South Sudanese Peace Agreement

South Sudanese Peace Agreement

On 12 November, Mr. Ahlam Nasir, on behalf of the women of Sudanese political and political groups (MANSAM), met with Mohammed al-Ta`ishi, a member of the Sovereignty Council, and argued that women should be involved in peace negotiations. Nasir presented concrete proposals for women`s participation in the negotiations and MANSAM`s priorities in the peace process. [10] According to Neville Melvin Gertze of Namibia, speaking at a UN Security Council meeting in October 2019, peace agreements that are the result of negotiations, including women, are 35% more likely to last at least 15 years than those that are the result of negotiations solely for men. [41] What potentially differentiates the Juba Agreement is that Sudan`s civilian-led transitional government seeks to bring about peace, justice and democracy in accordance with the objectives of the revolution; That the agreement was negotiated between the Sudanese themselves, in the light of South Sudanese mediation and weak logistical and technical support from the international community; and that much of the negotiations took place between former comrades, in stark contrast to the conflicting atmosphere that prevailed during the Bashir era. On 26 January, Shamseldin Kabashi of the Sovereignty Council and Dahab Ibrahim of the Kush movement signed a “definitive” peace agreement for the Northern Railway, including studies for new dams, compensation for people displaced by existing dams, road construction and the burial of electronic and nuclear waste. [21] Two other established rebel groups have not signed, reflecting the challenges the peace process still faces. The peace agreement between the Sudanese interim government and the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SDF), a broad alliance of armed movements and other movements, and Minni Minawi`s Sudan Liberation Movement is not yet complete as it does not include two other major armed movements. At least 48 people have been killed and many others injured in ethnic violence in Darfur. The violence comes less than a week after a peace deal between the government and rebel groups in the troubled region. According to a special representative of the UN Secretary-General, progress in implementing the South Sudan peace agreement has been halted in part because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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