somebody save me.

somebody save me.

my week in singapore. filled with partying.

i just got back from singapore last saturday and brought evan back with me for five magnificent days to kl. partied, hung out with people’s granny, had awesome food as well as the awful ones, giggled and kissed. and the daily exchanges of “i love you cous” in the mornings. i miss you, evan.
you know, despite all the happy photos and moments then. why the hell do i still feel so empty inside? like something big is still missing from me. i don’t fake my happiness. but if i’m happy, how does it make sense that i feel hollow inside? a bff of mine said he can’t help me there cos i gotta figure it out myself. if it was that simple, i wouldn’t be in this state.
god, help me. i seriously need some sort of guidance. i guess im just frustrated that i can’t get the things i want. and have to be stuck with the things that i want to get rid of.
somebody, save me!

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