of neon colors & chunky accessories


the almost thirty years old asian girl.

…accept that we fight alot, we hardly have sex anymore,
but we’d be no where without each other
that way we can spend our lives together,
miserable, but happy not to be apart” – eat, pray, love.

because it’s 2:20 in the morning on a sunday morning, i shall just do a summary of what i’m about in point forms below:

*partially dyslexic (or so i think).
*constantly in lust.
*but am mostly in love.
*loves traveling.
*laughs too much.
*talks too loud.
*gets too hyper.
*drama queen.
*has partial OCD.
*huge animal lover.
*food photography.
*loves learning new languages.
*of mixed burmese, portuguese and malaysian chinese parentage.
*gets intoxicated with piƱa coladas & margaritas.
*but nothing turns me on better than anything porky.
*is not your average girly girl. usually gets treated like one of the boys.
*singing is my passion.
*music heals your soul.
*is completely random.
*feels like a lesbian trapped in a gay’s body.
*”Il dolce far niente“- the sweetness of doing nothing.
*wants to be that one person you think of when you’re grey and old and puts a smile on your face, knowing that it has been great knowing me.


if you need to contact me, please feel free to drop me an email at tickleme[at]gmail[dot]com.

also, plenty of credits go to ultraunix.net for sponsoring the hosting of this site. you guys are awesome. <3

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