July 31, 2005

beck's first liquor shopping trip

hiaks hiaks. *chuckles* i feel damn macho now okay. i finally FEEL like an adult. i was scouting around for cheaper branded liquors to buy because thanks to a couple of friends who promised to get them for me from airport/langkawi/labuan couldnt do so anymore. me, being nice, will not be naming them. *glares* after much survey, i found out one of the cheapest place to get liquor in kl would be none other than indialand, brickfields. who else can drink and almost ALWAYS not get drunk but indians rite? they're the best drinkers ever (eurasians come in second). and so i went to pick terrymcberry and garick up and drove to brickfields. tsk, what's up with all the side parkings la. *smacks forehead* nasib baik garick and terry thinks im a PRO in side parking. can tunjuk skill a bit. hiaks. called jan ee up and went to the shop he recommended. crap, it was pricier than the mini market at tmn desa. i was disappointed and then garick called up his superhero macha friends.

ho ho ho. he recommended us this double storey shoplot that has a hidden passageway that sells CHEAP branded liquor. we had to go through hidden rooms and all and omfg, it felt like WE were in a movie or something. although we were the fairest people in the town and probably the only chinese walking around there, but because we had sunder (?) and mrblackmachoman (because none of us knew his name) to guide us, we felt safe. no, im not saying the place isnt but at least we had someone their own kind to guide us around so we'll definitely be lost and probably get cheated. no offence, mmkays. ive actually met an old penang neighbour there too. like dammmn cool rite? hiaks. *walks with chest up high* oh, about the location, it's suppose to be kept a secret. so there you go, now ive got a secret chunted clothes shopping place and a secret liquor shopping place. man, i loooove keeping secrets. *chuckleS*

yesterday, some dude with too much free time gave me a prank call. my gawd, whoever that's kenakan-ing me, go get a life k. that dude prolly got my number from someone who knew me because he knew my name. 0162411479. he pretended to be an old friend or something and then suddenly asked me if i wanted to masturbate and all. hur, i dont need masturbation dude cos i can get the real thing anytime. sheesh. but thanks for making my day more dramatic. *smiles* and remember IT? my male english cocker spaniel? IT is still being named IT until i can get a better name but mommy says there's no point cos we're giving IT away anyway. i thought of naming it weed, stoner, stoney, ganja, g, ali g etc because it always looked so stoned. whatdya think? any suggestions? hiaks. im off to bed man. i need schweep. no more going out till wednesday, please. oh wait wait, dominic bought a galant too. yeah baby. we shall go for a ride in our galants someday. *yums* man, i wish i had the dough to mod my car and prolly learn how to drift. not so soon, prolly never. *sighS* ta.

p/s: had a bad fall yesterday at my balcony and im lucky i didnt trip over it and fall eight floors down. ive got a couple of nasty bruises on my back and it fcking hurts. couldnt sleep the whole night thanks to it. it hurts to sit in front of my pc now too. *sighs* anyway, happy 21st bday wey ling!, choi lai and uh, gawd, my memory's failing on me.

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July 30, 2005


(/edited) @ 1:34pm
wwwwwhaaaatttttttttttttttheeeehelll! ive found the love of my life. omgomgomg. i loveeee you i loveee youuu i loveee you baby. *wigggles booty* i had such a hard time last nite overcoming with misc stress and i couldnt sleeeeep. then, suddenly, i heard a soft tap on my door at 7:16am. i was grumbling to myself, "this better be good". opeeeened the door and i was greeted by ... by ... IT!

omfg. i almost cried. my bro brought back IT from his friend's place. everyone knows how much ive longed for a dog but ever since i lived in this damn condo, i wasnt allowed to have doggies. i SERIOUSLY almost cried. it was the bestest bestest bestest best best best gift ever. but but .. *sighs* mommy says i cant keep it. and i know it'll be miserable for a doggie SO adorable to be trapped in a 1,400 sqft condo so i will have to .. *sighs* let it go. see, so much for being excited rite. but i'll still love youuu. it was LOVE at first sight. oh gawd, for once, i believe in it! haha. here's a conversation between me and my siblings on what to call... IT.

