it’s official!

it’s official!

(/edited) @ 1:23am, 06.08.07
lol. the celebration still isn’t really over. or at least, it feels like it hasn’t. i’ve never felt so grateful in my life about anything before until yesterday. baaahs. could this be what happens when you turn 23 19? i wonder. and if you haven’t read this, well, shame on you! it’s the besterestestestest entry that anyone could ever write about someone. GO READ! and ich liebe dich, sp!

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more photos when i’m slightly more sober. toodles! gotta go back to work again later today. blahs!
(/edited) @ 4:17am, 05.08.07
omg, you do not know how fortunate i am to have such great friends. i am so freaking ecstatic. first, bii conned everyone into thinking that i’m 19 years old this year. and on my cake, he got me only two long candles to signify me turning into 20. people were confused with my age thingy. and last but not least, my friends are the besterestestest friends ever on earth. i might sound like a bimbo right now, but i so don’t freaking care. I LOVE YOU GUYS! ICH LIEBE DICH! AISHITERU! hoho. photos later when i’m less exhausted. toodlelings!
i’ve officially turned TWENTY THREE (actually, i was an afternoon kid la, but i dont think it really matters)!!! ohmiyami, the air somehow feels dryer and i just spot crows feet on my face. and, is my breast suddenly saggier? great. let’s have a toss. to saggy tits & wrinkly skin. amen.

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  1. mmeowww meeeeooow, sp. call me okay? i’ll guide you… to my heart. muahahahahaha. kidding la. but i don’t see you online. ;(
    and thank you for your wishes! 😉

  2. Hi guys, I am very sorry for this intrusion. But it is getting desperate.
    one of my batchmate back in school has gone missing. He is suffering from a mental ailment and his family is desperately trying to find him. time is the essence here.
    hope you can do an entry about this in your blog/fotopage/website.
    this is the blog I created about finding Salhi:
    Please forward it around also. Thank you very very much

  3. Happy birthday ! You’re officially an adult now and it all goes downhill from here.
    Maybe that’s 30 but still, 23 might be the time time that quarter life crisis starts or whatever.
    Have a great one !!

  4. haha it’s ok snail, cos you’re an escargot!!! 😛
    why didnt you drop by la yesterday. aiyo!! pening. lol. you came twice but you tak masuk! :O

  5. hey rebecca.. im not sure if you remember me or not, but i was your classmate at st. agnes, 3H. kinda stumble upon your blog whilst i was searching some old classmates names. if you have friendster or msn, you can add me at
    take care!

  6. omg! i think i know a felix! this is weird. st. agnes was like sooo .. many many years ago! this is soooo cooooool!!!
    do add me since i can’t msn from work. i’ll email you my msn as i don’t want it to be in public. 😉
    thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  7. flirt pulakkk =.= like that also called flirting :s oh work fabulous coz treated like a ball, being kicked here n there lolz

  8. lol, sorry sp. aku budak baru belajar, kalau salah tolong tunjukkan. ;P
    carls jr roccckssss!!! BUT SOOOOO MAHAAAAAL!!!!! :~~( daylight robbery. yumS! 😛
    ;( our first job always suck. i am starting to dislike mine! 🙁

  9. i love mine but …
    1. ________________________
    2. __________________________
    3. _____________________________