mastering the art of being an asshole.

mastering the art of being an asshole.

have you ever been in the sort of situation where you always try all your might to help out and then get slapped back hard in the face? i have. way too many times. and i have nobody else to blame but me.
i don’t understand. why the eff do i care so much about others. im constantly bending over backwards for people (whether i know them well or not) only to get accused of being too ‘involved’. i always get lashed back at just trying to help. PEOPLE ALWAYS MISINTERPRET my good intentions. the problem with me is, I STILL CARE! omfg. be it with my family, colleagues, friends, whatever. i always CARE TOO FUCKING MUCH.
honestly speaking, i am going to seriously, master the art of being an asshole. if you’re in trouble, i will be the one clapping my hands and say, “THANK GOD I’M NOT YOU!”. i am going to learn how to walk away when people need me most. because i HAVE ALWAYS BEEN TAKEN GRANTED FOR. the world is going to REVOLVE AROUND ME, ME, ME and only ME! so fuck you all who expects me to be the good ear who listens to your problems, or someone to morally support you. FUCK YOU. i’ve got my own problems to deal with, and where the hell were you guys when i needed that good ear?
do i sound frustrated? HELL YEAH I AM. seriously, fuck this world. i’m so tired of being the nice person around. i’m going to walk around with my middle finger up in the air. because baby, that’s what the world needs. MORE ASSHOLES.

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