. and that's not all, my finals start on the 27th! Crappy uni, i tell you. Please tell me which other college/uni has midterms in a span of 2-3 weeks before finals? *curses and swears till the cows come home*. I just can't wait till its over and I go to Phuket to relaxxx. I admit I've been rather down lately, so thanks everyone who were concerned and kept asking me whether I was ok and so on and so forth. Thanks guys, you know who you are. <3

Ok, for once, on Friday, I had a rather "happening" night and trust me that doesn't happen very often, unlike Becky who has a very busy social life. My cousins and their hubbies wanted to go have a night out in KL so I tagged along. We had dinner in StarHill and the highlight of the night, was the toilets in StarHill! Have you guys been there? It's soooooooo cool! It's really dark and cosy and the concept is very Balinese & Thai. And its like, to wash your hands, you have to like spin this sort-of-wheel thingy, so that the water comes out from the faucet. Damn chun wei! My cousin-in-law let me have a peek inside the Guys toilet, and bloody hell, it was wayyy more impressive than the Girls. So, yet again, it all boils down to Gender-ism/Sex-ism. hehe.

Dion has left for Hawaii to continue his studies for approx. 4 years. *sniff* I know Becky has already blogged about this, but DION! Not sure whether you'll be reading this(i highly doubt so) but nevertheless, from me, I hope you have a great time in Hawaii & make sure you keep in touch!! Or else, remember the whacks I gave you at Steven's Corner? You'll get even more of those when I see you next! *evil grin* <3

Ian's returning back from UK on Monday. *happily dances around* woot woot. I seriously hopes he remembered my WONKA CHOCS since he said he couldn't bring back cute ang-moh guys for me!! sighs, so now Becky & I have to depend on Bernard for his Indo hunks. Oh, yeah do visit his blog.. he's got a spanking new layout!

Anyway, thats all the updates I can think off. For VERY MUCH MORE INTERESTING things to read about, wait till Becky's next post! nites. =D

p/s : No worries, I know this entry is boring, so I don't expect to get much comments! hehehe. oooh.. Happy September 11th!! and oohh..this marks the 150th post for .

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September 08, 2005

a burden too heavy

sighs, another day wasted. im still procrastinating. the past two months have been really taxing. mainly because of my studies, of course. i feel so clueless. the only assignments that i know how to do are those that are advertising related. yes, i kinda expected that i'll be lost doing my degree since i had no choice but to choose a major im not interested in. film and television. it sounds damn glamour, i know, but it's not. it's frigging tedious and with the lack of interest, im just drowning myself even deeper. i cant believe i feel like quitting already. ive never been a quitter. this sucks.

yesterday i was in college till late. class finished later than expected and i was suppose to meet up with sandy and max. i spent some quality time with sandy in my car while trying to put on make up and eyeing on this guy with nose "so sharp, we could cut fish with it" in the next car. she left about 30 mins later to sit for her mid-terms while i sat alone in my car, in the middle of mmu's carpark, pondering about what has gone wrong. everything feels not right. i feel so weak, so helpless. and then it started pouring (rain la, not me). had flashbacks of sandy singing "what you're made of" to me. everything was in the right setting for me to just bang my head on the steering wheel and cry. but i couldnt, because i wasnt all that weak yet.

picked max up for her dinner and spoke to yujyuj for quite long. 30 mins, he was telling me how i am doing things so wrong. i couldnt even defend myself. max cant do anything but just feel sorry for me. gathered all the strength i had and attended yen ling's party. the only person i knew there was the host and her significant other. and then i spotted a familiar face. kevin, an ex schoolmate, but he was too shy to hold a conversation. left around 9pm-ish to attend my mom's party cum prayer session before sandy called me to go for super chun nasi lemak near kolam air panas, ampang (?). wasnt in the mood to travel so far so i went home, only to see my whole house transformed into something so unfamiliar and invaded by so many. wow, even my home seem so foreign. felt so not welcomed in my very own home. lingered around the kitchen of my house as the dining and hall was crowded and then decided to call yeeng on my mobile. spent an hour plus to her explaining everything before both our batteries went flat at the same time. lol. stoney then came back from his "day care" and was pissed at my whole family cause he thought we gave him away. didnt wanna layan any of us and when we approached him, he'll try to bite us and growl. ish.

