June 27, 2005

when being open becomes disturbing

one of the worst things about having a mom that's open about almost everything is to her blabbing too much on things you shouldnt know. yeah, it sounds cool if you could have a mom that you could discuss about almost everything under the sun but there will always be the pros and cons, like everything else. the one topic moms should keep away from discussing with their daughters and nieces will be their sex life with your dad. i just find it gross. mom, please keep it to yourself. it's just down right gross. it made iskii squirm when i told him and terence almost fainted. although she just briefly told us, i swear if the car wasnt moving fast, i wouldve got out of it. below's a snippet of our conversation about my 21st bday plan and the conversation we had in the car.

♀ schädenfreude ♀ says: my mom asked if there will be alot of free sex and mass orgy or not
♀ schädenfreude ♀ says: i was like, dun think so kua. nobody i see that i wanna sleep with also
٭ Mr. Terence @ Fatboi ٭ says: ahahhahha
٭ Mr. Terence @ Fatboi ٭ says: free sex and mass orgy
٭ Mr. Terence @ Fatboi ٭ says: ahaahahhahahhahahha
٭ Mr. Terence @ Fatboi ٭ says: damn j0ker la ur mom
٭ Mr. Terence @ Fatboi ٭ says: HAhHhahahah
♀ schädenfreude ♀ says: yea and she was telling me and my cousins how my dad perform in bed
♀ schädenfreude ♀ says: says he's not bad for a chinese
♀ schädenfreude ♀ says: i was like WTF, PLEASE LET ME OUT OF THE CARRRRR
♀ schädenfreude ♀ says: :"\
♀ schädenfreude ♀ says: too bad my cousin was vrooming too cepat. if ada chance, sure lompat out of the car edi.
٭ Mr. Terence @ Fatboi ٭ says: SERIOUS
٭ Mr. Terence @ Fatboi ٭ says: >.<
♀ schädenfreude ♀ says: gross. i told iskii he also geli :"\
٭ Mr. Terence @ Fatboi ٭ says: yahla
٭ Mr. Terence @ Fatboi ٭ says: sila tukar topic
٭ Mr. Terence @ Fatboi ٭ says: tima kaseh
♀ schädenfreude ♀ says: hAHaHaHahAHaHahaHaahAHahAHAHAhaHaa
♀ schädenfreude ♀ says: my mommmm laaaaaaaaaaaaa
٭ Mr. Terence @ Fatboi ٭ says: >.<
♀ schädenfreude ♀ says: she says she's cool with premarital sex. just dont come back pregnant
♀ schädenfreude ♀ says: but if dah pregnant, then she kenot do anything lor. still accept
٭ Mr. Terence @ Fatboi ٭ says: WAH
٭ Mr. Terence @ Fatboi ٭ says: DAH ADA LESEN LA TU
♀ schädenfreude ♀ says: then she say she sokong it all. she regretted not practising it dulu and stuffs like that
٭ Mr. Terence @ Fatboi ٭ says: well at least u wont kena cincang
٭ Mr. Terence @ Fatboi ٭ says: keke
♀ schädenfreude ♀ says: i was like OMGGGGGGGG IM NOT HEARING THIS RITE
♀ schädenfreude ♀ says: then all my cousins were like "woaaa, you're so cool. damn revolutionary man"
♀ schädenfreude ♀ says: im giving my mom up for adoption. :"\

now with that mom, i hold this as a proof to your APPROVAL and i shall let my cousins be witnesses. *nods sagely* and, thank you in advance to my cousins who reads this site for not spreading the word. anyways, i just got back from singapore late last nite. i would say it was overall, a good trip. annoying relatives are unavoidable and there were lotsa dramas but i'll just close one eye and say it was a good trip despite how much ive sinned to myself for gorging non stop. on the wedding day itself, one of my aunt lost the expensive orchids (tried googling the name but i didnt get it. hrmphs) for the cake decoration and it was a rush cos we had to hide about it from my aunt and then go search for replacements but it seems to get that particular orchid, you need to order months ahead. well, we were late for the wedding since the driver for the wedding car was in the orchid search as well and we sped and became heroes along the roads of singapore. yeay. *vrooms* the flowers on the main wedding car started flying all over and by the time we reached raffles country club, the flowers were all out of place and it was drizzling and all. it was suppose to be a wedding by the balcony over looking the beautiful scenery and im glad, it happened although it was abit wet. well, yea, i thought it was definitely a wedding to remember. there were alot of other lil dramas here and there but im too lazy to elaborate. cheers to aunt carol. she's finally married. sorry terence and the rest of the mamak gang who are so into her. she's officially taken. *listens to the sighs of disappointments*

