they bought the damn house!

they bought the damn house!


and my mom had the cheek to call me while i’m at work (yes, i worked today), gloating. i so cannot believe my ears. and i cannot believe my siblings supported them. suchs *****! i’m actually pissed, regardless of how nice the damn house is, i refuse to live so damn far away. *SCREAMS* i’ll continue later. i need to rush somewhere. bahs.

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  1. u cant believe they bought the house, you cant believe that your siblings support them, but i cant believe that you never said where =.= puchong? cheras? usj? kajang? bangi? seremban? lolz

  2. hahahahaha.. sp, so cute. ya, puchong. it’s a new housing area ler. i’ve got some photos from my last trip. but .. I CANT BELIEVE IT! 🙁

  3. shari, puchong! and yes, not as bad as pulau indah but still far. it’s almost 30km from my current place! 🙁
    i’ll never marry anyone if i live so far away. 🙁

  4. hahahaha… i told them you make me live so far away, i will not be able to meet people cos it’s so out of civilization so if they would like me to be married with kids and what nots, it’s not going to be possible. HAHA.
    i know it’s damn long winded but i’d do anything to not move there! 🙁