fat and pimply, he still loves me.

fat and pimply, he still loves me.

…so i’m fat. and humongous. and i take too much space in this world and it bothers you. so who’s exactly holding the knife against your throat and forcing you to be friends with me? absofuckinglutely nobody!.
if it bothers you that much, well, sorry to put it so bluntly, but honestly, fuck off.

i love my god-given body.

not skinny, but digging the curves!

i’ve been discriminated my whole life for constantly being the big kid, even when i wasn’t as meaty as i am now (i’ve put on almost 25kgs after being together with iskii), but just for being taller than most people (5’10 for a girl is apparently being perceived as gigantic in malaysia or by asians generally). bighairydeal. i could handle it. in fact, i think it made me the stronger person that i am today. all those mean and hurtful comments i get from the people that surrounds me as i grew up. i still get the reminders EVERYFUCKINGDAY. look people, i have mirrors. i know how i look. i don’t need reminders.
friends don’t judge. friends don’t make hurtful comments. friends don’t remind you of your flaws. they love you for you. they accept you for who you are.
iskii on the other hand, accepts me for just the way that i am. fat and pimply, he still loves me. and it’s amazingly ironic isn’t it that friends are the ones who just can’t, and not the boyfriend?
you guys just amaze me at times. seriously.
p/s: happy 7th birthday, tickle-me.net!

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