30 by 30.

30 by 30.

i’ve just returned from maldives a couple of days ago. best trip ever and it shows that friendship knows no boundaries.

i’ve met a whole lot of people whom i’ve got to know via this facebook app that used to be a big game about six to seven years back called fighters club. in a nutshell, we all form our own teams, have our own alliances and the more supporters you have, the higher your chances of winning are. it’s a very simple game but it has given me the opportunity to know heaps of friends locally and abroad, mainly well, maldives.

after knowing my maldivian ‘allies’ or should i say, facebook friends, for so long, i’ve finally met them (i’ve actually met a few of them while they were studying in malaysia but most of them are new faces to me) and i must say the experience was amazing. no, this is not my first time meeting people from fighter’s club. i’ve organised and attended heaps of gatherings locally and i’ve met another batch of fighter’s club players in the UK. somehow, these maldivians i met actually left a great impact on me. they are so humble yet so sincere and it touched me dearly. thank you very much for all of the effort you guys have put in just to come and say a quick hello to both anidha and i.

the other locals i met are incredibly amazing in their own ways too. one thing i’ve realise about maldivians are they are genuinely concern about you yet cheeky in their own ways. so apart from their beautiful well known beaches and islands, to those of you who are considering going to maldives for a holiday, pay attention to the amazing people from there and their simple yet inspiring food. my two fav are mus huni (combination of tuna, freshly grated coconut and onions) and roshi (something like chappati). very humble yet so flavorful, i can’t wait to make some of my own this weekend.

i’ve also had my first diving experience last friday. it has been a week but there were some serious consequences that came with that diving or ‘discovery scuba diving’ as they call it. the whole of right area of my face (head, eyes, ears, sinurs, nose, and throat) are ‘congested’ due to the pressure from the plane (and then the diving). this has caused some hideous burst capillaries on my right eye, constant headache on the right side of my head, blocked sinus, toothaches (yes, it’s related), and the most critical of them all, my ‘unpopped’ ears (you know the feeling of you being in a plane that’s about to land and you feel the pressure in your ears and your ears go all muffled? well, yea, that’s what im feeling except it’s permanent). doctors are more concerned about my ears than everything else. not trying to be a drama queen but i do hope not to have any severe permanent hearing loss because of it. i enjoyed my short diving experience in maldives and i do want to someday get a proper license. prayers, people, keep me in your prayers. im genuinely concern about my ears. i still won’t go away. *inserts pout*

also, just in case i forget, i’ve officially started this campaign for myself. to travel 30 countries by 30 years old (since i’m only 29 years + 6 months old, i officially have 1.5 years to go). i’ve currently been to 21 countries (malaysia – well obviously), singapore, thailand, indonesia, laos, vietnam, china, hong kong, macau, australia, london, switzerland, austria, czech republic, hungary, france, italy, india, nepal, maldives, sri lanka and i have two more new countries to explore later this year which are philippines and the United States (provided my visa gets approved, lol). that’ll mean I’ll be doing 23 countries by this year and have 7 more countries to explore next year. this is a big deal to me because achieving this goal would mean that i’ve accomplished a huge part of my mission in life (and no, im not your conventional asian girl who just wants to grow up, get married and be a baby factory and let her husband decide the rest of her fate). sorry to disappoint you guys. LOL.

yes, i realised i get snared at, or laughed about for being ‘unconventional’. i won’t be all preachy but listen, my life is mine. how i live my life is mine to decide and i am the one that holds the pen and writes each and every paragraphs and chapters of my own novel. in other words, i am the one that determines the outcome of my life so there will be no faults to be blamed on others. i hold the pen, i make the decisions so even if things don’t work out how i’ve pictured it to be, i’ll still be contented because i can still say, “been there, done that”. of course, certain decisions i make comes with a lot of fear, but if you constantly live your life in fear of getting out of your comfort zone, how far do you thing will you be able to go? think about it. your happiness is yours, grab it while you can. as cheesy as it may sound, you only live once, make full use of it. make your life worth living. adios.

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