August 27, 2005


HAaAHAAHAHahahaAHahahahaHAhaaa. hi. *smiles sheepishly* ive got my 5th and 6th piercing today. i was so bored in class that i suddenly thought of piercing my cartilage. why now, you wonder? well, ive always wanted to do it since my early teens but then tales of cauliflower ears, eyes that blinks and winks non stop for the rest of your life and even how it can cause DEATH scares me. i was raving about how much i wanted it to be done today and no later and all of my classmates and friends, especially janeeserdangchicken layaned me. omfg. janeeserdangchicken is soooo damn sweet okay.

we were supposed to go for an evening walk together but then thanks to the damn weather, it was wet and besides, i was too busy finding out a suitable place for piercings. called like the whole damn world i know who has had theirs done. the place where iskii, joe7th and the more pros recommended charged from rm140-150. wahlau. *knocks head on wall* daylight robbery man. janeeserdangchicken basically did all the research for me la. he did the callings and all too. see, i told you he damn layaned me. then around seven in the evening, while i was still in the shower, he came over. vrooooom, he sped me off to a nearby urgh, shopping complex and we stopped at the first place we saw. lady says it's rm6 for one, rm10 for two. my eyes almost popped out. RM5?! wahlau, compare it to the earlier quotations i got. rm150 to rm5. i agreed immediately and since i didnt want to pierce both my cartilages, the other hole goes to my right earlobe. janeeserdangchicken was ready with my digicam, videocamming my reaction and he was ready to run and get ice cream for me just in case i scream in pain and all that crap. *pop* kau tim. sap sap sui. frigging no pain at all.

piercinglady: okay, done.
becks: wah, no pain wan.
janeeserdangchicken: huh that's it? where are the screamings?!!
becks: not pain also.
janeeserdangchicken: not pain? U SURE?
becks: *nods* proceed to the next one please. :D

tsk tsk tsk. these are the few reactions from friends i spoke to earlier.

before piercing, ronnietheperempuan said to me on the phone, "eh, damn pain wan you know. why la you wanna pierce here there all. good luck wei".

mom: eh, dont pierce la. later you get cauliflower ears how?
becks: eh please. youve gotten yours pierced a couple of years ago, no cauliflower ears also.

sandy: whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyy?!!!!!!
becks: stress la.
sandy: but i wont love you anymore with all the piercings.
becks: it's only cartilage lehhhh. can laaaahhhh.
sandy: dun wan laaaa....

becks: wish me luck kaayy.
iskii: aiya, dont need luck la. not pain wan.

huiyee: huh? u serious? why suddenly you want to pierce wei?
becks: cos im bored la. class so boring. somore now damn stress.
poh: eh come, let's go get tattoos.
becks: eh, damn out of topic la you.
huiyee: eh, i wanna pierce mine again too. (she has pierced hers twice and her inner-piece-of-earflesh-which-i-duno-what-is-it-called twice too).
becks: jomm!! rombongan to the piercing salon.

okay, thats basically some that i can recall. but yea, i did it cos im stressed. whenever im stressed, i change my hairstyle (most common actually), change my wardrobe, smoke like there's no tomorrow and urgh, well, i change stuffs when im stressed la. anyways, the response after doing it.

ronnietheperempuan: you're insane la!!!!!!!!!!

sandy: i love you still regardless of your piercings!! (but that's cos i went through quite a hassle trying to get her a bottle of jd in just a couple of hours)

mom: cheh, so old fashion. out of date edi la wei.

ish. kurang ajar man my mom. lan cee gila just cos she had hers done way before me. im yet to try the pink hair she once had. haha. actually, im not copying her or anything kay. ive always wanted er, pink hair too. :P oh yea, which reminds me this conversation i once had with her.

becks: eh, you better quit smoking ah you.
mom: says who im smoking.
becks: you make a bad liar.
mom: okay okay, shush!

the next thing i know, im smoking like there's no tomorrow but you know what? ive purposely smoked my almost-one-whole-big-pack finish today and decided to TRY and quit this habit cos it's getting a bit out of hand. i hope i can stand it. *goes cold turkey* O.o i miss you dunhill reds. missdaisythelighter misses you too. :( okay guys, i dun have the ftp on my lappy and im still on dial up so no piccies for now. damn nasioncom's fcking pissing me off. lanciaocibaipukimaks. anyways, dennis is going to visit the workshop tomorrow. something happened and well, it can barely move now. i wish you well, baby. ta guys. *grins ear to ear* OooooOO.. ouch.

