Tarifvertrag pflegedienst bayern

Tarifvertrag pflegedienst bayern

The work with young people is aimed at the professional and labor development of young employees, guaranteeing them social support, creative self-realization of talented youth. The youth policy promotes the interaction of young people in the information space both within the Company and outside, growth of tolerance and civic consciousness, corporate patriotism and solidarity. Das gesamte Verfahren ist in den §§ 74 bis 79 der AVSG geregelt. © 2013-2020 Reverso Technologies Inc. Все права защищены. Die Kostenfreiheit ergibt sich aus § 64 Sozialgesetzbuch X. . Die bayerischen Pflegekassen und Vereinigungen der Leistungserbringer haben in einem Rahmenvertrag die Bedingungen für die Erbringung von Leistungen in der Pflegeversicherung vereinbart. In Bayern gibt es derzeit Verträge mit etwa 1.800 ambulanten Pflegediensten. PJSC TATNEFT takes care of the welfare and social security of its employees and their families. The Company provides a package of the social benefits and guarantees to its employees. The commitments on their provision are envisaged in the Collective Agreement, which is annually concluded between PJSC TATNEFT and the workforce and covers all the employees and non-working pensioners of the Company.The Collective Agreement provides for: There is a successfully operating corporate youth organization in the Company, which is built on the coincidence principles of the economic and social interests of the Company and working youth. Die Träger der Pflegeeinrichtungen sind verpflichtet, insbesondere in Betracht kommende Fördermittel des Staates, der Gemeinden und Gemeindeverbände sowie sonstiger juristischer Personen des öffentlichen Rechts form- und fristgerecht zu beantragen und die Möglichkeiten der steuerlichen Absetzung und Abschreibung in Anspruch zu nehmen.

The Company provides quarterly financial assistance to the state pension received for non-working pensioners who have worked in the PJSC TATNEFT system for 10 or more years and retired before the establishment of the National Non-Governmental Pension Fund. There are veterans` councils operating in the divisions of PJSC TATNEFT, which, together with the administration and the Trade Union Committee, provide ongoing support to retirees. If necessary, the Company pays the retirees for medical treatment, operations, sanatorium and resort rehabilitation, assists in the repair of housing, the replacement of household appliances. Geförderte Pflegeeinrichtungen und ambulante Pflegedienste benötigen dazu die Zustimmung der zuständigen Regierung. Die Zustimmung wird gegebenenfalls mit Wirkung des Ersten des Monats, der auf den Monat der Antragstellung folgt, erteilt. Pflegeeinrichtungen und ambulante Pflegedienste können betriebsnotwendige Investitionsaufwendungen, die durch öffentliche Förderung nicht vollständig gedeckt sind, den Pflegebedürftigen gesondert in Rechnung stellen. Provision of support to the employees in improving their living conditions is one of the important areas of the PJSC TATNEFT’s social policy. Eight multi-apartment residential buildings in the cities of Aznakayevo, Bavly and Nizhnekamsk were commissioned for the employees of the TATNEFT Group in 2018 in the framework of the social mortgage program. The total area of 876 apartments allocated to the Company`s employees amounted to 52.1 thousand m2.

In order to support the employees involved in the mortgage program, the Company provides a non-recurrent interest-free loan to them for a period of 10 years for making a down payment on the housing.

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