March 01, 2009

i lost my faith in... sassorosso.

I had lost my faith
Long ago...
I had lost my faith long ago
I.....had lost my faith
Long ago...
...(in sassorosso)

it was ALMOST perfect but it wasn't. instead, we went home feeling slightly duped. ive raved about how good and impressive sassorosso was for months, ever since during my last trip there for a shoot and decided to bring my bii for our 3rd [v]day celebration dinner. yes, we celebrated for three weeks. three dinners = approx rm1k. but that's not the point.

it was raining heavily and we were late for our reservation for two, by the window seats, at sassorosso. and then when we reached the place, we realised there were no umbrellas in the car. so we ran from the car to the restaurant and was sat in a corner, just like how i requested.

the food was excellent. especially the starters. i specifically asked if the pastas on the menu could be made into starter portions. the waiter said i could. and so i ordered duck ravioli, starter portion while isky had the tuna carpaccio that i highly recommended. we continued with our main course (lamb shank for me, as usual & surprisingly, more tuna for iskii). iskii is not a fish person, just like me, but the tuna there was awesome. unfortunately, we had to cut the dinner short seeing we were late for another appointment at anna's place.

we hurried with our dessert, more wines and coffee and asked for the bill. to my surprise, i was awed at the price of the house wine & how i was charged a full price for my starter portion duck ravioli. i've been to so many restaurants and has never seen house wines priced at such a high price but that, i was willing to pay, because it was good wine anyway. what i find completely ridiculous was that they charged me A FULL MAIN COURSE PRICE for a starter portion pasta. when i politely asked the waiter if there was a mistake in the bill, he replied, "oh, we charge the same price for it. the only difference is we only give two raviolis in your starter portion, while if you order it as a main course, we'll give you three." DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE TO YOU? it doesn't to me. it got me and iskii both puzzled. the waiter smiled. i thought that was utter nonsense but since we were both running late for our other appointment, we tipped and left. mind you, i wouldn't make a fuss if the full price for it was a small amount but unfortunately, it wasn't.

anyway, despite the food being good (although my lamb shank was a slight let down, with its meat being really dry but i must credit them for the very orgasmic mashed potato that accompanied the shank because that really saved the main), i dont think i will be returning anytime soon.

chef giovanni was very hospitable the last time i was there for shoot, and so was amin (i hope i got his name right) but i guess that night was sort of a slight let down. i have temporarily lost my faith in sassorosso. i don't mind forking out money for food, anytime, because oh god, we all know how much i WORSHIP food. i guess it would've been nice if the waiter could've preempted us that regardless of starter portion or main course, the price was going to be the same. no doubt about it though that sassorosso is a very lovely place, and i would recommend it for couples who would love some privacy in the heart of KL but just bear in mind that if you're gonna order starter portions, the price is the same as main course. i have, as a matter of fact, highlighted this as politely as i could via email to the management via email because i know every f&b outlet would appreciate a feedback like that. for now, i think i'll be sticking to moxie @ plaza damansara.

and anna/rod/remy, thank you for the wonderful education in grease. i have lost my grease virginity to them & those who were there that nite. believe it or not, i don't know their songs! next on the plate? anna's going to educate me on saturday night fever!

Uh well-a well-a well-a huh
Tell me more, tell me more
Was it love at first sight?
Tell me more, tell me more
Did she put up a fight?

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