apart from that, i was at Street Shoot Out: 2.5 event last week at the carpark of one utama. after attending it, i am now converting myself into a drift fan. it was absofuckinglutely fucktastically orgasmic, i tell you. to get the videos, click here. you can see iskii too! hahaha. damn luck wasnt on iskii's side though cos he was num 17 and missed the qualifying 16 just by one spot. *hugs* you'll do better the next time. anybody wants to go with me to defying grip II challenge instead? hiaks. i'll be posting pix real soon, i hope. that event was mad. filled with kiddoes, dying to see the casts of initial d. it was like a carnival for kids but im glad they all went home right after the appearance of the cars. THANK GOD cos it was the best bit and i definitely wouldnt have enjoyed it if it was infested with lil children who are yet to reach puberty chomping on candy floss, screaming for their mommies as they loiter around. met like half of the world there as well. awesome. anyway, ive got five albums due now. alrite, bitch later. back to editing pix. nites.

p/s: took the Which Malaysian Blogger Are You? quiz and i got kenny. O___o

(/edited) @ 4:41am, 28.06.05

because i love you all, im posting up pix from the sso event. there goes my bandwidth. feast your eyes. piccies are horribly tiny because there were too many. complete album will be up @ tickleme.multiply.com. nites. schweeping suddenly sounds so good.


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June 20, 2005

bad vs good

hai. ive got some good and bad news. let's begin with the bad ones first, aye? it seems someone tried to break into my house earlier this morning, around 3-ish. i wasnt sure how many were there because i was in my room reading when it happened. my bro had just returned from a football match and he didnt padlock the grill but just the grill. our main door wasnt lock too. i guess we always take for granted that by living in a condo, it's safe to even leave everything open (as i usually do it). well, it seems that my bro heard someone shaking our grills and there were lotsa other stuffs going on outside. i guess his balls must've shrank when he heard it (i would usually be out in the hall around that time too but i thought i'd try and go to bed early yesterday). i didnt really hear the whole story but yea, i think he must've approached our main door and the dude (or dudes) must've heard him and they scrambled towards the emergency exit and disappeared. im not sure if THEY WERE TRYING TO BREAK IN or was just planning to steal shoes but it's kinda dumb of them to make so much noise and shake the grills if they've just intended to steal shoes, rite? i'm no pro at stealing but i sure as hell know how to steal shoes with minimum disturbances. now that's what i'd call, kebodohan ultimate, which means, ultimate stupidity.

it's a freaky thingy alrite cos the last time my house got broken in was in kota kinabalu, sabah. we lost shit loads of jewelleries, cash and they even took our car but the police found it by noon. that semi-d we lived in was the most beautiful place we've ever lived in. peaceful, quiet, huge ass garden and we even had this beautiful rock garden and all (i have no intentions of bragging mmkay but land in sabah were dirt cheap so EVERYTHING's possible) but damnits, maybe that's why the robbers decided to break into our house. to make things easier, it was a corner lot that was beside this small hill and behind were just abandoned lands with weeds that were taller than human beings. we even had our own big ass water tank at the back. it's cool but after that incident, we kinda got freaked out. luckily my dad got a promotion not too long later and we had to move to penang (and that's when i met maxine and the rest of the cpt-arians!).

you know, the weird thing was, my granny came over to visit us that time and being old and all, she had to go for her pees once in a while during midnight. me, being a light sleeper since i was a kid, got up as well and accompanied her to the bathroom. according to the police, the robbers must've came in around 3-4isham. i remember hanging out at my 2nd hall upstairs because i couldnt sleep (i was only nine that time but ive always been nocturnal since then) sleep back and it was around 3-4ish am! we didnt hear anything, man and the next thing we know, it was around 6am-ish and there was a commotion downstairs. i ran downstairs and the policemen were already there to check on our place. my mom broke the news to me and i ran to my piggybank (which was downstairs) and those smartass robbers weren't interested in it i guess. it was safe but my dad's wedding ring and all of that shinits were gone cos we place it in this locker/cabinet downstairs. the lucky thingy was they didnt go upstairs or else, we could've been in deeper danger.

