and then the dreary grey clouds moved away.

and then the dreary grey clouds moved away.

i must say, i thought god must’ve stopped loving me when all the misfortunate incidences happened to me. and i was really a wreck for the past couple of weeks, having to go through tough times in both, personal and work related matters. i was grumpy, cranky, snappy, easily agitated and everything else that fits the category. and when my car got badly doodled with a key yesterday, i thought that was it, that it’s confirmed. god really dislike me and everything else just became dark and gloomy for me.
and then before i went to bed at eight in the morning (yes, eight a.m), my dad knocked on my door and said, “YOU WON FIRST PRIZE!”. i lifted my comforter and peered at my dad, struggling to keep my eyes open , “huh?”, i replied. “the numbers you told me to buy for you? well, your car number came out but it’s not the exact number. so you still win a small amount!”, he went on. my eyes just went completely O_____O. “wow,” i thought to myself and went ahead to text iskii & sujen (because his car number plate was almost the first prize too). heh.
when i was fully awake by lunch time, i saw the prize money on the table. VERY SMALL AMOUNT, i must say. doubt it’s even enough to cover for a paint job, but at least, it’s a sign that things would change for a better. that this dark, dreary phase i’m going through is coming to an end. yes, i believe in stuffs like that. LOL. i gave about 60% of the prize money to my parents since they’re retired and needed the money more than i do.
and by four-ish, iskii called. yay, we’re going to bukit bintang, somewhere that i’ve been wanting to go for weeks to do some proper shopping. i must say, because of my frequent trips to the dentists last month, i did almost zero shopping and that explains why i haven’t been feeling myself. believe it or not, shopping is my aphrodisiac, my happy pill, the key to my happiness (as zher likes to call me, haha!). when i saw my sizes in isetan, i wanted to cry. i could PICK ANY heels and stilettoes and still find my size. for the first time in so many years, i could find shoes with plenty of space still. for a lady with big feet living in a country where most of the other ladies are half your size, you don’t know how much it means to me. it was exhilarating, the joy was almost orgasmic, i kid you not. and so, i went ahead and just pick and try pick and try and said, “I’m TAKING THEM ALL!!!!” (it’s just three pairs la actually, but it feels good to say that).
as we walked towards lecka-lecka, it made us realise how much bukit bintang has changed to adapt to the middle eastern. EVERYWHERE serves shisha (hookah)! from coffee houses, ice cream parlours to italian restaurants, you find shishas. i guess they are after all, the biggest tourists to our country but bukit bintang is losing it’s local touch, which is somewhat, disturbing. after dinner, we walked over to pavillion. as i took my virgin step into pavillion, i just realised what a beautiful mall it is. and it’s so inviting. and clean! couple of hours of shopping later, i’ve made up my mind. PAVILLION’s like the best freaking place to shop, ever. i’m so in love with it! ♥
anyway, the trip to bukit bintang, albeit a short one, was very, fulfilling. and the shopping helped a lot. it made me a bubblier person and has moved the grey clouds from above my head. ah, shopping again at pavillion, anyone? and for some odd reason, sp, i kept thinking about you the whole time i was there. and i thought of the fc-ers when i was at lecka-lecka too. see how much i miss you guys! and before i end this entry, let me quote my colleague who said something that cracked a smile on my face.
me: EEEH!! got massimo dutti sales! *in damn kau excited voice*
R: yeah, i know. told j about it. but she tak layan *looking bored*
me: wth lor, you know about it and you didn’t tell me! *fakes a sulk*
R: lol, cos you can’t buy massimo dutti.
me: WHAT?!!!! what do you mean by it, man? *feeling insulted*
R: no la, cos you looked more like a chanel person.
me: *pauses & then burst out laughing*
R: eh, why la.
me: i damn kembang lor. the only chanel i have are lipsticks!
R: *giggles* (probably thinking that he saved his ass quite well there, which, actually, he did. lol)
ok, good nite. i’ll be shooting a filipino vj tomorrow. wanna visit me? i’ll be up at six a.m! toodles and hello, a brand new week!

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16 Responses

  1. hehe sp seee … not always bad things will happen, good things are awaiting you 😀 talking bout bukit bintang, if u have been there during the middle eastern season u will think you are in dubai instead of KL they outnumbered us ANYTIME

  2. i miss kl!!! sighys. last time i went back and yes.. aloott of middle easterns. oh and u know. even in my uni now. ALOT.
    anyways, babe.. *huggles* have a great week eh!

  3. wah, i don’t mind trying to date one. hahaha. intro? 😀
    as long as they are not HAIRY! :O
    oh wait, there’s no such thing. =X
    babes, *huggGGGgies* t.caREs too. mwahs 😉

  4. and i see them and i deal with them every single day … and i can have that arabic accent LOL … and my english … had become from bad to worse now … man! usually at this time of the year they should have all gone back, but they are back after their raya … and this year’s arab season started later than usual too … weird, but dont date them, please dont … they are lack in the area of IQ .. lolz

  5. omg, i would like to hear that Arabic accent coming from you! 😛
    sp i wanna eat seafood ler. jom? damn gian ler. esp ketam! YAY! 😀
    but i know a lot of middle eastern men. they’re all quite witty and funny! 😀

  6. depends la if whole life never go out and now come here for honeymoon what do you think lolz .. also depends where they come from. My friend who works in Dubai them told me what I know from them who comes here lolz
    Seafooood omggg like so many yrs never eat edi!!! Whatever it is they love asking why … not when not what but WHY =.=

  7. weekend lagi i cannot, coz i’ll be working like mad dog lolz … work is the only thing in my life … =.= btw where do you usually go for seafood