"i think my friend called it brownie"
"brownie meh. cookie la"
"ew... name it .. nugget"
"wtf. yucks. name it .. goldilocks! goldilocks of .. bukit jalil"
*i came up with that since my dad said we, as in me and IT shares the same hairstyle. aiyo*
"waahh goood good. goldilocks. but isnt it a bit too long?"
"hur.. i know. blink blink!"
"wtf... hahahaha"
"munchkins! ive always wanted to name my dog munchkins... but but .. this doesnt look like a munchkins"
*mommy interrupted our conversation and said...*
"dont bother giving it a name. im giving it away"
*all three of us pouted and decided to just call it ... IT*


...you see the things we take for granted
we can sometimes lose
and if i promise not to fell this pain
will i see you again
will i see you again...

sandy is evil, i tell you. she's the reason why im listening to kavana (anthony kavanaugh) non-stop. it has been like that since the day we crooned to his cd on the way to astro. ive just realised how much ive loved kavana back then. ive actually had friends who would ring me up on nov 4th to wish me happy birthday, on behalf of kavana cos i was nicknamed MRS. KAVANA then. he was my teenage fantasy. *yums* as i croon to his songs now, the lyrics seem to be less meaningful but sandy told me it's prolly because we know much more meaningful songs and we know how to express ourselves better now compared to 10 years back when i would just fantasize about kavana all day long. i used to have his lifesize posters stuck on my ceilings and walls. yes, ive been through that stage myself. *cringes face* kavana's such a stale news now that even his official sites that was once hosted by virgin records is no longer there. that's like... soooo sad.

...time will pass me by
may be i'll never learn to smile
but i know I will make it through
if you wait for me...

...and all the tears I cry
no matter how I try
they will never bring you home to me
so won't you wait for me in heaven...

downright corny but hey, this is one of my fav songs from my fav album of his, instinct. i cant believe i still have the hots for this dude who lost his virginity at the age of nine. urh, yea, i actually STILL remember details like that. cant believe they're still lingering around my mind. hiaks. if only i can remember my notes this well so i wouldnt be doing so badly in exams and all. *pouts* classes resumes on monday. dang, i hate the thought of having to go back to school. it sucks. *continues pouting*

there are so many things in my mind now. unanswered questions and baseless assumptions. because of previous painful experiences, ive decided to just put things behind me and move on. things are going well but i would still love to have the answers. been ajimal-ing daily (up to twice a day!) and im starting to get sick of that place already which is why ive decided to skip the tea session there today. oh, i overheard this on a radio exactly one week ago. a lot of songs are cornier and cornier these days but it sells! since im so bloody corny myself maybe i should write less meaningful songs and make them cornier and i could be selling my music like hot cakes! hur, i wish. i dont even let people hear my stuffs. lol. oh yea, back to topic, please. kavana. he probably sold his music as much as he did because of his good looks but what the heck, im still playing the cd on repeat mode. back to croooning to his songs, baby. we're MFEO. ta!

...days went by so quickly
cos i thought you'd always be there
it's hard to let you go
though i know that i must try
i feel like i've been cheated
cos we never said goodbye...

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July 27, 2005

the book-long entry

happppy birthday sabbymcgabby! please stop being so obsessed with being an anorexic cos you're already so tiny and if you try to lose anymore weight, there will be nothing left of you. you're beautiful the way you are and you've got tonnes of men who are willing to kiss the ground you walk on so whyyyyy are you doing this to yourself? i was just thinking of you as i got up and then i found out it was your birthday. hua, psychic-ish. but yea, have a good birthday and no, liposuction's a nono! *stares* we miss ya, babes. and happy birthday to my childhood friend, strachan chan keng ghi too.

