happy labour’s day!

happy labour’s day!

happy labour’s day people. i’m wishing you, straight from my desktop in office. the irony, of having to work on labour’s day. but i’m not complaining because it is for my own good & the shoot’s. i will be shooting a series of celebrities for an upcoming campaign and i’m (s)excited! wish me luck, people. you’ll be hearing a lot lesser from me. until then, take care & adios.
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two lives lost recently, and five gained. my gerbil gave birth to five more pups somewhat twelve hours ago. i’m glad. i’m happy. maybe it’s father gerbil & brother gerbil reincarnated!
anyway, i’d like to share a few shots before i hit the sack. i’ve been sleeping for only six hours in the past 72 hours. baaaahs.

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if you don’t know who he is, kindly knock your head on the wall and make sure it bleeds. that’s h-a-n-s i-s-a-a-c! go google & do your homework.
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my baby gerbils.
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and yes, i realised i’ve been a little vainer lately. snapping tens of self-portraits while driving is not something i’d like you to try. LOL!
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i’ve been boycotting tgif for such a long period of time, until, last thursday. we went in and the food completely removed my need to boycott the place ever again. however, i’d like to stress on how horrible the service is. it is already hard to catch a waiter who pretends to not see you, and it is EVEN HARDER to get what you really want. you have to repeat yourself a few times to a few waiters and then, nothing happens. i’m contemplating on writing an official complain because i feel this is completely unacceptable.

anyways, i’m way too sleepy to tpye ayntihng porpreyl at teh mommetn. goodngiht!

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29 Responses

  1. i’ve never had a crush on him but i think he’s quite a nice, well-learned & experience man. 😛
    and macho also la, seeing him face to face.

  2. same ere. i don’t usually like a celeb for their looks but for more of their talent, character, intelligence, wittyness … more of the dalam than the luar. 😛

  3. my current job requires me to work from 9-5.30 only.
    not like the previous job…macam kena tidur at office or at events

  4. hellow long time no commeeennnttttt just wanted to say sit in the smoking section of tgif then you will get tons of service promise! always happens like that for some reason .. weird

  5. omg, that’s so cool la shari. like so much time to lepak after that. oh yea, u were in bluinc. why did you leave?!! 🙁

  6. sabby, i know. the comment box misses you! 😀

  7. i left coz i couldnt stand my “seniors”. Too much politics over there. I even have someone there who is leaving soon; coz of her bosses and the lack of advancement in career.

  8. omg, it sounds serious. isky’s brother is actually the editors for one of the magazines there. maybe i should go dig out for more info. :/
    it’s sad that big corporations always end up with politics and all these petty petty things which turns ppl off. it’s happening way too often. 🙁

  9. yes i know he’s there; his dept is the more laid-back dept..staff count not too many. when i was there, it was just him, a designer and another writer who left before i did.
    the perks of working there is great, freebies and so on. but its the management n editors who turn ppl off….well, it happens everywhere i guess

  10. he left?! or the writer left? lol.
    i’ve always thought working for publishing was great, but it’s always nicer from the outside when you don’t really know what’s going on behind the closed doors. ugly betty makes it look great. LOL!

  11. the writer left; so the sales person for that mag had to help as well hehe..
    its so not glam ok! I didnt even bother looking good at work; hair all haywire…..wore tshirts n jeans all the time.

  12. haha, same ere. when i first started work, damn semangat pakai lawa lawa and put on eyeliner all. after a week plus, i couldn’t be bothered. LOL. i look so bad everyday!!!! 🙁

  13. hehehe normal la…now also i hardly wear makeup. perfume only. heels sometimes only. most of the time wearing flats.

  14. hahahaha.. same wei. then when my colleagues see me in make up, they’ll ask me if im having a fever. :/ cos i can’t afford the time to put on make up. i’m always in a rush!!!! 🙁

  15. oh ur hiring but no … im comfortable in my place edi lolz or else … it’s like going to another slave industry LOL … difference is … i need to colour my face and bun hair lolz

  16. hahahahahaha… mandarin oriental is a great place to work in la. 😀 except for the make up part. :/ i dont think i can ever put make up on my face everyday. LOL.

  17. er not that great place after all lolz. my seniors + managers told me before, you will go insane there cozIT’s very very very stressful. lolz. if i hv somewhere with the same pay, i will leave n unforch i dont lolz

  18. hahahhaa.. but working anywhere these days, has got its good and bad la. work in big company, banyak politics and expectations to live up to. work in small company, too small, no room to grow etc etc etc. buka sendiri la, jom! 🙂