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August 23, 2005

a weekful of events


everything's so not going right i tell you. phone got barred this morning but ive managed to screw maxis for real this time and wrote an essay long of complains to the fcking dude who first handled my account. look, arnold, if you're not happy working with maxis, quit it la fucker. ive heard that there were a lot of cases about you being reported. you made my life hell since u first handled my account okay. and then last friday, something went wrong with my adsl modem so yea, im on fucking dial up now. best thing is, my pc's 56k modem was spoilt by this mchcibaipukimak technician who came to fix my broadband last year so i have to rely on my lappy. things are soooooo not right now. to make things worst, i suddenly will have to do a presentation that carries 35% on citizenship for my media law subject next thursday. like wtf man. my groupmates and i are fucking clueless. and just like things arent already bad enough, our group will be the first group to present for this semester.

and my whole going back to smoking thingy is killing me. im trying so hard to quit smoking but it seems so much more easier to just puff my way whenever im tensed. ciggieskillciggieskillciggieskillciggieskill. but does that mantra work on me? sadly, no. infact, i had this brilliant idea to do a documentary called, "ciggies: our new hero". ive actually thought of the points and what to shoot and all that. i hope it gets approved by my lecturer. see, im so full of crap now. anyway, yes, thank YOU so much for keep reloading my page for the pd pix. well guess what guys? i was in a camera blue mood when i was in pd. what do you mean there is no such thing? OF COURSE THERE IS! i wasnt in the mood much for piccies although ronnietheperempuan insisted i stop taking pix. eh pls, i think ive only taken like 50 pix? that's frigging little okay. not really in the mood for anything now. frigging stress. luckily ive managed to screw maxis and got everything done. next, to screw nasioncom because this chick was suppose to call me twice and she didnt. fckingannoyingmachans.

okay, since im taking a break now from my damn media law readings, i'll post a couple of snippets from that nite. too bad, the peeps i was dying to meet and all, i didnt get a chance to meet them. like wtf man. lol. i would say the rave wouldve been much more fun for me IF i was actually concentrating on it. i had too many things on my mind that night. not just that nite, now even. and after having a heart to heart talk with sandy on our way home from pd at 6am, it made me feel shittier but me being the new me, im not going to let it get at me so i'll just ignore. i just hope i dun explode anytime soon.

the part where elle and i got picked up and stuffs were cool. boosted ego maximum. the part where we had to do all the waiting to pass tickets and all were a bit slack cos we waited for like a couple of hours and we actually looked like 'prostitutes' on duty but it's all good. i met some great excellent people and long lost friends. although i was slightly disappointed with the rave, but hey, good job joenajib and his fellow teammates. throwing a party for 20,000 people is no joke. also, biggest thanks to elle and her family for letting me chill @ guoman beach resort, this big ass poshy resort where all the deejays spent the nite. i had my most expensive bowl of curry laksa too. rm15-20++, i think. best thing was, it wasnt anywhere near good. my god. *smacks forehead* and and biggest thanks to vicky for sponsoring my tickets and offering me a ride to pd AND to send me to guoman which took what seems like forever to reach. lol. wasted yea, we didnt get to take piccies together and all. okay okay, im rambling too much, i know. before i end, i'd like to say, I AM NEVER GOING TO DRIVE TO RAVES EVER because i saw this ah beng smashing windscreens and stuffs right before my eyes for no apparent reason. the army officer was just staring at him and the ah beng actually had the guts to scold the army officer, "APA LAN JIAO?!!". wahliew.

okay okay snippets.

becks: oik, come take pix la.
ronnietheperempuan: dun waaaaaaaaannn!!!!
*ronnie then ran away and hid behind jon or something*

like wth? LOL! ive not seen an adult run away from the camera for a very very very long time. i then proceeded to take pix of johan gielen, i think.

becks: *snaps snaps*
*ronnietheperempuan came from behind and shouted...*
ronnietheperempuan: OI! STOP TAKING PICTURES LA. who takes pictures at 2am la.
becks: hurr... what?!!
ronnietheperempuan: stoppp takingggg pictures laaa.... what are u taking! IT IS 2AM!!!! nobody takes pix at 2am!
becks: eh excuse me, 2am's when the party starts kay.
ronnietheperempuan: *mumbles grumbles mumbles*
becks: so, do u WANNA take a pix?
ronnietheperempuan: NOOOOOOOO!!! *avoids cam*

O.o i think he's fcking high or something man seriously. read next.

