whiney me.

whiney me.

despite the painful hours that i have to endure at work, i still love my job. i love self-inflicted pain, i suppose. but one can only wonder, if this is a job (as a producer) to keep? life in the advertising lane is not an industry many can keep living in, in the long run. i see how much i’ve aged and gained weight. i dont like how i look now. i am barely UNRECOGNISABLE!
hmmm.. maybe i should consider joining the next asia’s biggest loser then. HAHA. then i’ll have guys knocking on my door again. I FREAKING MISS that bit, ok.
ok, i’m too tired. I ALWAYS am. which irks me. despite of how much i sleep (or the lack of), i’m always tired tired tired. and nothing really excites me nowadays. oh well, some random photos below before i nap. toodles!

my dinner last night, seafood paella @ chulo’s.
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with the girls of cpt.

good nite. *closes curtain and snuggles in bed*
(/edited) @ 5:15pm; 14.03.10
more photos!! HAHA!
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with the mamak gang @ one utama’s chili’s.
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shiny happy people. sure wished i was in the photo. then probably isky wouldn’t be hugging berd like that. haha!
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adorable abby at one of her farewell lunches @ fushion heaven, kota damansara. she sure had many. lol.
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me & jen @ ole ole bali, sunway pyramid.
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isky & i @ ikram & intan’s wedding.
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just isky & i.

okay, happy feasting your eyes. sayonara!

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  2. omg thusi!!!! :”O :”O :”O
    you commented! HAHAHAHAHAHA.
    how diff? for the better or for the worst? :”O
    and for the food, you’ll need to get your butt to kuala lumpur. haha.

  3. yay. mama oyaaata andareeei. omg, my sinhalese is horrible. hahahaha.
    dhl food is going to cost a bomb and it wont taste good. COME KL LA!! :”D