i dunno man. ive tried so hard, trying to understand everything but i still dont. i know the problem's with me. ive tried reading my notes yesterday but they sounded german. ive tried doing my research online but it's not very helpful either. this sucks. couldnt really sleep for the past two weeks too. my whole back's aching. sandy came over to hang out just now and spoke about things. *sighs*

anyway, just to inform those who had added me in friendster. sorry guys, my list's full. dont plan to open another account so be patient. just hung up on dionthehorny. his visa got approved and he'll be leaving tomorrow evening. bye dion, please im begging you, come online more often okay. i have nothing else to say. actually, i have too much to say, but i just dont feel like sharing my stuffs with the world. take cares all. i know, this is probably the emo-iest entry you've heard from me here. cant help it. even the strong has got to admit when she's failing. che wah, damn perasan. ta.

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September 06, 2005

happy 48th birthday mom!

happy 48th birthday mom!

hehe. yest i was being so sweet man. yes, im self-praising myself. i baked her a cake and for the first time, tried to do creams and all. successful, alrite, though it looks weird. but what the heck la. so before she came home, i stood behind the door with candles ready and all, and the moment she opened her door, i sang, "eppy beerfday tu ew. eppy beerfday tu ew. eppy beerfday tu mami. eppy beerfday tu ew" and the whole neighbourhood could hear me. she had teary eyes. aw... daddy said, "you know, when you were young, mommy used to bake fancy cakes on ur birthday. now you're all grown up and you bake for her instead". that line touched me. damn emo-emo man. i love you mommy. <3<3<3 and happy 21st birthday, ivypfschimui and yen ling! mom's throwing party cum prayers cum gathering for her prayer group tomorrow. i wont be attending it as i'll be at yen ling's party. have fun, oldies. woa, im so mean. *chuckles*

okay, nothing much to say except, ever since this entry, thirty now thinks i look like joss stone. sighs. i guess if it's thirty, part of it gotta be true? i still dont see the resemblance. most of them thought i photoshoped my pix to look like joss stone. lol. before you start bitching about how perasan i am, please, im not the one who said i look like her. anyway, she's younger than me so should i put it that, she is the one who resembles me? O_o

here are some random snaps from the weekend. damn peeps, like no home man. could barely go out during the weekend.

urh, okay. more quotes from sms.

sharifflengjai: aiks, for some reason you appeared in my dream this morning hehehe
becks: what?! that's so frigging weird alrite. (weve only met once like few years back and have not been speaking much lately. almost never though im talking to him now. lol)
sharifflengjai: ya lor.. i think you put up too many friendster pics! haha kidding
becks: oiks, what does it have to do with my friendster. whats the dream about?
sharifflengjai: basically i met you and a few of your friends when i went to buy bus tickets. then u wanted to makan at ttdi but it was raining, then one of your friends pinched some of my spaghetti haha so i had to offer everyone else la. uhh.. there was also a lesbian scene but don't worry you weren't in it! (i seriously suspect sandy's somehow involved in this dream and the lesbian scene is prolly of me "snogging" sandy once in thai club)
becks: alrite, that sure is one weird ass dream wei!
sharifflengjai: you bet! i've been having weird dreams la lately. anyway hope you're having fun in college if that's where you are =)

wahlau, he can read minds. i was in college that time. brilliant wei. i find this whole conversation funny. but thanks shariff for dreaming of me, though it's most likely a nightmare for him. and oh, gentle reminder to myself, BECKS, YOU HAVE TO FUCKING STOP SHOPPING!. thanks. for pix of my stuffs, you'll see it all over malaysianbabes. alrites, gotta finish prepare my salad and stuff for mom's party. see ya.

