i heart work.

i heart work.

i feel great. so light, slightly refreshed but definitely in a more positive mood. i love my job. yes, you heard it right. i can proudly say it again and again, i am beginning to get back the passion i once had. i’m so proud i make this decision to be where i am today. and to have faith in the right person.
i may not be as happy as i am a few years down the road from now, as some sadistic friends of mine would like to remind me. “it’s too soon to tell, you’ll see. just wait and see”. i don’t need reminders like that. i’m living my life as it goes. living the moment. maybe who knows, few weeks from now, i may be feeling completely differently but what matters is at least, i was happy doing it. at least i felt the happiness. did you? i know i will be faced with a lot of challenges and downfalls someday (shit happens, as they say), but while i still am feeling contented, i will say this. i freaking love my job. i must be in denial if i say otherwise. my work is my life. my work is the only thing that keeps me going.
for the past couple of weeks, when our new studio started, i felt lost, completely in the dark. like i didn’t know what my directions were. because i had not much work to do. no work means no life for me! and i was actually envious of people who kept telling me, “hey, busy. speak to you soon” because those were MY trademark lines. it felt weird being on the other side of the situation. but it’s ok, it’s alright cos i’m back on track, baby!
and i feel so proud receiving our first bouquet of congratulatory flowers, our first gifts, our first company car, and i’m just glad i share these many firsts with a bunch of really awesome people.
i realise work gives me a direction. a goal. and a reason to feel amazing. i am just glad im feeling the good vibes. im happy. very happy. shall we skip and dance around while i work on the quotes that are piling up?
p/s: happy mooncake festival all.

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