november, things should be merrier!

november, things should be merrier!

it’s november! things are suppose to be all shiny shimmery and everything merry in a new month isn’t it?
i hope so.
love the fact that i’m busy as a bee, but not liking so much that i can no longer have the freedom to take short breaks and party.
can’t have the best of both worlds, i suppose?
suck it in. life’s like that.
happy 61st monthliiversarii to us both, btw.

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  1. Dear Becky right November is here and soon before we can blick an eye, Christmas and then 2011. Sorry to hear that you are too busy to even hv time for hols or parties and right, we cant have our cake and eat it too. I am a Malaysian based in PJ and have a thriving cake business and sell cakes like Tiramisu, Chocolate mousse cakes, Banana Cheese cake with Rum, etc. and would love if you would visit my blog and see some of the cakes I posted in my first post or better still, catch me on face book as there are more pictures of my cakes on fb and you can also read the comments of those who buy my cakes and I am Juanita Samson on fb, Ophelia is the name I use on my blog. Do have a little bit of fun dear cos “All work and no play” is not good for the system. Let me take the opportunity to wish you all success and happiness that you wish and a great 2011 even though it is a little pre mature to wish a great 2011. God bless. Ophelia