rest in peace, dear bhagawan swami.

rest in peace, dear bhagawan swami.

the weather was dreary; the whole entire day. like as though it was really mourning the lost of a great hero, guru, messenger, and person.
today, we hear about the death of one of the greatest gurus in the world – my guru, sathya sai baba. the only person that i had so much faith and belief in, ever since i was just a little girl. although i’ve never openly showed my affection and how much respect i have for him, deep inside i do. whenever it comes to my personal believes, or personal “religious/spiritual” preferences, i always keep things to myself because for me, that is the one thing that should be kept private. if you believe in god (or his messengers), there is no need to announce about it to the world. it should always be between you and him.
as i was growing up (into the person that i am today), ive always been “speaking” to him every night. praying for the safety of my family, my loved ones and even to take care of himself. and whenever i needed something badly, my prayers were somehow answered. i’m not saying HE is the man behind all of my answered prayers, but HE was and still is the man that made me believe that miracles do happen, and there is always hope in whatever you wish for. of course, you got to work for it, and luck may play a big role in getting what you want, but it was nice and comforting to know that there is a POSSIBILITY that the dreams and hopes we have may come true.
i still remember his advice to me when i first met him in person at the ashram in puttaparthi, back in 1997. he was handling out saris/shawls to some of his selected devotees after a darshan and when it came to my turn, he was holding a black shawl in his hand. black was my favorite color then and i was always wearing black. “no black for her,” he said softly and replaced it with a blue shawl for me. ever since then, my mom always cringes as a sign of disapproval whenever i wear black because she sees it as a sign of me, defying him. i wasn’t. but i somehow just looked really good in black (and blue, he seem to know, was and still is my other fav color). lucky guess, or maybe, he really knows.
anyway, he was a great person and im glad i had the opportunity to meet him and to know of his existence. even if people don’t see him as god, or a messenger of god, i must say he really did an amazing job – with all of the things and contributions that he has done for the society in india, if not throughout the world (eg: building hospitals, education funds, water projects, aid to the poor and thousands of other service projects that he has directly and indirectly helped/contributed/inspirated), there is no other person i know who is as powerful as him in making all this happen and have fruitful results.
dear swami, although you are no longer physically with us, but deep in our hearts, all your messages and your teachings will not go to waste. you taught us to be a better person, and i will, try my very best, to be the better person and to help others who are less fortunate than i am. sai ram, swami. om shanti shanti shanti.

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