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September 04, 2005


eh hello, girls, please la. i am so not fucking into your guys, man. i dunno whats up with all this paranoia but let me get this straight:

1) if i talk to your bfs, that doesnt mean im INTO him.

2) thanks for calling me wild and aimless in life and judging me without knowing me but i believe it's still none of your problem and i DO FUCKING KNOW what i want in life, thank you.

3) just because you feel insecure (and please kay, nobody's even interested in your bfs la. why would anyone wanna snatch them from you) doesnt mean you have to pinpoint at me for being the cause rite?

4) im flattered you gals think im such a big threat to you but hello, im not a chun chick myself, so save it.

5) ur bfs are the ones who are contacting me okay. so please take care of them before you start involving innocent girls like me. keep yourself busy by jaga-ing ur bfs instead please.

6) go fucking get a life, seriously.

i had to get things straight before people start speculating rumours about me again. ive been very patient but everyone has got their own limits, thanks. ive never been happier being single and yes, i date around but that doesnt mean im fucking wild la, tiuleiloumouhamkachatchauchibaikaninehlanjiaos. i flirt and that means I SLEEP AROUND? damn smart wei. i wonder which schools were you gals from cos if i ever have kids, i'll make sure they wont go to those you attended. and take note, i am not exactly the type of person who appreciates compliments so please keep it to yourselves peeps as i know where i stand and how horrendous i look. im not like a certain someone who dies for attention all the time and is waiting for praises. if she had a tail, it'll be wagging alright.

moving on, ive been procrastinating big time again. theoadorable mustve been sick of listening to me always NOT doing my work on time and so he decided to propose an incentive for me. if i manage to finish my work before 8.30pm (it was around 6-ish pm that time), he'll treat me chilis, my all time fav hangout place. like the best deal ever man. i didnt finish on time (as expected) but he decided to treat me anyway. haha. went to pick theoadorable around 10-ish and he thought he was going to die and kept warning me that the offer will be void if he dies. hilarious, really.

anyways, im pretty afraid of bangsar shopping centre thanks to the canny ong's case. i had theoadorable with me so its okay i guess. suddenly, during dinner, i had to take a leak and went to the washroom myself. i was alone in the whole damn washroom and as i was doing my business, the cubicle next-to-me's door started to creak shut. i felt damn uneasy and with all the strength i have, i looked up. nothing. it was dead silent and nothing was looking down at me peeing. but then i felt even more freaky and decided to look up once again. still nothing. quickly zipped up my pants and got out of my cubicle to check on the next cubicle. NOTHING! THEN WHAT WAS THE FREAKING CREEKING DOOR SOUND I HEARD?!. i kept my cool and walked out of the damn place quickly. told theoadorable about it and he JUST HAD TO SCARE ME with more canny ong stories. ish. *piaks*

parents decided to give stoney away, possibly by tuesday. *sighs* im going to miss having him greeting me every morning and everytime i get home from a long day's class. im gonna miss him licking my fingers to wake me up when im sleeping. im gonna miss seeing him tilt his head in amazement when he hears yujyuj speak to him through skype. im gonna miss having him sleep by myside every nite. im so gonna try and hold back my tears. ive grown a little too attached to it. *sighs* and dionthehorny, although weve never really hung out much during this trip of urs but i hope we'll still keep in touch once you fly over to hawaii. good luck in everything dion. take cares. *sniffs*

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September 01, 2005

agonising august

a moment of silence please, for my late beloved angel, brian oliver corray. brian, i will never ever forget the things youve done for me, the things weve shared and the friendship weve had. i will always love and cherish everything about you. i miss you and wish you didnt left things hanging. i still keep all of your smses from exactly four years and a day ago. rest in peace, angel, and i hope you're still guiding me like how you've promised me, jolynegmama and evemama because things are so not right now. love you.

