confession of an ex-teeny bopper.

confession of an ex-teeny bopper.

“Mmm… bop! Mmm… bop! ba dubi dop ba do bop…”
i was chuckling myself silly this morning as i was driving my car, tuning into the first song that was playing when i first entered the car was “… i wish you’d look at me that way… your beautiful eyes looking deeeeppp into mineeee…. *yadayada* baby … to you.. all i am… is the invisible … man”. i paused for a second. “eh, like since when right flyfm play teeny songs?”. then i recalled the call from this particular guy who kept bugging phat fabes & ben to play boyband songs. so, ok, i got my answer.
and then mmbop was playing. like WTF. hansons wei. my god, i know we all HATE TO ADMIT THIS, but deep inside, we all love boybands! it was really comforting to listen to songs that you grew up listening to during your teenage days. and what was even more surprising was how well i knew the lyrics! *covers face shyly*
and right before i reached my office, there was “oh baby baby, hit me … baby … one more time!”. *smacks forehead* and… followed by… “Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na… i’ll be there… na na na na na na na na na na na…”. MOFFATTS!!! by this time, i was squealing like the teen i once was again. LOL. you might be thinking … mof… who?! moffatts were formed by four brothers and are now left with only two (who are identical twins), forming the band, same same. no, i was never a fan of moffatts or hanson but it was nice, listening to songs from those days. it must’ve been some ten years ago since i last heard their songs. and then there was c’est la vie by b*witched. ahhh… how comforting. don’t you have a song that cheers you up and reminds you of your schooling days? i know lobo works for my mom everytime. ahh… and i can’t wait till tomorrow for my family dinner at spring hatsuhana.
an ex-teeny bopper.

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  1. my friend has been a die hard fan since the day they hit stardom and until now she is still the very hard core. it has been TEN long years wei… so i dont blame you for that.. heh
    in fact, i sometimes dig those boybands too k even though i used to listen to hardcore rawk and sort of always look like some rocker chick la. but hey, i like Perry Como!! la lala la laaaa..
    tak tau malus 😛

  2. jackson 5 i like but not so much, i love to see they grow up and all, but then jackson 5 is not our generation :p

  3. LOL….. dint knw abt playing tht sort of music :p….gonna bug my friend..haha
    and yea..must agree with u on boybands :p….
    but thoose are past tense , still..sometime i layan too.. =.=

  4. backstreet boys ok rite???but people feel like vommiting when i say backstreet biys quite nice…got problem with the people or me? =(