Monthly Archives: November 2014

dubai – in a nutshell.

dubai – in a nutshell.

four and a half months – that’s how long it has been ever since i moved to this fancy, swanky land called dubai.

four and a half months since i went through some of the hardest moments of my life, ever. the struggle to live independently in a foreign land was easier said than done.

although being so far away from your comfort zone, your security blanket was no easy task but it was just what i needed to wake myself up and to push myself further. up till today, i still find it such a battle to try to fit into a superficial community but thankfully, ive met some amazing people that don’t judge you but gives tremendous support in these hard times.

thank you guys. it could be just a small act of kindness but it has given me the courage to keep going. dubai is not such a bad place afterall when you learn to embrace it. 🙂