june all-in-one party!

june all-in-one party!

good things are meant to share, therefore, i’m presenting you…


yes, i’m organizing an event, with a great team of people, for fighter’s club members from all over the world. so far, there will be people from canada, uk, dubai, china, singapore, and many more to come. yes, i know i am damn semangat. even though i’m not a fighter in fighter’s club, or at least, i choose not to be, i’ve made incredible friendships with all sorts of people, from all around the globe. and i think it’s better than #mIRC!
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us (me, koay ling, ian, raymond & yeeng) @ republic, sunway pyramid. i’m waiting for the better photos from koay ling & ian since my phone died before i could take much. the crowd was really pathetic for a saturday but it’s not too bad a place, i’d say.
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boat house & strawberry fields (which i’ve been to thrice each in just a week!). awesome food turns me on, baybeh!
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and that’s chilli pan mee from super kitchen, kl & kota damansara. the noodles do taste different thought, despite them both coming from the same franchise. i love chili pan mee. rawks my undies, i tell you!
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me, serving my duty as a buddhist last week during wesak day.
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me, camwhoring. & i dragged everyone else too.
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us, as a group (minus a couple others).

i’m actually feeling quite nervous (albeit excited) because this is one heck of an event, not to be missed. we’re expecting about 80-100 people but so far, the response is way better than that! if you wanna come, but not in fighter’s club, by all means, just come. RSVP with me first though because there will be a guest list. it has been a while since i last held an event, so, you know, i have butterflies in my tummies and what nots. wish me luck!

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7 Responses

  1. hehe about the party? it’s open to all who are members of fighters club in facebook or people who just wanna have some fun and meet people from around the world! 😛

  2. wa~when is it? i’ll only be home for nx weekend.
    sigh. things have a knack of happening when i’m not there wtf.
    i didn’t know you were a producer!
    and it took me 2 seconds before it came to me that rebecca ooi is becky xp

  3. haha it’s next weekend la. on a saturday! 🙂
    and yes, i was a producer. still am! 😛
    and yes yes yes, becky is short for rebecca. 😀