the aftermath of my short lived ‘fame’.

the aftermath of my short lived ‘fame’.

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as written on nst: These are the folks making beautiful pictures: (from left) Ooi, William Chien (art director at McCann), Siew, Mak (peering at computer), Wong (seated, wearing glasses) and Low.

and so i’ve gotten all sorts of feedback from the people who have seen the article. some said i looked very ‘posey’, some said i looked like i was the ‘boss’ of the shoot, or that i was ‘pensive’, or i looked like i was ‘thinking about the nam heong chicken rice i bought for lunch’. someone actually went, “EH, you knew the cameraman was there. comb la your hair a bit. like baru habis sex like that la your hair”. like, so, vast & different right all the opinions. i swear, that shot’s a candid. a very unflattering one indeed, but the damage has been done. yes, there was a very grumpy cameraman there, but he wasn’t pointing his camera at me also when i saw him. he was just moving around aimlessly. anyway. i’m just glad that not many had noticed the article. if it was a nicer photo, then maybe, i’ll do a huge promo for that.
nevertheless, it has helped people, especially my parents, understand the job that i do. why i need to wake up at 3am and come back from work after midnight. explains why i need to ransack the whole of bread story every week for dozens of pastries and that their staff recognises me whenever i walked in. or why i know most of the talents and celebrities around. i’m happy the article spoke a lot more of my company than it did about owen yap. which was actually a pity, because the main idea behind the story was to tell what’s in a day’s life of a model/celeb. and owen became the ‘by the way’ story. or at least, it looked like it was. i’ll buy you lunch for that, owen! HAHA. shipal! that’s the only korean word i learnt from him. LOL!
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a few of us from the mamak gang, with the latest addition (ahem, someone’s *ahem* *cough* new boyfriend, shannon shane) at pelita, bangsar. someone said it’s only right if mamak gang meets up in a mamak. and i can’t help it but find the three people staring at us in the picture annoying. wtf are you looking at?!
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random western food from last week.
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another shoot with a celebrity at isky’s house. they wanted raju’s & sri paandi’s banana leaf rice but since we were way behind schedule, i brought them to the shoot. man, i’m god, indeed!
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*nyums* bak kut teh, my fav!
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my 2nd fav jap restaurant, umaiya @ uptown. this place belongs to someone i know personally and since the food’s not too bad, you guys should check it out. it’s beside izzi.
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since i don’t have proper photos of me in my new hairstyle, i thought i’d take a few. LOL!


you know, my friends are weird. or they speak weird. like for instance:
dan: eh, so is he chinese or 000000?
me: what’s 000000?! O___o
dan: 000000 la!
me: yea la. what’s 000000? orh is it? (orh is black in hokkien)
dan: ya. black.
me: why the hell is 000000 black?!
dan: you know, the color code? #FFFFFF and #000000?
me: *faints* you’re damn freaking racist leh.

colleague: eh, why do you smell of your car?
me: huh?
colleague: you smell just like your car.
me: what’s that suppose to mean? is that bad?
colleague: no la. you smell new. like your new car.
me: *faints* wtf!
okay, it may not be as funny as it was during the conversation, but it sure as hell is memorable. i smell like my new car and using html color codes to describe people’s race? that’s evil. LOL. i’m off for more of fighter’s club. if you’re on facebook, remember to add that application. i’ve got to known hundreds of amazing people, built amazing friendships and have an amazing family thanks to it. what the hell are you waiting for?!
p/s: never EVER live in a hotel built right next to a mall cause i just ended up with almost RM100 worth of instant noodles (yes, we’re stocking up for war ) and a few hundred poorer thanks to my impulsive shopping habit. i suck!

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  1. u said dont build hotel beside mall … lolz … so i was just telling u mar -_- and omg i just love dan’s description lolz darn funny haha

  2. HAHAHA… yes! i think if i ever live in MO just for one night, i’ll go crazy!!
    cos i went crazy when i stayed in sunway hotel! LOL!!! 😛

  3. hahaha damn racist but it’s darn funny lolz … staying beside KLCC is nothing, i dont feel it, lolz or else i dont think i have money left with me ahahah

  4. hahaha, i think u can control urself better than i do. hahaha. i think i always end up buying stuffs eventhough i know i wont use them. 😛