what’s up with the rush?

what’s up with the rush?

(/edited) @ 20.01.08; 1:19am
LOL! just realised that i’ll be posting my cousin’s wedding photos and i would like to clarify that my cousin’s wedding has NOTHING to do with my entry. hahaha. sorry but i don’t believe in marriages. maybe because i’m still young and career’s like the most important thing on my mind now. hopefully, i might settle down sometime in the future but definitely not now. so no offense to those who have msged me and asking me what do i have against matrimonies and what nots. i don’t. and i definitely do not have ANYTHING against anyone (in particular)’s marriage. that would be really silly. LOL. enjoy the photos!

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haha, i luuuurvee how photos can cloud the contents of my entry, not like it’s worth reading la unless you’re really close to me and actually care about what’s going on (and i know it’s working because i’m posting eight photos at one go). i’ve been recording a lot of short sound clips and i’m thinking of posting it on youtube. but so the shy la. i might be posting it up, but you’ll need to search the clips for yourself. man, i love singing. it brings this sense of joy and freedom to you. it lets you express yourself very well. music, heals your soul, indeed.
i am just so damn tired. both physically & mentally. it’s driving me nuts! i can’t even sleep in peace because i’ll constantly wake up in the middle of the night wondering if i’ve completed everything or i’ve gotten things ready. it’s sickening and abusive but i like it! my work sucks cock, alright, but i would rather be working non stop than to have NOTHING to do at all. at least i feel useful. LOL.
and i don’t understand why are more people of my age (or younger!) getting married. it bugs me because i’ve seen so many failed marriages! it just makes me wonder really, if they are, actually ready. or it’s just another impulsive act of theirs. what’s up with the rush? but it’s really not my problem so yea, if you feel like you are, go ahead by all means. i, on the other hand, am getting itchy finger. i’m getting married too, alright. a very huge commitment indeed. i’m … getting … married … to .. .. . my BRAND new car! so really, what’s up with the rush?

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  1. and i dunno i get married with who and what … oh yea im actually married to my new lappie hehe 😀 wooface … until i decide to change my hubby’s name again hehe :p

  2. tried a few more word…still can not catch you there…. wont give up , will search and try to catch you , then will publish here to make life easier for the rest of the readers……..

  3. haha..guess i’ll be married with my job soon too because peak period is going to start soon.i think i want to build my career first!make it stable before other things and that includes bf…lol…unless he’s understanding enough. as in i cancel his dates at last minute due to OT or meeting the deadlines.but i doubt i can find a guy like tht…haha..sad case

  4. hahah what you consider as full :p if you consider mine as full very fast only lolz just er … 15 mins at most … coz im not pro haha dunno the correct way to do it 😀 thaipusam is a public holiday sigh .. why am i working umm … wonderrrr =.=

  5. i’m also working ler sp! kita working together gether. 😛
    hahahaha.. mine full means for eyes itself, sudah 5 eye shadow + 1 concealer + 1 eyeliner + 1 loose powder… :P~~~ lips 3 color. face 3 steps.
    btw, my car kena spray by idiots. 🙁 kena purple somore. 🙁 then the side sudahlah kena curi and now also kena scratch. 🙁

  6. you’re moving…out of bukit jalil.. im sure you gonna miss that place!! and the scenary…except for the once-in-a-while scary security. LOL 🙂

  7. LOL mine not full la like that .. i only put foundation then eye shadow eye liner clip clip clip eye lashes then mascara then blusher then lips … kautim! hehe :p i dunno how to put many colours eye shadow lolz loose powder all that takda also hehe
    which idiots spray ur car? spray their back hehe :p

  8. lose powder for what wan? soreee ar i dunno anything bout make up kakaka …
    police biasa … they are schwein 😀 or ibab :p

  9. loose powder ah? for me, i use it to make my make up stay longer so it doesn’t run and it also makes your face looks more matte & natural. 😀
    THREE POLICE CARS CAME AND NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!! but this one was for my house la. got drama! :O

  10. i meant the dramas at vista!! hahahah..just saw your new post..see..i guess u’re gonna miss that~ lolz.
    my bf’s sis used to stay there..used to go there every week. hehe 🙂