Shpock Legal Agreement

Shpock Legal Agreement

Other people are interested in the item and when I sell it to them and the original buyer says from heaven that they come to pay, where am I legal? The minimum duration of the contract is indicated on the website and in the order confirmation (currently 3 months, 6 months or 12 months). After the chosen minimum duration, the package is automatically renewed for additional monthly periods if it is not terminated by e-mail to with a period of 30 days before the expiry of the contract term. If the package is not terminated and is therefore extended for other monthly periods, the cost of the monthly plan may increase. While removing barriers is great for ease of use, it also eliminates certain levels of security when buying and buying. Items are often sold for so little that even if a transaction is legally binding, it would often cost the user more time and perhaps more money than the value of the item. Shpock only offers the framework for users to buy and sell. Contributions to purchase and sale are not legally binding offers from Shpock and Shpock is not a contractor. The contract is concluded between the users of the marketplace and the execution of these contracts is concluded through the Shpock services, but is exclusively between the users. All contracts relating to the use of Shpock+ are concluded on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions. Shpock`s general terms and conditions apply to all cases that are not subsidised by these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. There is no oral or additional written agreement. The conditions are governed by Austrian law, excluding the United Nations right of sale and reference standards (IPR, EVÜ, etc.). The place of jurisdiction in Vienna, Austria, is an exclusive forum.

If a provision of these conditions is or becomes inoperative and/or incomplete, it shall be replaced by the provision closest to its economic impact. If certain provisions of these conditions do not comply with mandatory legislation, this does not affect the other provisions of these General Conditions. The above limitations of liability include claims against employees or representatives of Shpock, as well as Shpock`s licensors and their licensors, or Shpock`s licensees and their licensees. Shpock Services may be subject to an underlying license agreement. The licensor`s liability depends on the license agreement. A sale is legally binding if the seller and buyer agree on the transaction. Each party must accept or confirm the agreement for it to be considered a legal agreement. You have the option to cancel the agreement before the buyer confirms the contract. Is Shpock right? I thought I had an agreement in principle right now? And if they never show up, can I resell it? A free trial period may be granted by Shpock on a voluntary basis and revoked at any time….

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