OMFGORGEOUS! i just won a maybelline hamper worth rm150. haha. i was just checking my mail as i was typing this entry halfway and tah-dah, ive won another competition. THRICE IN A MONTH. like wtf. this has got to be the best birthday present ever. i know i get most of my make ups free but hey whattheheck la rite. this is making up for all the bad luck ive had for the past few months *stares at her results paper* yea, got my results. fcking depressing. my standards have deteriorated over the semesters. it's like as though im losing interest in my studies and ive got such a long way more to go. *slaps herself silly*

oh yea, yesterday, ive finally managed to drag the girls of NMG (so called Notorious Mamak Gang), out for shopping together-gether. me and my galfriends had such a great time. i know i did. esp when we were at nando's and mcdees. for once, we spent time together without the boys and were able to be so open to one another. we spoke about everything under the sun and i had a great fun. the funny thing is, the girls of MG (the 'notorious' was recently added and it's sorta like a scrambled MNG. eww. let's stick to MG yea) are always dressed in blacks. if you havent noticed, most of the pix we take together, especially the three girls of tickle-me.net are always dressed in black. O_____o. psychic-ish again! i could do this for a living man. lol. and urgh, ive splurge a huge amount of dough yesterday. *cringes face* now, im officially broke again. 9 hours of walking around on heels. i dunno whats up with me but ppl think im mad to still wear heels at the height of 5'10. no wonder m'sian men are afraid of me. sorry but i cant live without heels. bought more yesterday. god, kill me.

after a tiring day of shopping and running errands, i finally got home. my damn diarrhea from sat's supper's still here. lesson learnt, when you've made promises to yourself, dont fcking break it. this is how i had to repay for my 'sins' for indulging in what seems like a harmless bowl of noodle. four days of nasty diarrhea. as i got out of my shower, daniel beeped me and the next thing i knew, i was 'kidnapped' to our fav hangout. we chit-chatted until the cocks started crowing and then headed back home only to see my sis parading in my clothes because she couldnt sleep. *smacks forehead*

and oh, i think the mamak gang's guy's habit has gotten into me. driving around with minimal amount of petrol. i started my drive to subang with the petrol indicator slightly above "E". i then told myself, "lets see what i can do with this amount of petrol". drove to sunway, then to ss14, then to ss15 and then to sunway and back to bkt jalil and all and i survived. now i dont even know if my bloody petrol can even bring me to the nearest petrol station. but then again, this is what the MG guys would call as 'champion' so i guess im one now too. haha. that's so lame and so not me okay. i always go out of my house prepared. if im going for a trip, make sure there's more than enough of clothings, food and handphone battery. but yea, it feels good. made me feel macho. lol.

and max made me put this snippet up. im too lazy to put the rest cos this entry's enough to make a book already.

max: eh so what's our next move?
becks: um, we sit here so long .. (my mind was thinking about my achievement with the minimal petrol and i suddenly said what was on my mind) petrol so little edi la. wasting petrol.
max: huh.... wwwwhhhat?
*burst out laughing*
iso, who didnt know what was going on was laughing her lungs out too
becks: eh that's not what i meant ... urgggh... nvm
*smacks forehead*

schädenfreude: semalam
schädenfreude: ahem
schädenfreude: me and yeeng and weng onn (a friend) nak pergi renoma check out wallet
iZzObeL: *bukak telinga*
terence: then then?
schädenfreude: theeenn
iZzObeL: ooh know this story liao.. haha..
schädenfreude: somehow, max noticed the ppl there all were TALKING ABOUT US
schädenfreude: and then they kept chucklinggg
schädenfreude: so she f-language to me and i noticed it too
terence: THEN THEN?
terence: WHY WHY
schädenfreude: then max was like, " I HATE THIS SHOP. THE PPL IN THIS SHOP SUCK"
schädenfreude: she shouted that and stormed out of the place
schädenfreude: and we followed
schädenfreude: but then the chinkychongs in the shop all damn blur
schädenfreude: ;\

bahs, too many to paste. fuck you dumbwits in renoma sunway. weve got enough money to pay your salary for months so dont fcking be rude please. with that, i end my super-draggy entry. take cares. gonna try baking some new recipe today.

