packing 30 years of my life into a 30 kilo luggage.

packing 30 years of my life into a 30 kilo luggage.

As some of you may already know (and to stop repeating myself from sounding like a broken record over and over again), yes, I’m leaving. The cat is out of the bag, finally! *gives a huge relief sigh* I’m leaving not just my job (yes, the job that nobody thought I would ever leave) but I’m also leaving my home, friends, family and most importantly, my comfort zone. I’ve decided to take the long awaited leap of faith.

I originally quit my job with the intentions to go traveling for six months or until my money runs out (whichever comes first) but who would’ve known that a couple days after I’ve tendered my resignation, I was offered a job opportunity, to work in “the country of U” (and yes, that’s how I’m gonna keep calling it because that’s what I keep teasing my colleagues with). I handed in my CV without much thought and lo and behold, few weeks down the road, I am seeing myself heading to this mysterious country of U.

Although moving abroad is something that I’ve always been looking forward to, moving away is always going to be a move that leaves you with this whole concoction of mixed emotions. Am I excited? Hell, yeah but yet nervous at the thought of moving from the surroundings that I’ve grown so accustomed to.

Just over the weekend, I started to sort out my things into four groups – “I will most definitely need this”, “I somewhat need this”, “Do I need this” and “What the hell was I thinking” (when I first bought this). I guess you all know how obsessed I am with shopping so it WAS a tedious process. Packing 30 years of your life into a 30 kilo luggage is not easy, trust me. Being a person who gets attached emotionally to my things, I guess I must admit I felt a tinge of sadness knowing I’ll be leaving behind so many things.

So why the move? Because I needed this. I needed something to push me further and to explore my other abilities while I can before I end up being a white elephant. I want to constantly fuel my passion and feed my desire to keep learning. I guess the best way to do this is to put myself in an environment far from my comfort zone. Besides, I guess a move like this is best done when you are young (yes la, I still feel I’m young :P) and have no full time commitments – eg a hubby with a kid or two.

As cliche as it might sound, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have played a role in molding me into who I am today – be it through friendship or work. To those who have constantly showered me with your endless support, thank you very much because I can never do this without you but the ones that I owe the most to are the ones who doubted me. I am constantly striving for more and pushing myself because your doubtfulness gives me a better reason to prove you and myself that I can be better than what I am now. There is not better motivation than this, honestly. Not sure how the country of U is going to work for me but I’d like for it to be a positive start because I’m liking everything I’ve read and heard about. Here’s to wishing me luck! :’)

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