retards of vista komanwel.

retards of vista komanwel.

CONGRA-FUCK-TULATIONS bastards. you’ve once again scratched and keyed the front of my car and the side of my driver’s door. and then decided to keep my car’s antenna as a souvenir. i know you guys fucking read this but hey, karma’s a bitch. just keep praying that as long nothing of the same kind happens to you (or worst), to you PHYSICALLY. remember, karma’s a bitch and so are you.
you have caused so much chaos in our area. you called the authorities to summon all the cars parked outside. and then there was a murder in the car park last week. and then four police cars came yesterday to capture with HANDCUFFS a group of foreigner students because they were attempting suicide. you have not only made the value of our properties go as low as your mentality & morale, but you’ve pretty much give us all a bad name. so really, congraFUCKtulations! may you sleep well tonight and the many days to come!

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