my ’15 mins of fame’.

my ’15 mins of fame’.

LOL! yes, i was informed that i will be out in NST today. i rushed to buy the papers this morning and saw the article. i can’t help but scowl and hide my face beneath it. that’s the most disgusting photo i’ve ever seen of me! i quickly texted francis, the journalist, (he’s got a blog but i’m not linking it, LOL!) and complained about the photo of me. YES, the article wasn’t about me, but i wanted to at least look good in what jumie calls as, ‘my 15 mins of fame’. ah, that ‘after sex’ hairstyle, i’m glad it’s gone. LOL!
that aside, i met with a quarter of the mamak gang at bangsar last night. and had some of the weirdest conversations. it was great. i miss you guys. i’ll continue more when i can cos i’m rushing for a wardrobe fitting & briefing later in the day. UPDATE LATER!!!

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  1. HAHAHAHA.. the one in the article or the one in the earlier entry? 😛
    i dun like it too. but .. oh well. i’ll wait for it to grow back. 🙁

  2. and i’m SO SO SO SORRRYYYY that i couldn’t make it to the gathering. i really wanted to!! i’m still at the location now. 🙁 share with me photos ok? 🙁

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! lawak! that photo damn out la. airgh! and just because i duduk jauh jauh doesn’t mean i tak buat kerja ok. hahahahahaha. 😛