jimbo: i tell you people will just keep coming when they see an empty spot.
becks: okay, let's all dance in a circle.
*gerald, elle, and jimbo started to form a circle to dance*
becks: eh ronnie, dance in a circle.
ronnietheperempuan: what's dance in a circle?
becks: *rolls eyes* you form a circle and dance?
jimbo: *chuckles out loud and imitated us both*
ronnietheperempuan: oh.

but he didnt form the complete circle either. ish. can pengsan man. and the best thing was, he dun remember any of this. see, told ya ronnie, ur fcking high la that nite. u dun even remember who's who now. lol. oh oh, congrats iskii for making it to the top16 in the batu kawan drifting event. shit, frigging 2:45am. got assignments and presentation and notes to read wei. chaos! pix later. :D

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August 15, 2005


(/edited) @ 11:28pm
hahahahaha. i HAVE to post this! click here! got it off amitabhas journal. hiaks. btw, fuckmaxisservicecentretaipan. :)

*sighs* 3:20am and im still struggling with assignment drafts. it's suppose to be easy-peasy but being the picky and fussy person that i am, i am not satisfied with what ive done. found out from abethefly that my damn maxis bill has not been paid for two months. maxis taipan has got to be the dumbest service centre among all man. ive double-confirmed with them on my details and they still fuck things up. thank god my line wasnt barred. dumbasses. classes are from 10-3 later. like wtf right. *grumbles mumbles*

anyways, since most of you BLACKMAILED not to read my entries unless i post piccies up soon, here you go. eh i feel insulted okay you guys only come here to see piccies. at least read what ive said lah. *stomps feet* ive got shit loads of piccies to post, even before my bday's but i guess i'll post all the latest ones first. when im piccie-less, i'll post the older ones.

i know ive promised not to post group piccies from our mamaking sessions but i didnt PROMISE not to post individual candids... blehs!

yes, it's still with us and it's now known as stoney because it looks stoned 24/7. it has bonded too well with me and my family. *sighS*

went for joey's bday party yest. was super late cos i was suppose to leave my house at 7pm but i was still happily msn-ing then and realise how late i was. rushed out of my house only to realise i look super pale with my white/pink/rainbow dress so went to yeeng's house to borrow some make up. speedy makeup, alrite. in just 10 mins... tahdah!

we left the party kinda early and then decided to check out the putrajaya bridge. convoyed there around 12am-ish and boy, putrajaya is beautiful at night. dead, yes, but very lovely. surprised to see the place jam packed with erm... malays and ah bengs though. oh, recorded some videos of me singing and entertaining passersby/lovebirds/jakuns/friends cos i was bored. for videos, beep me in msn. i'll not be responsible for ear aches caused, though.

if only it wasnt 3am, we would've gone kajang for satay! hiaks. i miss satays. i love satays a lot. someone bring me? *does the cutest face she can* okay, this has got to be one of the fastest entries ive typed. running out of time. gotta finish my draft on the policy document analysis. oh god, sounds boring. *yawns*

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August 13, 2005

charlie and the chocolate factory rawks!

i dun fucking care what you guys have to say about the movie but charlie and the chocolate factory is the MOST excellent movie ever ever EVER in history. how often do you hear me praise movies? almost NEVER! so if i say it's good shit, IT IS GOOD SHIT! i was so excited about the movie because abethefly has been telling me how long he has been waiting for the movie. prolly years! and as i was watching it, i just kept thinking of abeabeabeabeabe because ive heard so much about it. texted him halfway while i was watching it because it is EXCELLENT SHIT. stupidly hilarious, it is. *grins ear to ear* i am so going to tell abe ALL about the movie and make him jealous, yo! hiaks. *chuckles chuckles*

what WAS annoying though was this first group of what i suspect to be monash students because one of them was wearing it's tee. the chick in front of me had to keep moving about and had to just what-seems-like-banging on the chair. no kidding. i got damn annoyed so i use my leg to sorta kick it with my knee but she had no reaction towards it. i seriously despise people who likes to keep shuffling themselves on the seat cos it is fcking distracting! i murmured,"stop it la, slut", softly but enough for her to hear and then she stopped. "good! she gets it," me thinks. then suddenly, she just sat up straight. max too got annoyed because she was blocking max's view and max said LOUDLY, "BITCH!". she then leaned back and sat quietly. "woa, quite smart. she knows we're talking about her", me ponders. after that, i cant recall what she did but i was still annoyed and i poured water on my cheezels-powdered hands and sprinkle them on her head. she didnt realise. good. me is happy. i know im evil but annoying people should be treated worst than that. i seriously wanted to let my 3.5 inches heels hang by her chair too just so in case it stinks, she'll get to sniff it.

