deja vu.

deja vu.

almost five years ago, i was in the same predicament.

you know you really like the companionship of that someone and he makes you so so comfortable, but deep down inside, you also know he’s not the one.

he’s not the one you see yourself with five years down the road, and not the one you see yourself living the rest of your life with.

he may be everything you think you need now but you just know, he’s not enough.

how would i know?

well, i just do. i was in such a miserable state;  the same exact position almost five years ago, with a different person. it was one of the hardest decisions i had to make back then but i just had to let him go. today, i look at where i am and where he’s at, and i know i’ve made the right decision.

i have no clue why do i always put myself in such situations. such awkward complicated position that i often mask it as a ‘platonic relationship’. oh, such deja vu.

they both even share the same initials, both have such similarities in appearances and characteristics but most importantly, both so caring. i’ve never felt so comfortable with any other guys but these two guys i share these ‘platonic relationship’ with.

i’m sorry, but i have to withdraw myself again, because i know, we’re not who we want in the future. you will thank me someday, and i know i will thank myself too, in the near future. cést la vie.

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