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finally, the end of 2012 is here!

finally, the end of 2012 is here!

ah, time to take a break and ponder over what 2012 has been about.

i must say, i am glad the end of this year is coming. it has been a terrible year. not the end of the human race, for sure, but definitely bad in a lot of ways.

today, or rather, yesterday, was our official move to our new office, which is just located just a street away.

so much drama but i’ll fill you in later. i’m finally done posting job vacancies on jobstreet for three different positions and i need to rush to pack my bags before heading to sungai siput by train for my airen, bee yee’s, wedding later.

BORING POST, i know. i was gonna write something witty but then multitasking got the better of me. okay, need to rush. update later? ta!

p/s: HAPPY NEW YEAR if i don’t get to wish all you beautiful apocalypse survivors before that. 🙂