nothing beats max's glorious moment though. there were this bunch of thai/burmese/vietnamese/mars/pluto kids who came in and distracted the whole cinema by talking out loud like as though they've booked the whole place. i bet they're not only illegal immigrants in the cinema (cos they sneaked in from another theatre hall) but they're probably illegal immigrants to the country too. they had no adults with them and they speak some funny foreign language. max who is famous for being easily annoyed started HUSHING them but they didnt get it. doh! she then kicked their chairs but they were too ignorant still. damn dummies! in the end, max screamed, "SHUT THE FUCK UP LA" and the three kids understood! woa, im impressed. that's probably the only english sentence they know man. *claps claps* i swear, the rest of the movie-goers were cheering for her silently because EVERYONE and i mean EVERYONE just kept turning their heads and stared at the kids. LIKE THAT that is going to help since all the kicking and hushing from max didnt work. oh, max helped close the cinema door too. *claps claps* sunway pyramid's GOTTA have the worst movie-goers man. its obvious the damn people there dunno cinema etiquettes. now i remember why ive never liked pyramid anyway. ish.

more birthday parties to come. damn. broke, i am. penguin will be leaving for jakarta next week for at least a month. damn mamak gang's splitting. ian's leaving to UK for a month, sabbymcgabby will try to get back from melb in october and dhao will be back by dec it seems. jolyne g.mama will be going back to london too for her convocation. sniffs. will be missing you guys dearly. *hugs the leftovers* I AM GOING TO MISS ALL THE POPCORN FIGHTS AND THE SNAPPING OF US CAMWHORE PICCIES IN THE CINEMAS MAN. haha shit, iso is on her way to klia just for burger king. a bit the mad rite? nites peeps. remember, check MY VIDEOS OUT.

p/s: remember lil ones, WHIPPED CREAM IS NOT WHIPPED CREAM UNLESS IT IS WHIPPED WITH A WHIP! oh man, the damn oompa lampas are hilariously disturbing... -.- go check willie wanker & the kukulampas out!

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August 11, 2005


(/edited) @ 5:47pm 12.08.05
OMFG. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. guys, head to to check out the videos of how some of us got DEVIRGINISED and REACHED MULTIPLE ORGASMS. hahaha. i cant stop playing the videos. dont mind all my whinings in the video. i cant believe im such a huge whiner. yucks. thanks ivypfschimui for recording them. *hugs*

this is damn sad k. i wanna go to relevation 3 so badly but now im kaki-less. my mamak gang aint interested in it and this is damn depressing. it seems vicky is willing to give me a free tix but now i dun have mates to go with. *sniffs* anybody who dont mind an extra kaki or wants to go with me, leave a comment.

wanted to originally go for sso 3.5 but since im already having such a hard time looking for kaki to the pd rave, imagine how much harder it'll be for me to pester my friends to go to sso 3.5 with me rite since it's at batu kawan, penang. *pouts*

p/s: finally got to meet uncleyujyuj yest. funny rite, whenever i tell someone im back from mamak-ing or am mamak-ing, their first guess would be, ajimal?! lol. i guess that place's like my 2nd home now but my mom bars me from going there today onwards thanks to the damn haze. thanks maxbabes (for temaning me to tmn connaught's pasar malam as well <3), ronnietheperempuan, ivypfschimuis, uncleyujyuj and jan eeserdangchicken for last nite's scaryfying ghost stories sessions. *muacks* and oh, i did speed shopping yest. i saw ronnietheperempuan at his maxis booth yesterday but he was looking busy so i diverted myself to nose, a shoe boutique (my main intention of going midvalley anyway) and bought two pairs of heels in just less than 10 mins. gawd, counted my collection and ive got about 21 pairs. tee hee hee. heels rules! im officially broke. im surrounded by debts. ;(

(/edited) @ 10:54pm
skay tagged me like a month ago and im finally doing it since its related to my earlier post. lol.

Total number of shoes you own :

shoes if inclusive of my reebok, northstar, and adidas sneakers, court shoes, and other misc shoes i SELDOM wear, probably close to 30? haha. ive just realise ive got so many abandoned dusty shoes, stocked up in the storeroom. i love shoes and that's because my size 10 feet makes it hard for me to find shoes and whenever i can find my size, i just grab them all.