my granny and i felt odd cos we didnt hear a single thing when the robbers came in and i think it was one of the policemen that told us, "mereka mungkin telah memukau rumah ni. sebab itu tak dapat dengar apa-apa", which is, "they've probably charmed this house. maybe that's why you couldnt hear anything". you see, in sabah, it's famous for black magic and all that shinits. ive heard of my dad's friend's places that had robbers shitting all over the house after robbing it because it lets them "rob" safely. craps like that. but well, yea, that was bad news number one. nothing was stolen of course but imagine if it was me returning late as always and i was outside when they were trying to break in. that'll be freaky, aye? so guys, no more going out late at night for me unless you guys are willing to walk me up to my place like how dan and some of my other gentlemen friends would do. hehe.

bad news num two, ive lost one of my extra 16mb xd-picture memory card for my fuji cam. i know it's only 16mb but hey, it could save our lives whenever my 64mb card decides to be fucked up (like how it was for the past two weeks). called duta vista cos i was there for the weekend but the housekeeping dept said they didnt find anything. anyways, since i thought my cammy was gone and was resting in peace after serving me 24/7 for close to two years, i got myself another baby. ho ho ho. man, ive got to stop collecting "babies". this time, it's an olympus. a FE5500. it's slim, 5.0mp and the best is, ive managed to bargained it for rm950 + a free 128mb xd-picture card! i rock, baby, i rock. but yea, the bill's going to kill me. my dad paid for me first since im cashless now. but yeay, im in love again! one thing slack was there was this tvb8 anti drugs concert going on and the jam was horrendous. took us like forever to get to bukit bintang. damn. but i caught a glimpse of zhou chuan xiong, hacken lee and etc. not like im a fan of them but it's kinda cool.

good news number two: i'm going to singapore this weekend! yeay! bought my tix yest after a tiring battle of bargaining. taking the bus down cos the air asia flights will cost me much more and it'll take a longer duration according to most of my friends. their rm9.90/19.99 promos does not include lotsa shits and im so use to travelling on road anyways. im sure those of you who have been following my blogs knows i travel alot (locally) and i usually do it alone. it's fun though you're sure to get a numb ass after such a long journey. i would SERIOUSLY prefer to spend my money on a trip to redang since everyone's raving about it's beauty. dan and fon will be leaving later today. enjoy guys. i rather NOT throw a 21st birthday celebration and go to redang with the money but no one's able to accompany me. i'd love to go there alone but my parents will kill me. *sighs* anybody wanna go redang with me? it's only rm248, 3d2n, everything's inclusive and according to dan, there's free flow of food whole day long. *YUMMY*

i'd love to post piccies but being the dingbat i am, i cant seem to locate my newly uploaded piccies and the weird thing is, my "search" cant seem to locate them as well. i guess i'll post later when i find it. i'll try to post piccies from jolynegmama's party too when i can get hold of the piccies we took that nite. and also, I NEED A JOB!!!!. any temp/part-time/freelance jobs available, pls leave a comment? domo. byes peep. wish me a safe trip and all *holds an imaginary pepper spray*. adios.

p/s: crap, thanks to my bad cold, i lost my nose stud. :"X i was blowing my nose and i guess i must've accidentally scratched my nose ring out. *sighs* damn them bad luck! but thanks bii for the pouch from bangkok and alfie for the little red book from china!

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June 14, 2005

a trip to hell, earth and then to heaven

i so wanna update earlier but i dont have any piccies with me as my cam officially died while i was in m'cca. my m'cca trip was hell (as always). i wish i could do all the bitchings here but i cant for obvious reasons. my relatives check this site out so yea, gotta hush hush. anyways, i seriously tried putting my ego and temper aside during my m'cca trip and i was SERIOUSLY giving in to almost everything but my relatives will always be themselves. this trip was slightly better than the ones ive had all my life but it was still a sore . i think im a syngenesophobia, fear of relatives. luckily i had iskii to run and complain to. thanks bii, *muacks*. and ronnietheperempuan to layan my ultimate boredom. was there from wed to sunday early morning. boy was i glad to be back to earth. and i was almost sent to heaven at jolyne's surprisewelcomehomecumbelated21stbirthday thrown by wai soon.

