hochiminh, here i come!

hochiminh, here i come!

dear t-m.net,

omgomgomgomgomg! i’m heading to VIETNAM….!!!!

…for work! pressure’s on my shoulders. i hope i’ll exceed my bosses expectations of me. i’m having butterflies in my tummies. *flutters flutters* i haven’t been handling any real big jobs since i started apart from the maxis broadband campaign you guys see now in the papers and billboards (the one with the knight, shopaholic, social butterflies, etcetcetc…. thingamajig). and the ones i WAS gonna do is currently on hold so i don’t really have much to show yet to my current employers. maybe this trip could help me shine a little, i dunno. in a foreign land that mainly speaks a language i don’t, it’s going to be tough. wish me luck.
and oh, happy diwali, people!
p/s: my all female gerbil tank gave birth to more babies two days ago still. it’s seriously a mystery. but they always turn out to be weak. and unfortunately, none of them survived today. *sighs* i wonder how do they still give birth when they are all of the same gender, hence my dad’s nickname for the babies, pondan babies. tsk.
becky ooi.

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