*sighs* for the first time in my life, my group presentation got rejected. we'll have to represent and a huge sum of marks will be penalised. that's like the most depressing news ive heard this year. never had my marks penalised before, ever! no more drinking parties, no more yumchas till the wee hours, no more ktm rides (omfg, ktm sucks cock), and no more gatherings for me. ive been procrastinating for way too long. it's time i make myself useful! *pouts* on the bright side, just got back my broadband after 14 days. seems the dumbass from time telekom who came to fix my house phone unplugged my broadband line in the cable room. idiot. now i'll have to pay for my broadband and my dial up because of that idiot's mistake. WARNING: this entry will be a bible-long entry. good luck reading.

28th aug
had a last min plan to go bak kut teh with ian, iso and ray at rawang. was an interesting joy ride that nite, alrite. went to rawang only to find the shop was closing but nevertheless, we had good stuff. i was only clad in a tee and jeans with sneakers (a sight you rarely see cos i hate sneakers) but yet we had the whole rawang gazing at us filled with amazement. i actually felt OVERDRESS in that and so did iso. went to this shed like food court to get the ice kacang ian recommended but they've stopped selling already. *poutS* we then proceeded to ian's old home and had fun climbing over his gates and having his neighbours thinking we were robbers. lol. saw a lot of ian's highschool pix (yeay! i snapped a lot of pix on it so i can blackmail ian in the future). lol. as we were on the way to selayang, we saw a real-life drama instead. a few eye-sore shops were on fire but just a few doors away, people were still munching on their bak kut tehs. damn drama man. ive got it on video. will try to upload it soon. it was a tiring nite cos after that, just as we were about to go to jln alor from jln ipoh, sandy called to say she wants to go hartamas and so we drove there. we FELT UNDERDRESS in hartamas. see the contrast? bumped into old friend daniel tan at coffee bean. we then left for bangsar for another yum cha session at my fav tosai place on wed mornings, devi's corner. followed sandy to menara maxis at 4am to pay her bills before going back to subang and finally head home. im going to make everything sound report-like cos im too lazy to be too descriptive.

29th aug
janeecivic (he requested for me to change his nick) accompanied me to the myb dim sum gathering i was er, so called forced to organise. sandy was there with her mom and bro too. met the peeps there and well, it was great meeting the peeps ive been foruming with. wish i was a bit more in a talkative mood but i was just too sleepy from the nite before's trip.

30th aug
ran over to dannyboy's place in pyjamas to get my research done since im internetless only to find he has this huge group of friends over and i finally got to meet clayton face to face. yujyuj then came over to pick me up for a four-hours ajimal session, joined by janeecivic. it was one heck of an embarassing moment cos i just had to meet peeps when im in my peejays la! damn ronnietheperempuan somore dare to kacau siuts. came home and rushed for my presentation like mad.

went to class with almost no sleep, got home, packed my bags and went to pick terrymcberry and headed to the ktm station. my very first virgin trip on a ktm. i hate it alrite. i didnt like the people and how frigging slow the damn commuter was moving. reached nilai in about an hour plus and alfredlawrenceyeekuan (pick any cos these are his actual names) brought us for dinner. proceeded to his house after a wild hunt for coke (nilai seems to have limited supply of cokes man), drank and puff like nobody's business before all the guys (yes, guys) started to konk one by one. we then left around 3am for supper and went back to alfredlawrenceyeekuan's house for more drinking and fake porn. YES, YOU READ ME RIGHT. fake porn. damn potong stim. after around 7.30am, dominic, iso and i were the only ones who survived the whole night without konk-ing. had some heart to heart talk and halfway through it, iso fell asleep so i guess the only ones who SURVIVED till 8.30am was me and dominic. max was up when we had the heart to heart talk though. dominic is one hilarious guy. he thought i was terrymcberry's ex, max is berd's gf and iso is ian's gf. like wtf wei. O.o. damn hilarious. first it was all about kenjunkenjunkenjun. everyone since form three (including my mom who once told me i'll someday end up with him) thought ken jun and i were//are an item. terrymcberry thought we were together like two weeks ago. an ongoing joke man. please, like how ive told everyone else, I WILL ONLY BE INTERESTED IN A PERSON IF HE'S A STRANGER TO ME. after knowing him too well, the interest fades away. ;D most girls/guys are like that anyway. one thing learnt, mamak gangers tend to switch from english to chinese when we're tipsy. max, who didnt drink, spoke mandarin too man! "wo yau chiang yuuuu pu yau laaat chiaoo!" shouted max excitedly. even i dont speak mandarin/canto man.

