Monthly Archives: October 2012

choosing to live in unhappiness.

choosing to live in unhappiness.

finally, got my wordpress sorted. i know the design looks pretty blah but i’m still trying to figure out how to modify or install a nicer theme (apart from the default ones in wp itself). that aside, life hasn’t been rosy.

i think i must’ve done something wrong during my childhood because i constantly choose to live my life in unhappiness. yes, you heard me right. I CHOOSE not to live my life fulfilled, contented and in happiness. it’s almost because i feel like i don’t deserve it. sure as hell affected every damn person who tries to enter my life.

but that’s a whole long story. i’m too tired after sleepless nights for the past couple of weeks (and doesn’t help that i haven’t slept in the past 38 hours or so). now that my wordpress is up again, i might actually find time to keep this site updated more frequently.

p/s: great to see msges of people who used to appreciate my writing. i should work on that. im losing my magic.

till then, toodles.