the unstopppable chomping machine.

the unstopppable chomping machine.

(/edited) @ 9:54am; 25.02.2008

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in loving memory, ginger

i don’t know what to say at the moment as i’m grieving together with the shah family over the loss of their beloved pet, ginger. i felt so bad for not being able to say anything to them as they mourn. i’ll miss you ginger. i’ll miss you playing with my hair and your massages. i’m sorry for all the harsh things i’ve said about you to isky. i didn’t mean any of them because i really like you. rest in peace, ginger.
no, i haven’t gotten my new car yet. no, i haven’t decided on replacing my k750i with either a k770i or 5610 xpress yet. yes, i’ve gotten the number plate i tendered for. yes, i’ve gotten back my phone from repair. yes, we’ve started researching on designs for the house. yes, i’m still heavy. yes, i am broke (or at least, soon to be)!
that pretty much sums up the updates on my life. skip the rest if you wouldn’t be interested in reading the long-ass mundane version.
as you can tell, i’ve been IN the process of purchasing a new car for about a month plus. the number plate itself took me about two weeks. and now the car i was gonna buy is out with a facelift, so that adds on the extra headache and i’ve been negotiating with SO many salesmen that i think, they’d rather not do my business. but i can’t help it now can i, if, salesman A says something completely the opposite of what salesman B, C, D and E has said. it’s driving me up the wall that all these people are saying different things. i’m just trying to get the best deal AND besides, as a consumer, i have the right to know about everything that involves the deal. blahs, i just wanna get over and done with it. i’ve already had enough headache for the year (and it’s just the beginning)!
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a tough choice. think any of you could help me with the decision?

next, my superior showed me some sony ericsson phone dummies yesterday and i suddenly felt an itch of getting a new phone. so i do what i’m best at, GOOGLING! and i found two phones that would fit my budget and meet my needs, the sony ericsson k770i and nokia’s 5610 xpress. i am not a phone/gadget/tech-savvy person as some of you might have voted for me in facebook, therefore it’s something that i would need some advice from those of you who are. the k series from SE is pretty much concentrated on the camera, photos and photo enhancement whereas the 5610 xpress is more to music, but with features as great as the k770i. i haven’t seen any of the phones in person yet, which i know i should, to make a better judgement, but if any of you have any personal experiences, please feel free to drop a comment.
for the past couple of weeks, my parents and i have been enthusiastic about looking for simple yet cosy and handsome designs for the new house. yes, i may have hated the location albeit the house looking nice but as long as stoney gets a space to chase butterflies and birds with his ears flying freely as he runs, i’m good. that WAS the actual main reason i used to brainwash my parents into buying a landed property. i must be really good, huh? my parents actually bought that excuse. but of course, i backed it up with other reasons like how we all need a bigger space (because we’re not just growing vertically but horizontally as well), more parking space (since we’ve expanded from two cars to five), more place to grow plants (since my parents are into gardening lately) and a place for my dad to finally have his koi pond. i’ve found some really good bargains but i guess one year away IS REALLY too early to do much planning. we’ll see.
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random malay food i’ve tried in malacca.
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chinese new year dinner @ soon fatt restaurant with abby’s family from sabah. food were sadly, a huge disappointment that night.
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a SUPER quick dinner at hup kee, jalan alor, with sp, clod & hubby.
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celebrating calvin & jumie’s birthday at italliannies, the curve, before heading to laundry for a drinking session worthed more than a grand! anyway, i’d like to make an official complain should anyone google italliannies up. we were charged for two birthday cakes that we didn’t even order. it was brought to our tables when we told them there were two people celebrating their birthdays that night. and raisin bread puddings as birthday cakes? come on!
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sushii groove @ one utama. for some odd reason, i’ve been craving for jap food on an almost daily basis. you should try sushi zanmai @ the gardens. i love it!
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valentine’s lunch at boathouse, ttdi. love the food but the portions, especially when it’s meat, is miserable. nevertheless, try their set lunches. pretty value for money, i’d say.

and as the holiday season is FINALLY over, the food session hasn’t. i’ve been munching non-stop for the past few weeks and i don’t think a lighter reading on the weighing scale is ever going to happen. no point whining really, because i have such a weak heart when it comes to food. blahs, i’m an unstoppable chomping machine. LOL. anyways, off to finish up some chores. i don’t wanna go to work tomorrow. and the day after. and the day after. holiday, anyone?
p/s: i have this odd crush on child actress, jodelle ferland of silent hill, tideland, and mermaid fame. more photos here. she plays either eerie or fantasy roles (and once, as a very cute inspiring character in mermaid) and for a child, she’s one helluva talented actress. i like! no, i’m not a pedophile, thank you.

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26 Responses

  1. eh my vote goes to the k770i! i’ve seen both phones and the SE phone feels a lot nicer to hold compared to the Nokia 5610. 😀
    i’m actually planning to get the k770i myself. but still thinking it over, coz my current phone is working fine except for the occasional screen freezing/hanging. 😛 keke.

  2. really?! lol, i thought i’d give slide phones a try but i’ve read comments online on how fragile and plasticky the 5610 can be.
    oh yea, my screen freezes often too. either that or it shuts off by itself. which was why i sent it for repair. still freezes but that’s probably cos i was downloading too many datas at one go. k770i is nice eh. especially the truffle brown. i thought it’s quite a unique color. ;D
    1 vote for k770i! X’D

  3. let’s just put it as ‘an accident’.
    it poured so heavily late last night and it made me think of him even more. i could imagine how much worst it was for isky. 🙁

  4. I see our mamak food! And my beehoon goreng. Do invite us over to your new place and drive me around in your new car, what’s his name gonna be? 😀
    P.s CNY PHOTOS!!

  5. i dunno on his name yet. i haven’t even gotten it. maybe about another week or so. i’m so tired of waiting! 🙁
    i will send to you via cd. i think it’s WAY faster. besides, i’m seldom online what. 😛