the price you pay for getting wrinklier.

the price you pay for getting wrinklier.

looking back at the past couple of years of my life, i am not sure if i have achieved much. maybe the knowledge, and a brand new car. but i’ve lost the people i’ve known all my life. the people i’ve shared my life with as i grew up. everyone seems to have moved on, without me in the picture.
and i realise im not the first to go through this. most of the people i know, colleagues and other friends who are busy chasing their dreams, experience the same as i have. there is no point pointing fingers right now, because people just drift away from your life as you get older. i understand it’s part and parcel of growing pains, things you cannot avoid. those who stick by you, are the ones who truly understands you. well, i know i’ve met a whole lot of new people as time goes by, some stick, some don’t, some just isn’t worth your time.

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on my wild wild ride (road trip) around malacca. i think it was like 150km or something that i’ve covered just on that day itself. photo taken at val’s lovely home @ jasin.

and to those who find friends who stick by you through thick and thin, they’re for keeps. sharing a friendship is like being in a relationship. it takes time and effort to make it work. it takes a hurricane to go through your friendship to know if you guys truly are made for each other. i am yet to find that one person, who will be there regardless of what happens. many hellos and smiles are exchanged when we meet, and the occasional friendly ‘i miss you’ hugs. but everything just seems temporary.
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lol. see how selfish i am. i steal the limelight by smacking my face right in front of the camera. and beckiskii0110 starts with my name. hah!

thank god for the bf. because i think without him, my life is monotone. and an empty shell that echoes when you speak into it. i guess he has sacrificed a lot in this whole three and a half years that we’ve been together cause he always have to make his plans ACCORDING to my timing. according to how i want it to be. according to when i want it. and where i want it. it’s always about me, me, me. and then there’s becky. and more of me afterwards. in conclusion, i’ve been selfish. and i may be selfish too, in the many friendships that i have had. i wouldn’t know about that, cos i havent really sat down and thought about it. but anyways, that’s not the point. the point is, i hate the fact that im an adult now. and that these are the things that i have to pay for turning wrinklier, saggier and weaker. and money don’t come from your 24/7 atms a.k.a parents’ pockets anymore but you gotta work for the things you want, like it or not. c’est la vie, c’est la vie

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16 Responses

  1. very well written post. it is a reflection of ur life. yeah..many ppl come and go. some friends do not say much but they are there silently supporting u ;D

  2. yaya,becky!! i agree with u.. looking back at my life, the friends i have at different stages of life are not the same people. some even lost contact..gee, life is getting more mundane these days.
    michy!! i lagi lama tak jumpa becky.. except for the occasional bump-into-becky at some random places…miss those old days!! 🙁

  3. sighs, sorry. i really tak jumpa a lot of ppl lately. kawan fly in fly out of msia also i tak dapat jumpa.
    lets meet up next month!!!! on a weekend preferably cos weekdays are bloody unpredictable! 🙁
    sighs. sudah tua, kawan pun tak jumpa.

  4. who ask you go and have so many super duper many friends lolz … but u remember me i happy already hehe .. 😛 go party some more .. and I think our life has been exchanged. I now no longer party, I sit at home and go to work thats all lolz
    Can’t promise anything, but when la next month, give me a date =.= I need like one month or more in advanced

  5. im fine here. perfectly contented and happy with my life. anyway, im considered a silent reader to ur blog. i am still ur #1 blog fan! 😀