it was okay until the drinking gone abit wild and we were then shoo-ed away from the hotel by 11:45pm. it seems wai soon got fined too for throwing a party in a suite. that shucks. piccies will be posted once i get them from iso and alfie,mrimasoldierfromsingapore. haha. alfie was in town on a business trip and we met up like old times and brought him to jolynegmama's party. he was tipsy after having to do a bottomsup on an almost neat glass of black label. he sure was hilarious especially when how he was introducing himself as the soldier from singapore, and how he told he was a vegan but had kfc and pizzas for dinner and also how he went around reminding everyone he lives in townsville just in case i too, was too drunk to remember. and it was nice meeting david, jin, sara and another few others whom i dont have their links. and diondriedprune, we finally got to hung out longer than 5 mins! thanks ian for being a gentleman that nite and drank on my behalf. X"D~

and hooray, i finally got to watch madagascar yest with iskii. i giggled throughout the movie but was kinda disappointed with it because everything was so predictable and yea, i guess i was kinda analyzing it throughout the entire movie BECAUSE i was trained to do so throughout the whole semester. shucks. no piccies, cammie died. i need a new cam but i dunno what to get. feels so lonely without cammie. life's so meaningless without me having anything to snap with (except for my camera phone which is out of memory btw). i need a cam i need a cam i need a cam *whines*. i need to collect piccies from few diff peeps, IF i can get hold of them. alrites, i'll post some old overdued piccies from ray's bday.

alrites, gonna finish watching the kingdom hospital series by stephen king and then get some sleep. my wisdom tooth's coming out and it frigging hurts *cries* . i hope i dun have to be like fon, having to eat porridge for one whole week. *sighs* and oh, flipped through juice mag and coincidentally saw me, yeeng and geraldsugarpiehoneybunch in it. lol. and and, happy 23rd birthday sandy! adios.

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June 05, 2005

losing my virginity

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHHAHAA. oh sorry, excuse me for not having any manners but ... HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. whoops, im sorry... but... HAHAHAHA. ive just lost my virginity yesterday, baby! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. my virginity of getting totally wasted, that is. what were you thinking? sorry, i think im still having a lil bit of yesterday's effect on me. i cant remember much but thanks to some of my friends, they've updated me on what ive done yesterday at bar savanh. read sandy's version for a super short summary.

this morning, i got up with a hangover and went to shower only to realise my breast has got burnt marks. i couldnt remember much but if im not mistaken, i couldnt even hold the ciggie properly on my mouth and according to terence, the ciggie dropped into my bra and i guess that explains how i got the burnt marks. i remember it dropping on my skirt too. *sighs* now my left breast's scarred and blistered! i was supposed to be in astro studio one for some malaysian music industry show to support kuach and his band, frequency cannon but by the time i got up, i was already two hours late. sorry, uncle kuach.

anyway, back to my story. terence told me i broke a chair and a table. and then i was shivering like some drug addict, it seems. i also kept squeezing his nipples and banging tables. sandy said i kept losing my heels and i was looking at my watch but i couldnt see anything. lol. i lost my pottu btw. the sticker on my forehead. *sighs* im yet to hear from others. here are some logs.

Terence says: u were like.. "shit, i'm shivering, i need smoke.. I NEED SMOKE"
Terence says: macam drug addict
schädenfreude says: eh yea hor
schädenfreude says: i rememebr myself shivering
Terence says: Yah
Terence says: and i was beside u, "eh, betul ker becky ni, macam going into a fit jer... *takuts"


Terence says: hahahha
Terence says: no la, all i can do is sit there make sure u tak jatuh off the chair lor
schädenfreude says: yea. i know gerald was supporting my head
schädenfreude says: somehow i keep sliding off
schädenfreude says: :"X
Terence says: haha yea
Willar says: it was all hard work and sweat last night lol


Terence says: i'm not sure, if that was the time, u wanna squeeze my nipple
Terence says: siap boleh tanya
schädenfreude says: HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA
Terence says: "can i? *hands action* can i *hands action*"
schädenfreude says: DID I?!!
schädenfreude says: omg
Terence says: YES
Terence says: ahhaah


Becky : eh, where are my heels? (as i sat on the couch)
*sandy goes around looking for my heels*
Sandy : nah, here here.
Becky : where?!!!!!!!
Sandy : here la here!
*sandy points below*
Becky : WHEREEEE?!!!!!!!!!!
*sandy pointed my toes to my heels and i struggled to put it on*