The last shoe you bought :

yesterday! two pair of heels. both slingbacks. one brown and the other's black. *yums*

How many shoes do you have under your work desk :

i dont have one but im storing three new pairs under my dressing table (which looks like a rubbish collection place cos i chuck every damn thing on it)

5 people I'm passing the baton to :

- sandy

- isobel

- likki

- lynnzter

- lucy

though i doubt they'll layan but hey, just do it when you're bored k?

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August 09, 2005

max's first... blind date

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide

gawd, this song makes me so emo. another one of my theme songs. thanks uncleyujyuj for listening to me whine the whole darn night till 6am. i felt so much better but please keep the things i told you between you and me. that has got to be the biggest secret ive ever told anyone. *grins*

anyway, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. me and max had one of the most hilarious outings of the century. han, if you're reading this, i hope you dont mind this entry yea? han is someone i met through THAT has got to be like the weirdest place to get to know someone rite? well, han msged me through because i was earlier searching for an ex's name simply because my hands were itchy. somehow, han's name was almost similar to my ex's name and so he paged me, asking me who i was looking for. a few months down the road of emailing and msning, han finally managed to pester me to meet him. i wont be able to remember our whole conversation but i'll try to make it as accurate as it can be, yea.

han: im going klia. let's meet up at cyber.
becks: dun want la. im shy la.
han: aiyo, let's call it a blind date.
becks: ive stopped doing blind dates since highschool. -.- besides, i dun meet strangers on my own anymore.
han: we'll meet up somewhere with lotsa people then. somewhere very public.
becks: dun wan laa...

*after hours of persuassion, he finally got me to give in*
han: so how? i need to leave soon.
becks: hur... tell u what, why dont u just leave ur num. if i can make it, i'll beep u?
han: okays. *inserts num*

*texted max*
becks: max!!! can u accompany me to meet some dude i met on the net? (i was feeling damn shy okay to type that out. meeting people from the net is soo... old school). pick u up at 5.
max: uh yea, okay.

coincidentally, my damn dumbass lecturer cancelled class for today (we've missed all three classes already!). mch. this is the 2nd time i drove all the way to cyber just to find out there were no classes. fcking idiots. it's like it's not enough that they have to suck so much money from us already, now they've gotta suck our blood and petrol and effort and and ... you get what i mean. i was bored and i didnt wanna make my drive to cyber a 'wastage' and so i texted han to see where he was. went to pick max up and max was EXCITED.

max: so who is he?
becks: dunno.
max: what's his name la?
becks: um, im not sure. something like my ex's.
max: how old is he?
becks: erm, dunno.
max: ehhh he may be 52 and u dont even know!!!
becks: hahaha oh shit!
max: what does he do?!
becks: um.. im not sure. something advertising?
max: what car does he drive?
becks: oh god, i dunno!
max: wtf do u know about him?
becks: huaaa shit! barely anything!
max: ...

drove around and waited for han (i only found out i was suppose to call him han after meeting him ) who got lost. i too am bad with cyber/putra roads and had to rely on max to guide me. we then waited for him at cyberview lodge after he failed to find street mall and ended up in putrajaya.

*drives into cyberview lodge*
becks: eh, are we allowed to enter or something?
max: nvm la. just wave.
*max just cooly waved at the guard as we entered*
becks: so where do we wait? i wanna hide my car and erm, SPY first.
*parks in between cars*
max: hahaha. eh u park here, he cant see anything la.
becks: that's the purpose la. i wanna see him first.
max: wtf. haha. go infront a bit la.
*we then drove around the compound and went in and out of diff parking lots to find the PERFECT parking spot to spy and ended up at WHERE we originally were*
max: ommmmg! i see him! i see him! blue matrix!
becks: oh shit. damn bright rite the color?
max: im scared. ;{
becks: whyyy? eh chill la
max: eh call him laaaaaa....
*han parks somewhere beside us but didnt know it was us*
becks: hahAHahhahaHahahahahaAHAhahhaaaAHAahhaa.
*if i could roll on the floor and laugh, i would. max joined me but she was damn nervous*
max: becks, you're fcking crazy la. GO CALL HIM LA!
becks: dun wan la. shy la. wait for him to call la.
max: oiikkkss... CALL HIM LAAAAAAAAAAA.
becks: O___o
*pulls handbrake down and starts reversing my car and parked beside him*
max: wtffffffff......
becks: chill la babes.
*winds down window*
becks: hi! (with the world's biggest smile)
han: err... hi?

