congrats sandy & brandon!

congrats sandy & brandon!

yay! and another friend got engaged last night. i’m thrilled for her, cos she has been waiting for it for so long.
but marriages are not my thing. isky even warns his friends who are getting married about me. i act as the negative “conscience” where i will question them, “are you sure he’s the one?” “why do you want to get married? is this what you really want?” “so you’re gonna get married, then what?”
isky says im a little too concerned. i care too much. and although he didn’t say this, obviously i’m sure he thought of this, “they are getting married, it’s their life. let them be if that’s what they want. it’s none of your concern.” which is true. so i shouldn’t care. so i usually don’t share my concerns. and to be honest, i am quite prepared to live my wrinkly days, still single and happily living with my dogs. unless there is of course, someone out there who can change this perception of mine about weddings, which i honestly doubt so.
but there are some couples that i am genuinely happy about them getting married. and SANDY LOW B** C****, you are one of them that i am GENUINELY happy for. you told me from the beginning of the relationship with brandon that he’s the one. and you still tell me that after few years of dating this guy. congratulations you both. may you both live a great and amazing life growing old together.

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