have fun having bad karma, dick warts!

have fun having bad karma, dick warts!

great. my car has been badly scratched yet again. i dunno who the hell gets the satisfaction from scratching people’s car. i hope he (if it’s a he, and most likely, is a he) gets castrated soon and that his dick will be deep fried and fed to the hungry stray dogs that were abandoned at pulau ketam. i bet they’ll like it. yum yum.
i just don’t get these people. this is probably like the 10th time already. oh, maybe we should chop the culprit’s fingers and wrap them up with seaweed and make beautiful sushis out of them. dickhead.
or if it’s a women, may she be pregnant with hundreds of babies and when they grow up, torture her both mentally, physically and uhm, maybe sexually? sick people deserves sick children, you see.
this is no where near relieving but i don’t want to keep this angst in me. have fun having bad karma, rotten nipples (you’ll be having that soon too)!

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  1. haha but u see, if the person who did that see this he wud die laughing ;P