LOL. DAMN FCKING HILARIOUS WEI! before we met up, when han called me. this was our conversation.

*ring rings*
becks: harlow?
han: hey. han ere (sounded like tan though)
becks: erm yea hi. so where do u wanna go?
han: i need beer.
becks: BEEEERR?!!!! O.o
*looks at time. it's not even frigging 4pm!*
han: hur yes, beer.
becks: eh, they dun have beers in cyber la. not that i know off.
han: wtf. ;\ where's the nearest can i get beer?
becks: prolly puchong. i doubt putra has it too. unless u get it from the mini market or something. ;\

(/edited) @ 11:48pm
hoooo! why do MOST people give me the same reaction when i tell them i live in vista komanwel? *grr*

han: so where do u live again?
becks: bkt jalil.
han: where in bkt jalil ler?
becks: vista komanwel?

han: ehhh... isnt that place like... haunted?!

WTF WEI. hahaha. ive got stories from ian, nicole, my bro's friends and ive experienced a couple IN MY OWN DAMN HOME but then.. they've done nothing bad to me though. IS VISTA KOMANWEL REALLY HAUNTED?! :O maybe i should go seek lawrence's help. hmm...

back to meeting him, we communicated through the window and he still insisted he wants beer! we then drove to a nearby italian restaurant. they have beer alrite, but for a frigging rm9.50++ per can. han sure is some heavy drinker cos whenever i speak to him, it's always about partying and drinking.

becks: eh whats up with u and beers?
han: they make me feel light. i drive better when i feel light.
becks: whaat....?! O______O
han: hur yea. i need to drink like two cans before meeting clients and then a couple more after.
becks: hurrrrrr... er .. oh .. kay.
*han continues to order more beers... up to the fourth can*
becks: are u feeling light enough to drive back yet?
han: hurr.. sorta...
becks: okays cool.

and we left after that. seriously, the whole outing was more awkward and hilarious than this. it's undescribably funny. max was screwing me for bringing her out. lol. but hey max, there's always a first time for u, eh? max was chanting over and over again about how much she needs to tell somebody. lol. oh well, she was suppose to type this entry but now she's too lazy so here i am, replacing her. i wont be posting pix anytime soon because the earlier entry is eating up a lot of bandwidth. patience, kids. tomorrow i think i'll pay ronnietheperempuan a visit and we'll do chillis with max before heading over to tmn connaught's pasar malam with maybe ivy, max and ... whoever who wants to come. uncleyujyuj, i cant promise you yc tomorrow though. /me is fcking dead tired. -___-

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August 07, 2005

beck's 21st!

"I WANTTTT SOMOREEEEEEEE HALF CUP BRAS!!!!!!", sandy screamed from the living hall of room 456, duta vista. "ANYBBOOODY WANTSSS SOMOREE HALF CUP BRAS?!!!!", she continued as she walked towards the dining table. if you're wondering what half cup bras are, they're actually deep-fried dumplings cut into triangles. thanks to the creativity of my beloved mamak gang, we named our food with fancy names. biggest credits goes to ian for the names and maxinebabes for writing them out and sticking them on the food. it seems the half-cup bras were quite a fav last nite, esp among the mamak gang-ers.


there are no words to express how grateful i am. thanks ronnietheperempuan for being the 'deejay' of the nite, thanks ivypfschimui for bringing the speakers, terrymcberry for the roti jalas, my relatives and especially my mom and sis for the good food that they've provided, mamak gang-ers who stayed back to clean up and stayed over (raymond, terrymcberry, yeeng, max and iso, penguin who came all the way from china, sara who came although she has a flight back to hawaii today and the rest for finishing the food! there were quite a num who couldnt make it last min but hey, i had a great time. it was filled with joy and laughter. there are so many snippets of conversations i'd like to type out but im darn tired. slept for only about 8 hours altogether in the past 4 days. beat that! just got home from shopping just now after a whole night of cleaning up the double-storey apartment. i spent the nite cuddling with the girls of mamak gang on a king-sized bed. the bed was crowded alright but we had fun didnt we? i had fun jumping on terrymcberry's bed as we tried to wake him up in vain. i'd like to do another list of thank you list but .. im too tired and i'll try to make this entry as short as possible. i'll let the pix do the talking. it's coming! it's coming! stop bugging me. lol. okay, i know im frigging rambling now. please dont bother about what ive typed. im stoning big time. woke up to find myself covered in bruises, cuts and im quite sure there was a couple of burnt marks too. *slaps herself silly* okays, im going to play with the two new dresses ive just bought hours ago and then im off to dreamland. *zZZz* nites!

