Ysu Oea Agreement

Ysu Oea Agreement

YOUNGSTOWN – After a dramatic Wednesday and late evening, successful negotiations early Thursday morning, the Youngstown University administration and its faculty union signed an interim agreement Thursday. That disagreement grew last week when a task force on reorganization, chaired by YSU Provost Brien Smith, published an academic turnaround plan. The final step in securing the agreement for the faculty was the presentation of the ratification vote to the YSU Foundation Board at its special session. Directors voted unanimously today in favour of the agreement. Of the 210 oeA YSU members who represent a total quota of 62 per cent of the members, 95 per cent / 199 members voted in favour of the agreement and 5 per cent / 11 members voted in favour of rejecting the agreement. YOUNGSTOWN — After a marathon that lasted up to 2 .m, the first details of the agreement between the Youngstown State University administration and its faculty union are available this morning. In the publication of YSU, Provost Brien Smith recognized the importance of common governance and said the agreement was an opportunity for both sides to come together to create an academic environment of respect and trust. “Given all that has happened this year, the ratification of the new agreement gives stability to all faculties and allows us to focus entirely on the needs of our students who are going through the spring semester,” said Mark Vopat, spokesman for YSU-OAA. The faculty union is in negotiations with the administration over the planned changes to the contract and instead wants a one-year extension of the collective agreement, which the university has refused. Then the unions will vote on the agreement.

If members vote in favour of adoption, the full interim agreement will be sent to the YSU Foundation Board for ratification. President Jim Tressel thanked the bargaining teams of both the administration and the faculty union for their “tedious and tedious work on behalf of the university.” Human Resources manages labour relations in accordance with the implementation of the agreement. Labour relations employees negotiate contracts, advise administrators on the interpretation and implementation of contracts, represent the administration of the university in the affairs preceding the State Employment Relations Board (SERB) and act as a liaison between the university administration and the workers` unions. According to a statement from the university, the votes are expected to take place in the coming days. The professional/administrative employees involved in collective bargaining are represented by YSU-APAS: YSU APAS Agreement 2018-2021 “I am so proud of the incredible demonstration and support of our faculty, our students, our colleagues from across the university, from the OAS at the state level, from local and government legislators, and the absolutely overwhelming solidarity of the people across the country via social networks – thank you so much for helping us get back to the heart and soul of what we do, and we look forward to being back in the classroom,” said Steven Reale, President of the YSU OAS. The increases to the agreement were those proposed by the government in a publication late Wednesday afternoon, which YSU President Jim Tressel said: “We believe that the terms of this offer are in such a way that we hope to resolve this treaty today.” While the faculties union recognizes “the right of the administration to make such unilateral decisions, it is the right and duty of the YSU-OAS to declare that such decisions will reduce our ability to serve our students effectively as they will create an atmosphere of instability that will undoubtedly undermine YSU`s recruitment and engagement efforts,” the Letter continues.

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