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July 25, 2005

doubt means dont

hur. my insomnia's getting on my nerves i tell you. im at my wit's end on methods to use to help me sleep. no sleeping pills for me though. i think i need to get drunk to be able to sleep. haha. but the thing is, ive made up some simple rules for myself. no more drinking, no more supper, drink more water and no sugar in coffees i make myself. i need to lose all the extra pounds, you see. which is pretty effective but this is probably because im sick and ive pretty much lost my appetite to eat. ive just weighed myself and i lost 2.5 kg in just one week. madness rite? ive sinned once though, i had supper thanks to sandy for dragging us to this heavily-decorated-with-lanterns-which-she-thought-was-for-sale restaurant at 1am right after one super-ass-numbing-long mamak session. >.> and ever since then, ive been gettin really bad tummy aches. see? punishment for breaking my own rule.

oh, been getting shit loads of nonsensical nightmares lately. here is one example that has occured this morning. i dreamt my kaypoh aunts were questioning me about this site. i was damn clueless and i went like, "huh, how do you know about tickleme.net?". "hooo, think you're so smart eh. well, guess what? it's out in the papers!", replied one of my aunts as she chucked the newspaper with a screenshot of my site onto the table infront of me. i remember squinting my eyes hard trying to read what it said but i guess i was physically so tired i just didnt bother reading. the article consist of many other screenshots and write ups on various other blogs and mine was just a small one, probably to fill up the extra columns. huaaaa, that IS a nightmare, okay. i know some relatives of mine are aware of my site but woa, to have been interrogated by WHAT WERE MY REAL INTENTIONS FOR GOING TO IKEA and stuffs were crap la. that was what happened in the nightmare. the nightmare continued for two hours with other weird ass stuffs before i got up and decided to stop trying to sleep, already. this, is what happens daily. this is how i battle myself to get some sleep. it sucks.

oo, yea, just recalled some snippets of conversations ive had for the past few days.

becks: eh max, you know ronnie has met abe and him. him you know.
ronnieTHEperempuan: eh, i did not meet him la. i just bummmped into him (and boy was he stressing on the BUMPED).
max: woaa, you did? how?
ronnieTHEperempuan: at gym la. by coincidence and i recognised him.
becks: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.....
*and i proceeded to cringing my face so hard i swear my whiteheads were popping out of my pores*
ronnieTHEperempuan: oh now you go ewwww all la.. last time ...
*ronnie did some funny facial expressions to emphasize on how i was mad over that someone once*
becks: please, it was a mistake. i was blinded.
ronnieTHEperempuan: yeaaa rite....
becks: eewwwwwwwwwwww.................

becks: terence, you're brilliant! doubt means dont! doubt means dont!
*and i continued chanting that new found mantra terence and i quoted from oprah* (yes, i ACCIDENTALLY watched oprah. sue me)
terence: hehe, i was just quoting from her la.
becks: terence, you're sooo brilliant. i dont care if you dont love me... but i love you!
terence: aww.... you know you'll always be loved
becks: by you?
terence: yes, by me.

my god, it feels soooo goood to know that ive got such a great friend and friends too, of course. *hugs* there are shitloads of other interesting snippets but im too lazy to type it all out. heck, im even too lazy to try and get some sleep. remember kids, doubt is your best friend! tata you all.

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July 22, 2005

the unattainable desire

funny isnt it how we human always set goals that are so unattainable. in this case, im refering to choosing our partners.

no, this entry isnt entirely about me but about everyone that i know who is having a hard time in this thing called love. im just speaking in general and it's just a thought so dont shoot me if im wrong here. ive never been in love but that's probably because ive not met the right one. being in many relationships does not make you an expert in love either. ive been in many alright but yet till today, i can tell you i do not know how to define love and will probably never know how love feels just yet.

we girls tend to fall for mr. hardtoget. sometimes we achieve these goals, sometimes we dont. and when we do, we know we'll end up being hurt in the end but no, we still choose to follow this path. this reminds me of a quote from ed, that goes something like this,

