Monthly Archives: June 2013

my fave two things to do.

my fave two things to do.

the two things in life that comforts me most are traveling or cooking/baking.

whenever im frustrated, these two things never fail to make things better.

ive not written here for quite a bit. that’s because for the past five weeks, i have either been busy with a pitch, work, or traveling.

in just two weeks plus, i have traveled about 43377km just by flights and not inclusive of land travel (which would add another few thousands of km). was it quite an experience? hell yea was it an amazing experience and an incredible adventure. wouldn’t want to trade these amazing opportunities for anything else.

photos will be up later. since i can’t share photos from the shoot, but i guess i can share some photos of my surroundings or places i’ve visited.

anyway, heaps of work to do. but all i wanna do right now, to be honest, is to stay in bed and plan my next holiday or cook up a storm. i miss my kitchen. can’t wait till the weekends arrive! 🙂