it has been 8 days since #MH370 went missing. if you haven’t heard, a malaysian airline boeing 777 went missing an hour after flying from kuala lumpur to beijing. at this modern times, you wouldn’t exactly expect to hear such a huge plane could go missing for eight freaking days but it did. this incident has affected the people, not just malaysians but people around the world tremendously and it affected me a lot too. thoughts of “it could’ve been me” just kept flooding my mind and for some reason, it made me want to just stay home and rethink my life and what i want to do with the rest of it.

i have also been having a series of misfortunes to be honest. i rammed into a row of plastic barricades because my mind was deep into thoughts regarding #mh370, then we lost freckles for a day only to find out our local council caught her and placed her in a pound located at… wait for it… close to port dickson. those moments when we lost her and couldn’t find her were agonizing. i am not the type that deals with losses well.

oh the fun side, i have been on multiple dates in the past few weeks. most people would love the attention they get from the opposite sex don’t they? well, i did but then i realise serial dating also then starts to get you thinking and do a whole self reflection if this is what i want. i know, i guess the problem here really is me, myself. i tend to over think things and i should really just go with the flow. no, i’m not looking for a relationship because i can never commit myself to anything but i guess i cant commit because i havent found someone worth committing to. i’m the kind of person who likes my space, my independence and my freedom so if a guy can respect all that, then maybe he deserve my commitment, know what i’m saying?

anyway, i gotta get back to work (rolls eyes, yes, work on a saturday or for the past few saturdays, to be honest). i hope there’ll be good news regarding #mh370 because it just breaks my heart to imagine what those people who are directly affected would be going through right now. #prayformh370

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