"you fall for the bad boys not because they're dangerous, but because you know how things will end"

how true. how so very true. i usually tell people it's because of the challenges it gives you. yes, that's partly it but if anything fails, you have EXPECTED it to happen. then you'll start comforting yourself and say, "hey, you've foreseen this. what's there to sulk and cry about". you then move on and meet another "bad" guy, or someone unachievable and the cycle just keeps repeating.

one more thing that has left me marveling is, why do we always always get those we dont want, and not the ones we want? how ironic, isnt it. when you want something so badly, it's never yours. when you let it go or dont want that something, it's dying for you (im using it here so its easier for me instead of typing he/she and it could also be refering to an object). i guess we all love some sort of attention, eh? and when it stops coming, we are willing to even go down on ours knees and beg for it. i hope im making sense. not feeling too good and im feeling really sorry for this dear friend of mine. i love you, babes, so much. always remember, if all fails, im here for you. *hugs* gtg make a phonecall now. im not good with expressing myself with words (or anything else, for that matter) but i sure hope ive made my point across.

currently listening to: frank sinatra - strangers in the night

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July 19, 2005

becks visits ikea

(/edited) @ 10:33pm, july 20 2005

okay, the piccies ive promised you. not feeling well, inside out. t.cares peeps. ;(


becky must be really sick. she's blogging again! *wiggles booty* urgh, yea, im still sick. my throat's killing me and my cough's not showing any mercy either. *pouts* went to ikea today *hoorays* just to get my cocktail mixer but oh well, knowing myself, i ended up buying other stuffs. a long-ass storage bag and the most chunnest straws ever. thank god yeeng stopped me from buying others especially the candles because it's definitely going to kill my wallet. im on tight budget now, you see.

iskii makes like the most entertaining shopping company ever EVER ever. you should see him layaning himself with the chairs and sofas. he was gliding and sorta drifting in executive chairs and what nots. if only cams were allowed in ikea. i swear youre missing out a lot! i cant wait to move into my own place. ive got shit loads of funky ideas on how to deco my future place already. hiaks. another couple more years to go. *pouts*

you know peeps. im heartbroken. ;(. im serious. i was busy playing with the maltese and poodle at animal safari, ikano, and it made me realise how much i miss having a dog. most of you would know how much i love dogs. so much, i used to have 13 dogs at once. ;(. dogs are like a woman's best friend. to me, at least. yea sure a majority of us love diamonds, flowers and all that but doggies top my list. ;( no serious, it's really sad to know i cant have any in my current place. *sighs* ;(

*stretches herself* im going to bed early today. no, not early morning. early. before midnight. soon. yes, i realise it's not april's fool. no, i didnt knock my head on the wall. i need to get up at 6am to send my mom to sjmc for further check ups. her check up was due on march but she thought it was july and went last week and the doc said her breast was hard again. this pisses me off. she sure dunno how to take care of herself. i seriously hope its nothing serious. *prays* thanks yeeng for the flowers and strawberries. *mwahs* time to go. posting pix up later. niteys.

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July 18, 2005

becks is not an alcoholic okay?

"beckyyy!!!! what do you want for your birthday?"

"err.. you?"

"no, serious la. what do you want?"

"i want you to come with an empty stomach la and your extra clothes + toothpaste + toothbrush etc."

"hur. oiks. okie, ho ho ho, i know what you want liaos!"

"um, what? bf ke? WOAAA YOU BRINGING ME BF. *YUMS*"

"haha no la. even better"

"woaaa... whats?"



i think ive repeated that conversation with many many many people already. lol. seriously guys, bring yourselves and your bags. i dont promise you if you will be drinking till you're freaking drunk or you'll get laid though. X"D and i hope i havent been giving you guys an impression that i drink a lot? *blinks blinks innocent eyes*

(/edited) @ 9:15pm by maxine
Don't kid youself becky...you areeee ..you areeeee

and omg, i duno what's up with me and iskii but i sorta spoke in rhymes yesterday.

"iskii, my thumb is numb"

*iskii burst out laughing cos i was speaking in rhymes*

"okay la, i wont speak in rhymes, next time"

*continues laughing*

*iskii checks my thumb and then asked me how was it again*

"it's fine, this thumb of mine".


and i was just about to send him a text msg since i just got back from the dentist.

