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i’m naturally complicated.

i’m naturally complicated.

why oh why do i always complicate things. or rather, get myself entangled in complicated situations with no simple solutions. seriously, becky ooi is equivalent to complicated issues. i’m like a magnet for complicated stuffs. i wonder why. and the dramas that revolves around it. OMG, don’t let me start. can’t all the dramas stop? or was i destined to be put in a situation which requires me to be all drama queen. if only i can get an oscar for everytime i go through it…
that aside, i’m back from krabi. ao nang, to be exact. fantastic but not as great as phuket. plenty of food to eat but it’s all about the same stuff. pick any stalls and it is most likely to be delicious! i’m amazed at how well everyone can cook in krabi. price wise, cheaper than phuket on most stuff except air flights. anyway, loved the sun. not so much on the sea (it was jellyfish infested) and the beach. sp & i got stung by the damn jellyfish. and to make things worst, germany lost to spain. and it was double the annoyance when damn spain won the worldcup with the idiotic drama queen iniesta scoring the winning goal. what a break i’ve had these two weeks.

SNEAK PEEK: some of the random photos we took while going on our snorkeling trip around krabi. haven’t shared my island photos with the world yet so it’s “exclusively” for you loyal readers or random people who came here through google search.

nevertheless, krabi was great overall, as you may see from the photos. we were told hong island was the nicest island around (even nicer than phi phi, it seems) but boy that was quite a lie. a huge fat lie. hong island is NOTHING compared to phi phi. seriously, whoever who’s heading to krabi/phuket, here’s a tip. head to phi phi instead. don’t believe what they tell you about hong island. i mean you can compare if for yourself in my facebook albums. happy going through my hundreds of albums before you can find the right albums though. haha!

my crazy obession when i was in ao nang, krabi.

while i was there, i was so obsessed with this ham cheese snack. we’ve even walked to tens of kilometres searching for it, going through every 7 eleven in the map. that was how obsessed i was.

best noodle in the world!

and the beef ball noodles (or chicken noodles, or beef slices – the thing is, it goes well with all meat!). omfg. it makes me wonder if they put drugs in their broth cos i’ve never tasted anything so damn bloooooody gooooooood! i came home craving for it. i’m so going to learn how to cook such insanely incredible addictive broth. and maybe, you could be one of the lucky (or unlucky, depending on how it turns out to be) ones to try it. haha.

sunkissed. and feeling extra rejuvenated.

okay, that should be all i’m going to ramble for now. back to reality tomorrow. back to work. yet again, another complicated and twisted situation i’m in. i’ll worry about that later. going to enjoy my last few hours before i head back to the cruel industry.

so much for a break.

so much for a break.

as some of you may already know, i’m on a break from work for two weeks, until 15th of July. i’ve got plenty of time and i’m seriously contemplating on visiting china. that was the original plan. everyone who has been there has been rambling about how lovely the place is. i just thought, “HEY, i need to be there. to see and to believe it”. i’m just not sure if i’m willing to go there alone since i don’t really know much about the country and i don’t speak chinese. i’ve got a pretty good place to stay already though.
and if that doesn’t happen, i don’t mind heading to bali. or phuket. i’m pretty confident i can go to phuket alone since i know the way around patong already. anyone who wants to go on a holiday with me, calling calling la, ok? just remember, i should be leaving by the 7th or 8th of july.
anyway, i can’t seem to take my bloody mind off work. i can’t help but keep being concern about work. i feel pretty useless when i’m holiday. and it’s not exactly like my holiday has been going on well.
some lady rammed into the back of my suzie yesterday. she didn’t want to make any police report so we went to a workshop nearby to get it settled. i accidentally scrapped my dad’s car a couple of weeks ago and there’s a very small round dent that i thought i might as well get it fixed. the pricetag? RM200 – RM300. whereas it’s way cheaper to fix the back of my car – it had a much bigger dent (it was along the whole bumper, i should say), broken number plate and the whole bumper is slightly senget. so much damage for only rm180. doesn’t make much sense, does it?
and after reaching home, i found my front porch filled with freckle’s poo and a dead gerbil in my cage. it’s only my 2nd day. GIVE ME A DAMN BREAK! and no, don’t you guys dare reply, “here, have a kit kat.” cos i’ll seriously smack the daylight out of you. i’m already annoyed enough.