becky decides to discuss on serious issues. like, oh really? yes, for once!

becky decides to discuss on serious issues. like, oh really? yes, for once!

i’ve been struck by a string of bad luck for the past couple of weeks. but let’s just begin with today itself. i got up feeling tired, as always. we were suppose to be up in genting for buffet supper but well, due to some unforseen circumstances, we ended up just at the bottom of genting, and by the time we get to the police station, it was already almost 3am and too late to do anything.
shrugged and went home. got up with a whole lot of work hoo-has and went to work only to notice how badly keyed my car was. it must’ve been from a) work (yesterday), b) vishul’s house or c) vista komanwel, my home. now i know my site’s link has been spreading around at my housing area because of a certain entry and encounter i witnessed a couple of years back (and the residence’s community decided to give me some free pluggings by handling out notices with the link to my entry). so i really hope that i could highlight how disappointing (i’m trying to refrain from using words that could be deemed insensitive and over exaggerating although we, the residence, know what it’s like living here for a fact) the security and the management are and be heard (although it will take a long while before people actually read this entry).
now, to those of you not interested in my housing area and the issues that surrounds it, you may choose to click on the ‘x’ on the top right. to those who came here by googling, well, hello, welcome! we, my family & i, we one of the many few who moved in to this area back in may 1999. it was such a lovely peaceful place to live in albeit being slightly further than most of the places we go (seeing most of the highways were not fully built yet). the people here knew one another, greeted each other and well, let’s just say things were all beautiful and somewhat interesting. it was filled with expatriate and there was no such thing as noisy rowdy students dancing in the middle of the night, people throwing down things to the cars parked downstairs and well, the list just goes on and on. but i will highlight a few main ones as below:
maintenance & facilities: being a resident here for almost ten years has made me watch the development of bukit jalil and as well as the influx of students moving it, making it a whole environment to live in. the expatriates moved away, one by one, due to the lack of maintenance although we were charged fairly high for it. the library is abandoned and is usually used for multi-level marketing talks, the gym is vandalised and the pool is well, murky (although it’s not exactly the color of teh susu or anything close to it, just well, dirty). you see people swimming in huge t-shirts and track suits (i swear ive seen this many years back) who don’t even live here to begin with. the badminton court is booked weekly by people who, woweedoo, don’t live here as well *fakes a surprise*. these aren’t false accusations, mind you. i’ve watched people with badminton racquets and towels walking in from the guardhouse everytime with the cars parked outside. if they were residence of here, why would they park outside (until september this year of course, which i will get into later)? and about the gym & the library, im not even sure if they are open to public anymore.
security & parking issues: i must say, the latest security guards are slightly better than the previous ones. but, the community who came up with the idea to allow only ONE MAIN CAR PER UNIT is, well, how do i put it subtly? silly, yes, that would be subtle enough. then they came up with a limited amount of stickers for second hand cars and charged us a certain amount for it which was later reduced due to complaints.
my car, just two weeks old then, was scratched badly for nothing. parked in my own parking lot. and then i posted an entry about it, only to find out my neighbour had things thrown on top of his car by some unscrupulous dingbat and had it dented. of course, he went to complain to the management and *again, fakes a gasp*, the complaints fell on deaf ears. and then a few months before that, my dad’s new sedan was badly scratched too on BOTH SIDES! few days after that, we spotted a wira which was keyed with stars and curvy lines along the sides like it was a canvas for some nincompoop to key his creativity on.
now, my car, after seven months, became the new canvas. it had zig-zag all over it and fuglily drawn lines. i was bloody furious, you bet, when i discovered it this morning. but it’s okay. karma’s a bitch. whoever did it, will well, probably get the same “artistically” doodled on his/her/ITs own
face. yes, i may not know for certain that it was done here. and not at my office. or while i was driving *inserts duh look* home, or while filling up the petrol. i don’t know. it has been done. i just wish that with all the damn hurly burly about BEEFING UP THE SECURITY here, they might as well concentrate on the cars as well?
ever since they’ve started the damn ruling that non-sticker cars (eventhough you’re a residence) are not allowed to park within our vicinity anymore, DBKL (our local enforcement) have been happily scribbling summons every alternate days and my family itself has got a stack of it. it’s just plain silly to not be able to park in your own housing compound but park it outside and let it be risked of being stolen, broken into, summoned, vandalised (actually that makes no difference, seeing ours get badly vandalised being parked inside as well), crashed and the many other possibilities. i tell you, you can almost here the management chant, “oh too bad, you don’t have stickers, neh ni neh ni boo boo.” however, i must applaud them for the extra lights they put on the open car park (but ignored us, who parks in the closed ones). and oh, it’s silly to be CHARGED to park within your housing area too. it doesn’t really make much sense, does it? it’s no wonder the many residents protested downstairs the other day for hours. nobloodywonder.
uneducated/uncivilised residence: it’s amazing what RAINS in vista komanwel these days. you see coins (go through my archives, you’ll find the entry), empty biscuit tins, filled water bottles, large bags of garbages, and whatever the people above feels like relieving their houses of. i don’t think i need to go any further on the consequences of this nor elaborate any further. but really, if you don’t know how to live in a condominium, go build a shack by the jungle and run naked and throw your undergarments/used pads/pubic hair/whatever-tickles-your-fancy all over as you like it. it really shows what sort of human being you all are, really. no kidding.
internet access: you know, it irks me so badly that we don’t get streamyx here. first we had nasioncom, who was shut down last year after the big shots of the company were charged with money laundering. and then came izzi, who by far, is the worst internet connection i’ve used, especially at night. i just wish that there’s something that can be done about the internet connection here because i thought my old jaring dial up was much speedier than the broadband im having now. it could be the area, or the provider, i wouldn’t know. BUT GET IT FIXED! especially with the huge amount of students moving here after colleges bloomed one by one like mushrooms after the rain. maybe a faster connection would make the students spend more time at home and this place could be a much more peaceful place (and i AM NOT IMPLYING that the students are the culprits behind all these issues. it could just be a possibility).
i believe i may not be speaking as a whole of the residence and this little “squeak” of mine may not be heard by the management at all, but at least i know those who bother reading this site will. it’s better than being turned deaf ears on. this is really a great place to live in (or rather, WAS), and it’s a really strategic place, seeing it’s only twenty minutes to ALMOST anywhere. watching the lower cost apartments and residential areas earn better market value than what was once a prestigious place does make us feel the ache.
housing issues aside, i lost five baby gerbils the other day after its mother/relatives perform infanticide. i watched one of them chewing the baby’s heads of and it was a horrible sight to watch. and then today as i was moving some of them into a new cage, i noticed one of the females got its eyes dug out and it’s now hollow and bloody. i dunno what i’ve sinned in the past but i just hope my pets or loved ones, for that matter, don’t suffer the consequences.
despite all these dark happenstances, i’m glad that i was told by my superior/head of department/general manager that i MIGHT get a raise. again, might does not = will. so let’s see. till then, here’s a toast to a better life!

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  1. sp im stubborn, i read your whole entry, for all the bad things, maybe good things are awaiting ahead of you … never know 🙂

  2. omg! u did? im touched! <3
    sighs, i really hope all things go well. 🙁
    just found out someone got murdered in my carpark on thurs. 🙁

  3. yea sp, house only ready by chinese new year. then after renovation, earliest also end of feb ler.
    and sp i miss you lor. i went to pavillion and kept thinking of you!!!! :O
    WE MUST GO THERE SHOP LOR! it’s freakinggggg nice. i loooooooooove it!