Monthly Archives: November 2013 turns 10! turns 10!

ahhh!!!! it has been ten years since i first own this domain name.

happy 10th birthday,!

i can’t believe how time flies so quickly and how much i’ve shared in this blog. although i’m not spending as much time here i would like to anymore, will always hold a special place in my heart.


Dear Him, From Her.

Dear Him, From Her.

Your hands trembles
And your stomach gets butterflies
Just by receiving his messages.

Your lips smiles
And your heart melts
Just by hearing his voice.

You lie awake
Your mind wanders
Just because you miss him.


Dear Him,

Yes, we have our issues.
Yes, we have our fears.
Yes, we have our doubts.
Yes, we have our insecurities.
Yes, we have our differences.
Yes, we have had our hearts broken.
Yes, we have had our trusts betrayed.
Don’t forget the laughters we’ve shared.
Dont forget the smiles we’ve infected us both.
Don’t forget the comfort we found in each other,
Most importantly,
Don’t forget how special we made each other feel.

I hope we sort this out soon because I miss you, terribly much.

Lots of <3, Her