happy celebrating eid, peeps!

happy celebrating eid, peeps!

(/edited) @ 15.10.07; 11:32am
hohoho. hi peeps. i am so glad to be back in kl, where peace & serenity ironically exists. and while i was in malacca, i did my hair. quite a drastic change, but not as drastic as i wanted it to be because the stylist was afraid that it might not work for me. i can’t reveal what have i done yet, because, iskii has no idea whatsoever yet and i don’t want him to find out through my blog. update soon!


we’ll be having three days public holiday and i can’t wait. i’ll be heading back to malacca to grief for my dead hard disk. my cousin, russell the pc guru, says it happens when a hard disk gets old. mine is six years old, which is already considered to be good. i’m considering a new lappie to replace my older one. a dell 1520 but i cant decide if i should pick a white or a pink one. yes, PINK! lol. because i wanna be loud, that’s why. which color would you pick?
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that aside, i wish you all a good holiday. i know we all need & deserve it. until i get a new broadband provider, i have VERY limited internet access. please, eat safely. don’t overindulge yourselves & suffer from diarrhea or food poisoning & get yourselves admitted to hospitals. stay away from the hospitals. they serve bad food, i swear. i’m so random. lol. toodles! *cuddles her office pc* i’m going to miss you, facebook. and i’m proud of you, my handsome milo talent, dr sheikh muszaphar. i wasn’t here yet when they did the shoot with him, but he’s so adorable la. will you marry me, please?
p/s: remember, you heard it from me, “google is the answer to life!”. i live by it. yums! will you marry me too, google?
the google queen.

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  1. if let say i simply say to a hot model and ask her whether she want to marry me or not like that.and straight to the point..what is the possibility i might get whacked by her high heel shoes or her rich bf? 50%??.100%?…i envy those fellows in the movies who they simply do french kiss to the ladies randomly they meet one and the ladies like “OMG” and started to blush around.and her face will turn red like tomato..”he so cute”.and all that nuisanse..lolz…why that scenery not happening over here????hehehe….wonder should i do the same to get a soul mate..probally end up in court for sexual harassment court charge..:p…wat do u think becks??cheers…

  2. aiyo, i really dun understand you people. what’s so nice about being attached? concentrate on more important things in life, love will come when it is time.

  3. hehehe … that’s why must put pink coz it’s not your fave colour 😀 hehe is your new hair the one in your msn? 😛

  4. haha how i know you coming la. aiyo. iskii didnt tell me. who else coming? 😀
    wah got lamb come la. haha. my bday also got lamb what. but not whole lamb though. 😛 see ya this sat!! pakai apa?