bii turns twenty six and i’m hoping 2008 brings luck!

bii turns twenty six and i’m hoping 2008 brings luck!


it will be isky’s birthday tomorrow and he’s now staying at the controversial katerina hotel in batu pahat. i’m sure you fellow malaysians will know what’s so controversial about it. i love you, bii! happy growing older!
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my first entry in two-zero-zero-eight. my take on the new year? it has been an, okay, year, so far but it could be too early to say. we’re only entering the sixth day of 2008 anyway. i’ve put in many hopes this year and hopefully the ‘eight’ in 2008 would finally bring something good out of it. i’m going to turn twenty four this year and i would say, that whatever dreams and ambitions i’ve had, i’ve gotta make a move before i turn twenty five. i wanna travel around europe before thirty and now, i have six more years to plan. a short cut way would actually be, to look for a job there or to take up the holiday visa thingy OR MARRY SOMEONE WHO IS A CITIZEN THERE but that would be really shallow and i won’t opt for that option.
i wanna be moving out of my own home with a garden for my dog to run about and drive my very first german car (or a japanese sports car would work too); all before i turn thirty. you know, cars and houses are CHEAPER in the UK if you were to compare it dollar to dollar so you could pretty much save more when you’re living there. the cost of living in malaysia is CRAZY, and travelling overseas; be it in european or asian countries, can be a burden at times when you know your currency is peanuts compared to most places. i’m not complaining about how sucky malaysia is. IT IS NOT. it’s a great place, with EXCELLENT food & people and i’ve spent my whole entire life here. but as we grow older, we’d want to upgrade ourselves, expand our knowledge, travel around the world. and these, cost us money. therefore, hopefully, i’ll get to upgrade myself a step higher if not a couple by this year. i’d like to go abroad, learn their cultures, make it big there and then return home to share with the people here. sounds like a great plan. IF ONLY things were as easy as planned. let’s hope it’ll work out. LOL! anybody wants to pay me to travel around the world? HA!
p/s: i overheard this annoying group of (migrants) recently while having dinner and they were bitching about their countries, bragging about countries they’ve been, comparing it and what nots. tsk. we are all doing that aren’t we, until we’re away, and realise, there’s no place like home. like what sp is always saying, “saya anak malaysia (i’m a malaysian child)”. i know i’ll miss this place a lot IF i’m ever away.

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  1. laura!!!! you’ve not been here .. since … 3 years ago? HAHAHAHA. thanks alot. YOU TAKE CARE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR ONCE AGAIN! *muahs*

  2. sp hahaha wah u remembered my anak msia thingy lolz :p but it’s true and sure gonna miss this place when ur away .. a far away land esp esp esp the food and the stores

  3. Hi, Hppy New year to you, and wish all of your dream and plan come true, you still have five more years to go, so do not be disapointed, just work hard and be strong and posetive about the life. do not lose your hope at any time and try to be independent , do not depond on others ….( some one sponser your around the world trip !!!!!!!) you can make you by your own and you will, i am trusting and beliving you….
    take care and have a good year ahead

  4. lol, kamal, i was obviously joking about someone sponsoring me for my trip around the world. lol. happy new year to u too!!! 😀

  5. hahaha happy bdayyy sp’s bii :p go and be csi while ur there okie :p and and … sponsoring a trip, that sounds very familiar … hehehe … 😀

  6. wah, sp, you no longer call him meow ka? :O
    csi… lol!!! use the blue light thingy check for you-know-what. 😛
    and sponsoring a trip? sounds familiar? yea ke? you blogged bout that before? :O

  7. hahaha ok sorry hie meow happy bday .. be fbi :p lolz heheh … no i didnt blog bout it but it did happen … on … someone LOL … 😀

  8. i just like sms-ed isky but the sms tak sampai wan! lol coz i wanna be the last one to wish him! hehe…anyway happy birthday isky! 😀 so yeah bila shopping for cny? 😀

  9. sending smses nowadays is such a pain. me using celcom, they said there will a system failure to send smses from 14 nov 08 till probably 31 jan 08.

  10. yeeng, oh. cos his hp takde battery!!! HAHAHAHAHA. and i doubt he reads this comment box. :S
    shooppping? bila ada $$$. but i’ve been shopping for cny since last month la. hahaha.

  11. get a package from celcom ler. i’m sure they have like package 38, package 50 yada yada like maxis for postpaid. i claim that way. well, sorta.

  12. omg, sp match made in heaven. i didn’t know who you were talking about at first and then when i was about to click on ‘post’, baru teringat. hahahaha.
    gambar next entry!!! i belum upload from phone. HAHA. 😛

  13. sure made in heaven, the name sp doesnt come out blindly … hahahah 😀 😀 arielllllll omg … im going to make history today i think .. by … by … errr …. buying ori cd 😀 eh rememba to send me pics ok …. ehe

  14. hahaha your first time buying meh? :O hahahahahahaa…. i will send, when i’m on msn… which is like maximum of once a week. LOL!!! 😀

  15. VERYYY contro indeed hahah .. first time for peterpan … second time in general … first was bsb n that was like last era haha