a swift retarded week.

a swift retarded week.

(/edited) @ 3:54am; 27.01.08
i couldn’t sleep despite being tired thanks to the drama that happened at my condo more than an hour ago. this place, once filled with expatriates are now being replaced by foreign students. not just any foreign students but very barbaric hooligans. i shall not state their originality but let’s just say they’ve been making the news in the media for the past couple of months, for, the wrong reasons, of course. they would gather in huge groups and yak LOUDLY, throw stuffs & glasses all over, sing and dance, rev their cars at ungodly hours, like an hour ago (which was 2:30am). three police cars came and they all ran like chickens who were about to get slaughtered. the policemen were here for about half an hour, took statements from residents who wanted to complain (and boy, were there a lot). right after the police left, they all gathered again and made more noise. I REALLY CANNOT IMAGINE BEING IN THEIR COUNTRY if a handful of them are already that rowdy. i don’t mean to discriminate, really, but i’m judging from what i’ve seen over the years, in college and now, my housing area, so don’t get me wrong.
anyway, to kill time, i recalled reading in bazaar about jane birkin. she sang a french song with her then lover, serge gainsbourg which caused such a huge controversial back in the late 1960s. out of curiosity, i listened to je t’aime moi non plus and my, it can actually turn you on. LOL. according to wikipedia, “the lyrics were written as an imaginary dialogue between two lovers during a sexual encounter. phrases from the song included:
* “Je vais et je viens, entre tes reins” (“I come and I go, in between your hips” – literally: “Entre tes reins”; reins means kidneys or lower back in French)
* “Tu es la vague, moi l’

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  1. Hi, for the first part i am 100% agree with you, as we have simmilar problem in our place too, and con not do anything against them, as the government looking for more money from them, so any one that able to pay, are welcome here…. imagin that they plan to bring 400 K of student in the next 5 years to study here….what will be happen then i dont know and can not imagin…. the problem is that most of them have soical activity limitation in theier country, so once they come here, they want to do everhthing that they had dream to do long time ago…., hope fully will be away to educat them in the correct way,
    PS, it seems that you are realy in youtube mood now days……. hope to find out your own video there too soon…..
    take care

  2. the students are driving me nuts! i understand that they might have been really deprived back from where they were from, but they gotta respect their surroundings and not be such hooligans! i mean singing and shouting at 3am on a working day? COME ON MAN! give us a break! grrRr.. and the thought that some of them were sponsored students is not exactly comforting.
    youtube rocks. 😀

  3. no la … haha i dont wanna waste my leave just like that, coz i dont really need a leave … if i use it now, i cant take it in future …

  4. i am still at work!!! AIRGH!! 🙁
    oh yea hor, you tak balik kampung wan during cny. then dun need to waste le i guess. :/ as long as ur happy ok? 😀 😀 😀 come we go holiday! 😀

  5. please do not be wrong, i am not defending them, but i mean , what we can do to stop them? do you think we have choice and power to do so?

  6. hahaha i’m not saying you’re defending them la!
    there are some stuff we can do, if we all were to get united and go against it. but it’s just not right. i’m sure there are some who are really educated.