"my gum is numb!"

but i guess i better not do so since i told him to stop the whole rhyming conversation though it was obvious that i was the only one layaning myself. yes, i am the lame yang teramat lame. i cant help it okay.

im super sick now so here you go, a short entry. having a bad cold, torturous coughings, monstrous sore throat, excruciating stomach aches and agonizing headaches/slight fever. ho ho ho. i am the ultimate drama queen now, arent i? im going to try to be nice to my blog and post more entries. do leave comments when necessary. thanks for visiting, peeps. *cuddles cuddles* pray that i'll be fine by tomorrow because i need to shop at ikea for stuffs. it's time to say bye, before i die. adios, you mofos. (again, lameness!). -.-

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July 16, 2005

a whole lot of randomness

(/edited) @ 6:17pm

this is the ultimate joker!


yes, yes, im pretty aware of the time. 7:30am. another 30 mins before my usual bedtime. funny though, im still very much wide awake. i wont be rambling much tonite today because nobody reads, it seems. people just come here for the pictures. sweet confession, indeed. but i dont really have much to say anyway (and that's probably because i update my other journals/guestblogs like every half an hour). so there you go, nites you peeps. oh wait, ive seen the sun rise so yea, morning you peeps. enjoy the pix. woa, that rhymes! and seriously, enough of my burnt boobs already.

p/s: a reminder to myself, to meet up with sharon, i-lynn, jason russia, sheau xian + christine, jeng yean, dion + sara and kris asap before they fly back to where ever they're suppose to go.

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July 14, 2005

The Resurrection


Just blogging to say that the tickle-me girls are all still alive and kicking(although I haven't really heard from Yeeng recently) but I do know that Becky is very much alive and very much kicking since all she ever does now is bake/cook/clean/scrub. Her fantastic cooking achievements include durian cake, raspberry jam and cream layer cake, choc raspberry cake and curry puffs. So if you guys need a housewife material girlfriend or you guys just need someone to help out at home, you know who to call! Oh, and orders for the cakes mentioned above, can be ordered through her private secretary at maxineajs@gmail.com .

We've all been pretty busy lately, or rather "lazy" to blog. Well, actually there's always things that we all always wanna blog about , but then again, there's always a limit to what we can say. You know, in case .. whoever reads it but, yeah! So actually, loads of things may have happened or is happening, but I guess some of them we're just keep it to ourselves. Unless you're close and dear to us, then you get the priviledge honour of knowing. :) Bottom line, on my part, I can say that clearly there's loads of bitches around and there's nothing we can do about it. And some ppl may even refer me as one, but then again, who cares? The more bitches, the merrier. Right?

The Mamak Gang or the MGs as some of us call it is trying to find a new name, since some of them think that it sounds a bit weird/rude/funny being called Mamak Gang. But heck , I like it and we're all pretty much adjusted to the name. So anyway, we're open-ed for suggestions for a new name. So send your suggestions rolling, if there is any.

Loads of love and kisses and hugs from the 3 of us to all of youuuuu reading this!

P/S - I know the blog title doesn't suit the entry at all but I can't think of any blog titles and Becky suggested this, so if the title sucks, blame it on her! not me :)

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July 07, 2005

becky's virgin cake

i was gonna post up a few funny smses ive been sending to ppl lately esp the ones to iskii and ronnieTHEperempuan but then i just got damn lazy. ive been busy PRACTISING good housewife skills okay. i know it's abit cuckoo of me but im kinda like planning for my bday already. im a freak who likes to plan things ahead, i guess. soon, i'll be planning for xmas, i tell you. the biggest prob i was facing was finding the RIGHT cake. i actually ran around pj - oug - sri petaling and to many other various independent cakehouses and somehow, i still havent found the one! no, the party (more like a gathering as im not much of a party person) isnt going to be big. gathering of close ones and people whom im dying to see. so ronnie, you better get your FCKING ass there. and no, for god's sake, ronnie isnt a gal la. *smacks forehead* i actually had people, esp terence asking me, "eh? ronnie's a guy?!!! all this while i thought he was a chick". haha. ronnie, arent you flattered some thought you were ONE OF US? O__o

