the season to love & be loved.

the season to love & be loved.

i’m contented with the things in my life for now. are you? i hope you all had a great valentine’s day a couple of days back. it’s just a season to love & be loved. we weren’t doing anything special as i had to work so he just surprised me with a dinner at tasting room. it was a surprised alright cause when he drove towards bangsar, i assumed we were going to cava since it has been a while since we last went there and did mentioned briefly about going there for v’day. the guy at cava greeted isky (he seems to know them well, hmm) thinking we’re dining there but isky just held my hand and muttered something to the dude feeling guilty and walked towards another shop. “enj..oy.. your din..ner,” i could hear the guy saying softly, like almost in a sad tone. poor fella. I WILL BE GOING CAVA SOON, don’t worry. i freaking miss their tapas (*drools* over the thought of their deep fried mozarella cheese) and gigantic lamb!
and so we walked, passed the another shop and another before he led me towards a staircase. “eh?” i thought. i felt it was a little dodgy la, walking upwards to a dark quiet place. but i was wrong. we reached the tasting room and yes, it was quiet, but the place was beautiful, you know, a typical wine bistro concept with a few tables which were already filled with couples, some expatriates. the service was warm and i had great expectations (though i was disappointed i didn’t guess right on the place he was bringing me. i like being RIGHT ). we were welcomed with a box of muffins & menus with our names printed on them, which i thought was really cool. however, the food was a HUGE let down. my bii who was raving about this place during dinner was disappointed too. the menu consist of weird combination which i thought was interesting, but however, the taste just didn’t blend that well. bii still insist that the food there was great on ordinary days, especially their lamb flight (which unfortunately, was not on the valentine’s menu). despite the letdown, i’m still glad i got to spend the night with my bii. he’s an amazing guy. i dunno where i’d be without him. i love you, bii! thank you for the GREAT CUTE espresso cups to compliment with the espresso machine you got me AND the soon to come coffee beans that you insist on getting them for me. i’m just as addicted to you as i am to coffee.

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us, right after our gigantic dessert @ the tasting room, bangsar.
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what we had & did @ the tasting room, bangsar.

as for my chinese new year celebration, which i’m yet to elaborate, i had decent fun. my collection of ang pows are dwindling by the years but that’s probably because i’ve stopped visiting houses and i’m already much older. what’s missing this year was definitely the fireworks & hanging out with friends at malacca. i didnt get to meet up with claudine, gerald & jimmy like usual back in malacca because schedule’s just too tight and i wasn’t feeling well anyways. the weather was killing me and all that eating marathon was not helping at all! i’m glad my weighing scale konked out on the EVE of cny because now, i won’t know how much i’ve gained. yes, i’m in denial.
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the return of the horny lion dance troupe @ the office. which, is an annual thingy. lol!
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company’s chinese new year dinner @ the ming room, bangsar.
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celebrating first few days of chinese new year @ malacca.

i’ve managed to get the alternative number plate i wanted. unfortunately, the front i got isn’t WRE 8001 or else, it would’ve spelt my name! ‘W (redundant) RE8 OOI’, which is .. REB OOI! LOL. short for rebecca? i dunno what’s the front alphabets yet but i should be able to collect my car by next friday if everything goes well. i’m freaking s-EXCITED! anyway, i think i’ve typed enough. i’ll post other random shots below. till then, happy belated valentine’s day & enjoy the rest of your chinese new year.
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a farewell gathering for aaron & sanji @ chili’s, bangsar. believe it or not, i have about another four to five more shots of various burgers that’s not included in the collage above. we REALLY ate that much!
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beckiskii @ chili’s, bangsar.
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our shoot with hannah tan.
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random shots from the shoot that day.

speaking of hannah, i finally had a chance to ASK her what i’ve been meaning to ask. tee hee!
becks: hannah, were you from st george’s, penang?
hannah: yups! you too right?
becks: no lah, i was from cpt.
hannah: uhm. but you look familiar!
becks: i think we took the same school bus la.
hannah: oh ya!
becks: yadayadayadablahblahblacksheep…. we used to call the bus driver ah chek remember!
hannah: ah chek! hahaha.. yes, ah chek!
ok, that’s like THE WORST CONVERSATION ever i know. but it’s great meeting an old friend or bus mate or someone from ten years ago, so little conversations like that reminisces me of the good old times. now i’d like to track down people from my kindergarten in perlis. ANYONE FROM PETER & JANE, PERLIS, leave me a message. i hope whoever who googles this phrase ‘peter & jane perlis’ reaches my site. till then, toodles!
currently listening to: azn dreamers – fixing a broken heart.
p/s: SP!!! send me the photos of us with claudine & ondrej asap please! *muaks*

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  1. v-day not for me … hahaha … not even once i celebrated it … so da sad … wahhh hunting down pics publicly now lolz :p

  2. hahaha i didn’t celebrate vday until iskii. but i also told him we won’t be celebrating vday next year. we’ll just celebrate on a later time but not sempena vday ler.
    and yes sp, hahaha… i want those photos cos i takde gambar claud & hubby. 😛 hahaha. do i still owe you any photos?

  3. i never tried it, cos i thought it’s quite gross ler, eventhough you change the plastic cap, still got sisa sisa saliva there. kekekeke. but if new one, no probs!! 😛
    jom try buat sendiri. apparently just beli the flavored thingy then bakar it only.