31st aug
merdeka! merdeka! nobody joined me in singing the national anthem though. nobody joined the karaoke session that was going on except garick. ish. geng potong stim. at 6am, dominic, garick and jerrica went for more food. wan tan mee this time. now u know why there's barely anyone small in mamak gang. i woke everyone up around 12pm and off we went to have lunch. they dropped me off at the ktm station after that because i had my stupid presentation to do and they proceeded to port dickson. *sighs* i was surrounded by eery looking indons and i dunno, i just hate ktm. gives me bad vibes. yucks.

hur, that's about it for today's report. but ive got some interesting quotes to post.

ronnietheperempuan: you dont buaya? HAHA HAHA HAHA HAHA HAHA HAHA HAHA HAHA HAHA HAHA.
yujyuj: you buaya everyone rite?
janeecivic: eh you tell me who dont you buaya.

WHAT IS UP WITH YOU PEOPLE. OF COURSE I DONT BUAYA. im like the most naivest person ever. kena buaya, got la! and to make things worst, ive been nominated as one of the buaya queens in myb. *faints* thank god not many knows me well there so im safe. nice try, khai. :P okay, more quotes from nilai.

*we were all playing 0-0-7, a drinking game when i got banged...*
becks: .... eleven!!!!!!!!!!
*everyone starts rolling on the floor laughing*
(i dont remember saying eleven though. the next thing i knew everyone was rolling on the floor laughing. had to put this in cos they made me. hrmphs!)

terrymcberry: eh, please, do i look like a big eater?
*continues chomping*
everyone: YESSSS!!!!!

garick: i learnt taekwondo wei!
alfredlawrenceyeekuan: oh, i learnt karate!
becks: i learnt sexwondo!

becks: eh, i cant kick in jeans la. i can only kick in skirts!

becks: ehhhh jommmm!! let's all go drown the fish! (points to the fish pond)

*max gets poked on her arse by an aloe vera plant*
max:oo oh shit! im not a virgin anymore!

*max points to a garden stool*
max: eh, that one, can sit wan ah?

*becks climbs onto the sofa top and snaps a pix of her and aliceinwonderland*
ivan: if she falls, good luck!
becks: i wont fall. ive got good balance.
alfredlawrenceyeekuan: oh yeah, my mom will wake up! WOAAAAARRRR!!

aliceinwonderland: he needs some makeup.
*points to some actor on tv*
becks: some?! HE NEEDS A LOT OF MAKE UP!
max: no, he needs plastic surgery!

max: lawrence, i need a pen.
dominic: use carrot can edi la.
max: i dont want your carrot. i want a pen!!!

alfredlawrenceyeekuan: so, have you finished using my pen? where did you put it?
max: nah!!!
*shoves pen into her pants*
max: eh, boring la the show. put some porn la!
becks: oh, this is where the pen and the aloe vera comes in.

*terrymcberry enters the girls room at 8am wrapped in blanky and cuddles on his pillow*
terrymcberry: is there anymore space for me? (in the cutest small-boy voice ever)

okay, too lazy to think and type anymore. it's not so funny if i were to type it out anyway. anyway, becks current fav phrase is... w00ts w00ts! nites.

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