malaysia, tanah tumpah airku.

malaysia, tanah tumpah airku.

i’ve never missed malaysia as much as i did when i spent five days in ho chi minh city. i’ve never known how fortunate i was to be malaysian, to BE in malaysia. despite having some of the biggest jokers and clowns who make ridiculous narrow-minded as politicians, we are doing okay. maybe slightly more than okay. of course there are a lot of things that we could do without, and a lot more things we could improve, but being in hcmc for just mere five days have enlightened me. the people was so both, rude and crude. the traffic was absurd and honking was like a part of their daily habit, probably as often as they breathe, i suppose. you’ll never treasure the silence of our malaysian road until you’ve been to hcmc.
the cabbies we’ve taken are mostly the biggest conman ever, charging us 1.5 million VND or dong (USD 84) when the actual meter reads just 25000 dong (USD1.40). the people, especially the men, touching your arms, pleading for you to ride their bikes. not forgetting the city that dust has wrapped a blanket around it, turning the city fully brown when you view from the plane. it was a major culture shock. but kudos to our hotel, duxton hotel, saigon for their excellent service and warmth they’ve given us. more to say, but nothing feels safer and cleaner as where i come from, the city i call home, ‘kah-lau lampa‘ (dropped/falling testicles in hokkien, as how the vietnamese would pronounce it) or better known to the world as kuala lumpur. i’m finally able to put on back my gucci shades, smiling, knowing it’s safe and no one’s going to snatch it from your face while i rest in the comfortable non-conjob cabs.
p/s: wait till i get to the stories on how they snatch not just your handbags and other accessories, they even snatch your dogs you bring for walk for only two reasons – to EAT or to resell them (especially pedigrees). tsk.
oh btw,
a grateful malaysian.

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