Becky : eh, so what's the time now?
*sandy looks at her watch*
Becky : eh, nvm. ive got my watch.
*struggles to look at the watch and keeps staring at it*
Becky : err ... what time is it?
*hands over my wrist to sandy*
Sandy : hahaha. it's 1.30am!
Becky : HahAhahaHaHAhahaaa.....
... and with that, guys, marks the time i was sent to heaven .


i'd like to express my biggest gratitude to that amazing long lost irc ah kor of mine who gave us the bestest best best bestest VIP treatment ever. thanks also to the guys who were there with me yesterday who has helped me tremendously especially to garick who helped brought me to the washroom to puke and for all the carrying together with ian and for all the awful lime juice. thank you terence sayangness for constantly letting me pao your ciggies and the same goes to joshua and geraldhoneypieyummyyums who taught me how to roll my own ciggies and for the unlimited supply of it. thanks to ian too for the transportation. thank you sandy for constantly helping me find my heels and for taking drunk pictures of me. thank you gunnar for enlightening me on guys although i think i snapped at you. actually, i think i snapped at everyone. sorry, my bad. thank you to geraldhoneypieyummyyums, iso and ian for helping me search for my camera when i thought it was stolen. last nite was amazing so i guess i make not bad an organiser myself though i lack the patience of people who are not punctual. you know, the funny thing about last nite, despite all the big mess and embarassment ive done to myself, i was only concern about one thing. my mascara. i went, "fuck fuck fuck. my mascara smeared!". haha. yea, that's about it. anyway, below are some pix of yest. i need schweep. btw, i might be getting my braces soon. whatdya think? *chuckles*

oh, i was busy on friday nite too meeting friends and all. im on my two months break now, you see. i actually wrote down the list of people i met and spoke too but my entry's already long enough. haha. abe now calls me a 9-ball hustler cos i accidentally, YES, i mean ACCIDENTALLY, keep kicking his and fon's ass. jan ee, you should've stayed longer la. ish. below are some pix of me, abe and fon as well as the jap dinner i had with my classmates. pix from other events, i'll put on hold first yea. dont want to kill my bandwidth again.

p/s: to my bii, *muacks* *meow* *purrs*. haha.

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June 04, 2005

Musical Baton and such...


I got scolding from the big boss , well not yet, but I know she will if I don't do this. so , a huge shout out to Becky poooooooooo <3 <3 <3 , hope you're feeling much better. No matter what, I'm here for you. *Muaks muaks* cheesy, I know. :P

*dah habis di-edit*

And so after being tagged twice by Isobel and Sara , and Becky poo being tagged 7 times or so , I'm gonna do the musical bacon , ..woops.. baton. :)

Total volume of music files on my computer: I don't remember since all my music files are in my own pc back in Cyberjaya.

The last CD I bought: Frankie J's latest album

Song playing right now: None. My pc here has no sound card. ROFL..

Five songs I listen to a lot and i really mean a lot!

(i) Dilemma - Nelly & Kelly : this song just puts me in a very nostalgic mood. Brings back memories of Malacca.

(ii) Signs - Snoop Dogg feat. Justin Timberlake : no matter what, this song puts me in a very very good mood. <3

(iii) Superwoman - Karyn White : it's such a nice song, the lyrics and all.

(iv) You & Me - Lifehouse : for personal reasons! :)

(v) Story of My Life - Frankie J : beautiful song.

Five people to whom I’m passing the baton:

Bernard Loke, my husband
Daniel Goh
Tin Kit

ahhh, make it Six people!

Sandy - you're tagged too!

So there, it's done! I've got nothing else to say so Becky will re-edit this post and blog and post pictures of her very happening weekend out while I'm stuck in Penang dead bored counting my fingers and my toes, well not literally.. but yeah, you get my point.

Oh, and a few shout outs :

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY to Wooi Min on the 10th, Sandy on the 14th
& Li Shih on the 21st and Yeeng yang amat disayangi on the 29th. Phew, loads of June babies.

Good luck to Yeeng, TJ & Sherry for your final exams. Muahhh..

And to , Terence <3 , Ian & Ivan , all the best and happy starting new jobs! Loads of <3 from the 3 of us. :)

Lishih's throwing a bbq party tonight, sooo wheee I'm off to that tonight. Finally, out of the house!

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