happy chinese [v]day! ;)

happy chinese [v]day! ;)

wow, it has been at least two weeks since i last wrote something. today is the fifteenth and last day of the chinese new year; also known as the chinese [v]alentine’s day to those from the hokkien clan. i was contemplating if i should go to the lake and throw oranges (or throw bananas for boys). it’s a tradition for those who are ‘single’ to write their contact details on the oranges (and bananas though i dunno when did the banana culture started) in hopes of single men who would pick up the oranges and contact them. interesting, huh?
yesterday for an early v’day dinner, iskii brought me over to a new sister company of cava‘s and i must say, i’ve never tasted red meat cooked to such perfection! albeit the almost rm300 bill *chokes* for just the both of us, it was money well spent. moxie is definitely a must try! i’ll post photos soon, and special thanks to param & johan. it was just superb. better than cava & flamenco, the newly refurbished restaurant. okay, back to work! isky’s cooking me dinner on the actual vday!
p/s: i’ve got moxie!

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  1. SP, next time can you go to somewhere which is not pricy, in other words, cheap and good HAHA .. way over budget la =.= and I think I should have gone to throw oranges LOL

  2. u should go after me, u cant be like that sp, cannot take away all my golden opportunities, they see me and u, of coz they go to you first lolz .. so gimme gimme gimme a chance k haha … i was in langkawi on chap goh meh haha and even if im in kl i wouldnt go lolz i will laugh my ass off if i ever go haha

  3. why would they go to me. hahahaa. sp, meet up soon ok. i think i’ll be taking leave next month. ajak u keluar!!! 😀
    why would u laugh? it’s fun wan leh! 😛

  4. hahahaa… kembang!
    sp, im going to MO for dinner/high tea but dunno which one is their best restaurant. which restaurant would u recommend? i got rm700 voucher to go with a few of my colleagues!

  5. got no life meh come to MO o.O when are you going first. The best, there is no the best, it depends what kinda cuisine are you looking for. Come la when I’m working afternoon shift LOL … 😛 Our chinese restaurant is one of the signature restaurant in the hotel, or coffee house or else the Japanese lolz. I will not recommend the Seafood restaurant, newly opened because 700 will only be enough for 2 person lolz. So .. 700 … few colleagues I’m not sure if it’s enough haha you can try 😛

  6. Yeah Pacifica Seafood Restaurant and Sultan Lounge were newly opened. Umm if you want buffet style, thne I guess it’s already Biba’s Cafe, the Coffee House 🙂

  7. It’s actually both local and international and I guess different days they have different themes, not too sure about that, I work in that hotel only but in a completely different department lolz