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hey, try not to refresh my site too many times yea. the complete photo album will be @ will be ready by tomorrow, i hope. but i need to collect the 89mbs of pix/video from ivy, wash my 36x8 films from my lomocam and get the other pix from other misc cams. remember, DONT RAPE MY BANDWIDTH wei. dion will fcking kill me if i send him a sms again asking him to add more bandwidth. lol. before i end this, here's one of the snippets.

*ray digs and heats up the leftover food from yesterday*
ray: woaa.... ada sandwich, potato salad, mihun...
*grabs em all and eats em*
*walks back to the fridge*
ray: ada roti jala somore weii.....
*gets up excitedly from her chair and walks to the fridge*

5 mins later...

*iso walks back quietly and sits down at the dining table*
*all eyes were on her*
max: er... where is ur roti jala?
*iso shrugs and lift both wrist up, indicating she doesnt know*
iso: dun have also...
becks: eh got la. it's together with the nasi hempit.
iso: ohh.. okay
*iso continues sitting*
max: eh, go heat up la. i thought u wanted it?
iso: yea, i want.
*the rest of us were about to burst laughing*
becks: eh, why la. it's there la. go heat it up ler.
*iso continues stoning and sitting down there*
max: oikksss iso, roti jala!! you said jom, why are u still sitting down here.
iso: erm...
*the rest of us couldnt take it anymore and burst out laughing*

in the end, ray helped her heat it up cos she was a major stonage case. lol. see what happens when you keep eating all night long till 4am and were force to sleep with three other girls in one bed in a super sejuk room. notice how we were all wearing sweaters/jackets. lol. man, we were stoning big time the whole of today. nites peeps. YET TO SLEEP! *zZzZz*

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August 04, 2005

thank you notes

oh gawd. hahahaha. thank you so much guys. although ive only managed to meet geraldyummyyums today but i'm still touched by all the e-cards, e-mails, smses, calls, im-msges, friendster msges, friendster testimonialsm forum threads and etc. to show you guys how much i appreciate it, i am going to list down all the names of those who have wished me and the mediums used to wish. i wish i could quote all ur msges and smses but it'll make the entry too long. maybe some other time yea? *muacks* all names are in particular orders from the first person to wish me to the very last.