alrite, about the POLISHING my housewife skills, well, ive been baking helluva alot lately and not mentioning, cooking dishes. who would've thought, becky can cook *glares at jimbo who just couldnt cover his surprise* well, not up to perfection yet, but i'll get there soon. bumming for two months sure as hell have changed me. not only am i now a regular at the stove, but it seems im covered in a lot of pink! for someone who once couldnt stand the sight of pink, my wardrobe's covered with shit loads of pink bags, jewelleries & accessories, tops, skirts, lingeries, shoes, make ups (yea, i used to hate make up and now i have frigging shit loads of it cos it keeps coming in as my mom gets free make ups all the time and it usually comes in pinky shades), and erm... watches? ive just won myself a casio baby g and youve guessed it right, it's frigging pink. and to think that i actually do NOT mind it at all. fck, i too, have been converted into the religion of pinkism. *covers face in shame*

shit loads of pix to post up, i know. im sorry if i didnt meet the deadlines for some of you. check http://tickleme.multiply.com/photos often for new albums, okay. damn multiply limits to only 150 pix a month so i guess unless i can find a good host for my galleries (since the one of my own has been down for months and nobody seems to care about it). and i get constant feedbacks on how my images posted here should be bigger. unless you can provide me with shit loads of bandwidth, pls dont complain? for the bigger pix, hop to my multiply albums then. ive designed about seven new layouts for tickle-me.net but ive self rejected all of them. ive lost my capabilities to be able to mix and match colors and designing skills (not that ive got much of it back then but slightly better, aye?). nites. im rambling too much. going back to watching desperate housewives and kingdom hospital. oh, juice mag gave me free tix to starlight cinema (which i think they did to everyone else too) but im too darn lazy to go. anyone wants the tix? got a couple with yujin still. nites.

p/s: i fcking diss pretentious people. i seriously do. tsk. and something irrelevant; mind you peeps, 'i love you' are three very SACRED words. pls stop saying it to everyone who walks pass you. i actually feel CHEATED, okay. and and and oh, another non-related thingy, happy belated birthday dried prune! *muacks*

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July 01, 2005

my one and only 21st birthday party

wow, time really flies. i am already 21! well, at least now i can go in casino legally :D haha. classes will be starting next week. there goes my two weeks holidays. at first i thought of blogging after i came back from PD but alot of people are waiting for becky to post the photos up and she will only post them after i blogged. so i guess this will be a short entry. i will post the PD photos after i came back from PD :D:D

i had my very first birthday party yesterday night *phew* although i was very tired but i am glad everything turned out fine. really wanna say thank you to those who turned up yesterday night :D but i felt kinda bad because i didnt have the time to talk to everyone and also because everyone spent so much on my presents. sorry and thank you >.< this party wouldn't have worked out the way it did if not for my family members' help and support. THANK YOU!

ALL the presents that i received are FANTASTIC! it's as if all my friends could read my mind and bought me the things that i wanted to buy -.-'' the list is freakingly long. there you go :D

1. a set of body shop products
2. an elle watch
3. an elle purse
4. an esprit bag (pouch?)
5. a roxy bag
6. a mng top
7. a sweet top with butterfly (whee)
8. a bracelet and 2 anklets
9. a pair of earrings and necklace (one set)
10. a very unique necklace :D
11. a night sky projection kit
12. bunga matahari
13. perfume and mascara
14. a jewelry box
15. a mug
16. meaningful and specially handmade cards (i almost cried reading them)
17. angpows
18. countless sms-es and phone calls

p/s : somehow i have a feeling becky is going to strangle me when she reads this entry. sorry sayang >.< hehe ^^ thank you so much for helping out yesterday. not forgetting joanne also :D oh yeah and also ian..thank you so much for goreng-ing the cocktails for me :D

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