1.Kar Heng - call
2. Alfred aka Hobbes - friendster message
3. Lee Chooi - friendster testimonial
4. Carina - friendster testimonial
5. Michelle aka my #pfs soul sister - msn
6. Evelyn aka my beloved mama - friendster testimonial/msn
7. Natalie aka ko Russell's gf - friendster message
8. Caren - sms
9. Trista - friendster message
10. Evangeline aka my adorable cousin - friendster testimonial
11. Marcia - msn
12. Raymond - msn
13. Sandy - blog
14. Maxinebabes - call (called on 2nd aug, 11:56pm. first to call!)
15. Iskii the cat - sms
16. Ronnietheperempuan - countdown on msn and flooding on msn with happy birthday msges. (damn sweet sial )
17. Lauraliciousyummyyumslickaliciousyums - call (oh gawd, i miss your voice babes!)
18. - email
19. Geraldyummyyums - msn
20. Lizziebaby - sms
21. Ronnietheperempuan - two calls (first one was a prank call siuts. damn you but it was funny though).
22. Yeengmygirlfriend - call/sms
23. Isobel - sms
24. Fer - comment
25. Kat - comment
26. Maxinebabes - comment
27. Sabbymcgabby - comment
28. Jan Ee - msn
29. Jolynegmama + Wai Soon - msn
30. Caroline Robert D. - friendster testimonial (omfg. my long lost close friend back from my days in sabah!)
31. Jolynegmama - friendster testimonial
32. Maxinebabes - msn
33. Malaysian Babes Forum - started a thread in forum (thank you so much guys. *muacks*)
34. Terrymcberry - comment
35. Sherry - comment (thank you girlfriend. i miss you and i wish you're back in msia now too)
36. Ivan - comment
37. - email
38. Maxinebabes - friendster testimonial
39. DK - friendster message
40. Sherry - msn (thanks for singing a bday song for me)
41. Jeng Yean - private blog comment
42. Trixie - private blog comment
43. Kristina Khoo - msn (huaaaa..... you thought my bday was on the 4th. )
44. Terrymcberry - msn
45. Maxinebabes - gmail
46. Jeangerbells - tagboard
47. Karen Ooi aka cousin - sms
48. Theosayangs - sms
49. Poh - sms
50. Gwin - msn with emoticons
51. Goodboy - icq/ebday card
52. Boon - ebday card
53. Nelson - icq
54. Englider - ebday card (this is some stranger from china. no idea who he is though)
55. Cossie - myb's private message
56. Dentkt - msn
57. Sandy - call
58. Pingpingmywife - sms
59. Patrick - yahoo
60. Shariff - sms (gawd, he still remembers my bday after losing contact for so darn long!)
61. Isobel - gmail/blog
62. Ivan - gmail (he wished me happy bday in 150 diff languages!)
63. Ko Russell aka my cousin - sms
64. Naveen - yahoo
65. Jimbodumbo - msn (yo "galfriend", when's our next meet up la! )
66. Garick - sms
67. Vicky Rao - yahoo
68. Pui Lingwifeys - msn
69. GoodBoy - comments
70. Wey Ling - comments (my very close friend back in penang days)
71. Colinolderbro - msn
72. Ken Junyoungerbro - friendster testimonial
73. Eelynyoungersister - friendster testimonial
74. Dominic - friendster testimonial (yo galant buddy, let's bring our babies for a ride someday!)
75. Always~ - myb private message
76. Maxinebabes - msn
77. Sabbymcgabby - msn
78. Calvin aka hobbes - msn (hur, we've finally exchanged the cds! but we must meet up again for tea session, ya?)
Adam - msn/msn nick
80. Simontemplar - multiply (some dude who just added me)
81. Jason Tan - msn (some dude who just added me from myb)
82. Geraldyummyyums - msn & singing of bday song, "its your bday" by 50 cents
83. Ivy aka #pfs soul sister - msn
84. fr0stie aka fonleang "galfriend" - sms
85. lawrence - call
86. Koay Lingyums - msn
87. Ko Russell aka my cousin - msn with emoticons
88. Shari - comments
89. Raymond - comments
90. Hock Beng - sms
91. Jason Tanrussia - call (omfg? jason from russia! he remembered siuts!)
92. Ernest - msn
93. Yujinuncleyujyuj - msn/singing of bday song
94. Ian - gmail
95. Slinky - tagboard (yes, dude, ive not seen you around college myself!)
96. Vanessamywifey - friendster message (yes, i know i have a lot of wives. by the tens. )
97. Lucy - comments
98. Jun Sengmacho - friendster testimonial
99. Janet aka Eggster - friendster testimonial
100. Strachan Chan - call
101. Lee Chengthehotchick - private blog comment
102. Joy Homywallbangwallactionpartner - private blog comment (babes, i miss you sooooo the much and the fun we used to have. let's sexup once again!)
103. Ling aka Lingams - msn (hiaks, how's melbourne?!)
104. Geraldyummyyums - appeared on my doorstep with a present (gawd, thank you yummyyumssugarpiecrunchycrunch. muacks. *snaps pix*)
105. Shiyu - msn (thank you for all the mp3 recommendations and for adoring IT now known as stoney as much as i do)
106. Dannyboy - msn
107. Berdthestrandedpenguininchina - yahoo with lotsa love emoticons
108. Joannemyrealsis - friendster testimonial
109. Mybro'sfriend - through my bro
110. Michelle aka my #pfs's soul sister - msn status
111. Joe7th - sms (oiks, you said you wanted to be the first to wish? lol)
112. KuaChee - comment
113. Annbabes - msn
114. Evelyn aka my beloved mama - blog
115. Lee Zan - call
116. Wern Ching aka my#pfs soul sister - msn
117. Jason Leong - call
118. Ennui - tagboard
119. Karen - comment
120. Koay Lingyums - call
121. Nicole - comment
122. Bryan Chui - e-bday card

omfg. it took me like almost two hours to type this entry. i might have missed out some and might have wrongly coded the nicks/mediums/whatsoever. please forgive me. families not included. if you check the htmls, it's fcking tedious to type them manually. once again, thank you guys. im looking forward to this sat. let's make it happen.


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August 03, 2005

becks turns 21!

happy birthday to me.

im now officially old. oh gawd. i can finally vote! like wtf rite. lol. im going insane. i'm going to list down the names of ppl who have wished me later. thank you guys. love you. im officially old! *skips and hops around town with IT*

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